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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVOLUTIONARY

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Autobiography, 134:was that in those days I took my date of the evolutionary cycle from the Bible and the Bible placesAutobiography, 153:There is a law of sacrifice governing all the evolutionary process. The vegetable kingdom draws itsAutobiography, 257:to many men everywhere, that the Plan is one of evolutionary development and educational progressAutobiography, 263:Esoteric schools are no exception to the evolutionary process and ever appear in response to man'sAutobiography, 284:brought about within himself (as a result of the evolutionary process) a series of integrations.Autobiography, 287:approached in our presentation from the angle of evolutionary development; the graded order ofAutobiography, 287:considered as an integral part of the great evolutionary process with its order of living beings,Autobiography, 288:emphasizes the nature of the Plan, the new evolutionary cycle into which humanity is at this timeAutobiography, 295:humanity as a whole through the action of the evolutionary process. This process we seek to studyAutobiography, 295:of all manifestation, the nature and aim of the evolutionary process, the existence of theBethlehem, 12:and the Buddhist faith have emphasized them as evolutionary crises which we may not ultimatelyBethlehem, 15:was long; opportunity would endlessly recur; the evolutionary process would do its work. LetBethlehem, 25:them can only prepare men for that stage in the evolutionary process which is calledBethlehem, 36:is ready to step on to a higher rung of the evolutionary ladder. Faced with a situation so peculiarBethlehem, 81:much a natural event and as much a result of the evolutionary process as is the birth of a childBethlehem, 92:appear. One dare not so limit God. Under the evolutionary revelation of the nature of divinity itBethlehem, 92:not our mechanism of perception require further evolutionary unfoldment before still other divineBethlehem, 95:of this realization must surely be, under the evolutionary scheme, the appearance of anotherBethlehem, 147:Book X, 40, 51, 42. Under the impact of the evolutionary urge God moves towards fuller recognition.Bethlehem, 151:whole Person. Increasingly, I believe, as the evolutionary process goes forward, we shall come to aBethlehem, 158:is a forgotten truth. Yet it is all part of the evolutionary process whereby God is revealedBethlehem, 162:Christ life in all forms which constitutes the evolutionary urge. It is the Christ life which makesBethlehem, 186:not His death, though that was climactic in the evolutionary process, but the subsequentBethlehem, 189:which the spirit of the race needed on its great evolutionary journey away from God and back toBethlehem, 191:animal-emotional, yet through the success of the evolutionary process - leading as it has to ourBethlehem, 245:of the whole; He had attained altitude on the evolutionary ladder, and His humanity was lost toBethlehem, 272:definite and clearly indicated step upon the evolutionary Path, and there is no escape from thisBethlehem, 275:October, 1936, p. 33.) Such has always been the evolutionary plan. The life of God has constructedDestinyplay upon humanity in its many varying stages of evolutionary development. These stages extend allDestiny, 36:then relatively simple. It was part of the [36] evolutionary plan that matter and substance shouldDestiny, 36:of the mind through the success of the evolutionary process. It is right here that many experimentsDestiny, 44:of no great spiritual importance to their evolutionary development. The masses of the people areDestiny, 57:thus bears witness to the inner potency of the evolutionary processes. This pattern-formingDestiny, 64:fortunately are in a minority, for they are anti-evolutionary and their objective is quiteDestiny, 94:finally work towards good, for the trend of the evolutionary force is unalterable, being based onDestiny, 112:a representative human being from the current evolutionary angle) has been the unfolding of theDestiny, 112:into ideals. Thus again the success of the evolutionary process can be seen [113] and the work ofDestiny, 114:highly cultured few. Ponder on this. It connotes evolutionary achievement. For the disciples of theDestiny, 114:are the values, under the sixth ray, for all evolutionary unfoldment and peculiarly the goal of allDestiny, 116:of juncture inevitably occur throughout the evolutionary process. When the scientists concernedDestiny, 119:has preceded it and for the reason that the evolutionary process has been definitely successful inDestiny, 123:a ray relation and, therefore, useful under the evolutionary law and inevitable in its results. TheDiscipleship1fitted to their more advanced development. The evolutionary progress - from century to century -Discipleship1, 76:the Hierarchy to undertake, though in line with evolutionary development. In future ages, men andDiscipleship1, 98:in this time of crisis, and owing to the evolutionary development of disciples will never again beDiscipleship1, 307:to work for those whom he can help, but whose evolutionary status is not on an equality with hisDiscipleship1, 382:as he is at his particular point in the evolutionary process. When the radiation is the radiationDiscipleship1, 450:of letting things work themselves out under evolutionary law, leaving to the inevitability ofDiscipleship1, 683:at some directed piece of work is a part of the evolutionary process itself and is inevitable. IDiscipleship1, 697:three worlds of human evolution. Later, upon the evolutionary ladder, the mind appears as anDiscipleship1, 699:energies to which it responds, from the angle of evolutionary development. It might be stated that:Discipleship1, 714:Path of Evolution) the soul recapitulates the evolutionary processes of involution and evolution.Discipleship1, 753:even when unregistered and unrecognized. The evolutionary process is one of developing a responseDiscipleship1, 764:constitute simply word symbols of an inevitable evolutionary process. They describe the divineDiscipleship1, 789:to many men everywhere; that the plan is one of evolutionary development and educational progressDiscipleship2, 22:the Hierarchy that the points of crisis in the evolutionary process have accomplished their intentDiscipleship2, 94:which has been laboriously developed - under evolutionary law - from the moment when your soulDiscipleship2, 104:thus to ascertain at first hand the immediate evolutionary task which the Hierarchy is undertaking.Discipleship2, 165:It is for you to arrive - according to your evolutionary status and the depth of your reflection -Discipleship2, 197:or Purpose and, in fact, the entire process of evolutionary unfoldment. It is a technique ofDiscipleship2, 207:of unfolding or expressing itself - in the evolutionary sense. There are also universes and solarDiscipleship2, 223:which sweeps all the creative energies into evolutionary and cyclic activity, in conformity to theDiscipleship2, 223:attention. Again, upon a lower level of the evolutionary spiral, the Hierarchy in its turnDiscipleship2, 233:is concerned - seven aspects or phases of evolutionary development and endeavor, according to theDiscipleship2, 234:mass of men swung accurately into line with evolutionary purpose. Discipleship2, 235:creative meditation which is responsible for the evolutionary process and the controlled movingDiscipleship2, 237:of the Kingdom of God, the fifth kingdom in the evolutionary and natural processes of planetaryDiscipleship2, 238:to abstract truth, and therefore to the next evolutionary presentation. It is this which theDiscipleship2, 269:Initiation - Part III These expressions of the evolutionary development of humanity are related toDiscipleship2, 273:reactions of the people and the lines of their evolutionary approach to a deeper consciousness;Discipleship2, 295:as it does to the success, at last, of the evolutionary process. The time, therefore, when theDiscipleship2, 296:mind, the nature of energy, the indication of an evolutionary plan which includes more than theDiscipleship2, 303:year. The word "direction" is the key to the evolutionary process, to the concept of light, to theDiscipleship2, 304:Broadly speaking, these three condition the evolutionary process through the forms which are theDiscipleship2, 331:are not permitted entrance into an Ashram; only evolutionary limitations and lack of perfectionDiscipleship2, 339:of the human brain, but time as it represents evolutionary movements, resulting in an achievedDiscipleship2, 339:which determines the sequence of evolution, of evolutionary progress, the period of karmicDiscipleship2, 340:of the mystic. That vision is a part of the evolutionary spiritual development of all of us andDiscipleship2, 351:as is so often the attitude of the disciple. The evolutionary process conditions the Hierarchy asDiscipleship2, 351:the manifesting universe. There is, however, an evolutionary interplay which - in this era and atDiscipleship2, 352:of all planetary energizing, development and evolutionary growth. A fusion or establishing ofDiscipleship2, 358:lines of thought or of meditative reflection: Evolutionary Change, Reorganization, GroupDiscipleship2, 365:its relation to other points which condition the evolutionary process. Formula 5. Concerns the WillDiscipleship2, 365:of causes. The nature of karma. Progressive evolutionary creation. Formula 5. Transition from theDiscipleship2, 365:the individual consciousness to the universal. Evolutionary processes from divine Purpose into planDiscipleship2, 366:whose self-initiated program, implemented by evolutionary energy and steadily revealing theDiscipleship2, 367:forward and of vision. Throughout the entire evolutionary process there is essentially nothing butDiscipleship2, 368:of Shamballa. Human evolution or the human evolutionary process is entirely concentrated around theDiscipleship2, 371:of the Purpose underlying the creative evolutionary process. The five corresponding exits are thoseDiscipleship2, 379:concern the use of the Will in implementing the evolutionary aspect of the divine purpose. In allDiscipleship2, 381:recognition of the place of initiation in the evolutionary scheme which should engage yourDiscipleship2, 386:this goal in view, they instituted the great evolutionary process of initiation, thus producing aDiscipleship2, 386:expectancy and the dynamic intention behind the evolutionary process depend. The "halls ofDiscipleship2, 428:also touched upon in this series. Because of the evolutionary preparedness, evident in theDiscipleship2, 430:a presented truth. It is his point in the evolutionary cycle which makes that inevitable. TheDiscipleship2, 430:inevitable. The moment that such a point in the evolutionary presentation is twisted and distortedDiscipleship2, 430:you to feel that you are in the vanguard of the evolutionary wave. I would like, in thisDiscipleship2, 433:and the stage of penetration covers the long evolutionary cycle wherein the Soul is seeking toDiscipleship2, 449:because these three concepts govern the needed evolutionary process for you at this time - as theyDiscipleship2, 622:of the emotional body? "In this sense, the evolutionary, is not the emotional body itself but a
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