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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVOLUTIONARY

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Fire, 1047:A cyclic pulsation, which is the cause of every evolutionary impulse. [1048] These evolutionaryFire, 1048:of every evolutionary impulse. [1048] These evolutionary impulses may be regarded as three inFire, 1060:It marks a specific point of attainment in the evolutionary process, and this is equally true ofFire, 1069:response is brought about through the gradual evolutionary development of consciousness of someFire, 1074:standpoint of any one kingdom, there are in the evolutionary process five major at-one-ments.Fire, 1077:indication of the synthetic nature of the entire evolutionary process. In every instance that whichFire, 1082:and intuitive investigator many hints of an evolutionary and historical value. Again we mightFire, 1088:certain developments are only recapitulations of evolutionary processes undergone in an earlierFire, 1089:group conditions brought about through the evolutionary processes of the past kalpas. It will,Fire, 1105:either to speed, or in some cases, to retard the evolutionary process. It should be borne in mindFire, 1114:rapid progress made towards the close of the evolutionary period. There are certain streams ofFire, 1116:he can become as God, provided he submits to the evolutionary process, and does not [1117] "refrainFire, 1133:is intimately concerned with the possession, the evolutionary development, and the finalFire, 1141:races, subraces, groups (involutionary and evolutionary) and individuals (human and superhuman)Fire, 1160:When this dual work has proceeded to a certain evolutionary point, another triplicity becomes aliveFire, 1175:which facilitates, whilst it complicates, the evolutionary process. The sacred planets, calledFire, 1176:paths around the solar center and have their own evolutionary problems and are functioning as partFire, 1176:absorbing Triangles. This term is applied to the evolutionary schools found located in the threeFire, 1194:between: The involutionary groups. The evolutionary groups. The seven groups of lives which we callFire, 1206:the dense manifestation which we regard as the evolutionary matter. The forms are built (from theFire, 1211:or for the solar Logos, and the trend of the evolutionary process is to make each unit, microcosmFire, 1250:to produce the results they desire in aiding the evolutionary process. As they use these "dryGlamour, 68:point concerning illusion from the angle of your evolutionary status. Glamor is your problem, as itGlamour, 105:the nature of the life urge, the trend of the evolutionary unfoldment, and the innate tendenciesGlamour, 110:of this glamor and such the success of the evolutionary process, that humanity, as a whole, isGlamour, 112:recapitulating the different steps upon the evolutionary way, with the lowest layer of the humanGlamour, 164:to the time which is approaching (under the evolutionary urge of spirit) wherein the part or theGlamour, 174:humanity and its civilization: One is the evolutionary process itself whereby the mind of theGlamour, 179:be still higher. This is to be expected if the evolutionary process means anything. The WesternGlamour, 181:the high purpose at any particular point in the evolutionary cycle. This is possible and has beenGlamour, 184:of that book. If they are correct, then evolutionary revelation is ended and the plight of humanityGlamour, 246:difficulty and needs the great length of the evolutionary cycle. With the mass of world energiesHealing, 37:use it as a response apparatus, are (during the evolutionary process) subject to three types ofHealing, 55:which are incident to those stages in evolutionary development which are characteristic of thoseHealing, 55:if he has succeeded (as a result of a long evolutionary history) in awakening in some fashion,Healing, 62:them. They are now far enough advanced upon the evolutionary path so that the cure lies ready atHealing, 63:A relatively advanced stage upon the evolutionary path which was achieved by the Lemurian egos whoHealing, 124:for which he is being prepared, and the quality, evolutionary status and the ray of those affected.Healing, 154:humanity will have reached the summit of its evolutionary goal on this Earth. The throat center isHealing, 182:This basic center is the point where, under the evolutionary law, spirit and matter meet, and lifeHealing, 192:they ignore the time factor, and overlook the evolutionary process and also the point ofHealing, 194:aspect is gradually disclosed in the process of evolutionary unfoldment and produces, in time andHealing, 220:perception and common sense and ignored the evolutionary process. Physiological science andHealing, 248:to whom is given the task of promoting the evolutionary process within the subhuman kingdoms, andHealing, 256:spiritual nature of compromise in these days of evolutionary unfoldment. Their ideas cannot comeHealing, 279:come - karmatically and from the angle of human evolutionary development - for a study of theHealing, 295:as it is called; this distress produces the evolutionary urge and is itself the cause ofHealing, 297:are likewise in process of development and of evolutionary unfoldment. Therefore, until They, asHealing, 335:It is a reflection on the lowest rung of the evolutionary ladder, as far as man is concerned, andHealing, 352:at this time and at this given point in the evolutionary unfoldment of the race is the need, whenHealing, 397:and which is the culminating result of the evolutionary process cannot be lost. It is interestingHealing, 397:is no evidence upon our planet of any higher evolutionary product than that of the human kingdom;Healing, 410:from its imprisoning sheaths. Later on, as the evolutionary processes proceed and the soulHealing, 417:of desire. This should be the result of all evolutionary process. True death, under the law, isHealing, 430:You have, [430] therefore, in all stages of the evolutionary process, certain interesting trianglesHealing, 434:of spirit and soul, which is the goal of the evolutionary process where humanity is concerned.Healing, 449:are brought into relation, and the point of the evolutionary objective is seen in its true light -Healing, 452:and consequent form disintegration is the great evolutionary urge. - Pages 137-138. When the cause,Healing, 499:from the body. There is a distinction, based on evolutionary development, in these two processes.Healing, 500:on its own plane until such time as the evolutionary process has brought about a situation whereinHealing, 502:it indicates certain definite stages in the evolutionary process; it is related to the principleHealing, 510:carried forward - as they are - under evolutionary law. All these steps upon the way of integrationHealing, 551:to note that when a man is so low in the evolutionary scale that he must be ethically reached viaHealing, 553:an undeveloped human being and low down in the evolutionary scale, he will be controlledHealing, 566:goodwill - doing this at the right stage of evolutionary unfoldment and when it is active andHealing, 567:"the beautiful" - a striving enforced as an evolutionary urge because they are souls and under theHealing, 589:substance in order to form the basis of the evolutionary development of this, the second solarHealing, 589:impulsing energies which underlie the entire evolutionary process and motivate its inevitableHealing, 589:task of establishing, in due time and under the evolutionary urge, a close fusion [590] orHealing, 598:he seeks to direct, and which - later in the evolutionary cycle - he is insistent upon directing.Healing, 609:to this Spirit of the Earth (the relation of an evolutionary Being to an involutionary entity) is aHealing, 609:that which will eventually bring them on to the evolutionary arc. When the time comes that the soulHealing, 612:has in this planetary scheme of ours no further evolutionary development, except in so far as theHealing, 612:It was then the divine goal of the entire evolutionary process. This is not an easy point forHealing, 612:not possible or advisable for me to indicate the evolutionary stages through which this divineHealing, 613:adapted and [613] incorporated into the general evolutionary plan. That plan has to do entirelyHealing, 615:This is true in the involutionary sense, in the evolutionary sense, and in a spiritual sense also;Healing, 623:according to the point reached under the evolutionary process, and that the glandular system isHealing, 624:body, and later by the mind. The goal of the evolutionary cycle is to bring about this control,Healing, 635:Logos, Who is a spiritual Life upon the evolutionary arc. This involutionary karma, therefore,Healing, 636:a specific goal which will be attained when the evolutionary arc of experience is reached. ThisHealing, 639:or purpose are brought together. The higher is evolutionary; the lower is involutionary in nature.Healing, 639:creates the conflict. One type of energy is evolutionary and the other is involutionary. It isHealing, 639:conflict between the involutionary life and the evolutionary life, between the inchoate, magneticHealing, 664:will-to-good of Shamballa is, under the usual evolutionary system, only faintly present, and many,Healing, 671:that the entire course of history and of the evolutionary progress of humanity would have beenHealing, 680:civilization which will express more fully the evolutionary attainment of the planet and theHealing, 687:again we come up against the whole underlying, evolutionary theme of Invocation and Evocation.Hercules, 5:ways. It can be the result of slow and steady evolutionary growth, carried forward under nature'sHercules, 13:being, hitherto swept along on the urge of the evolutionary tide, and governed by desire forHercules, 31:and his start upon that final stage of the evolutionary path which will carry him out of the humanHercules, 115:of Virgo concerns the whole goal of the evolutionary process, which is to shield, nurture andHercules, 127:the disciple who has turned, consciously, to the evolutionary path, the way homeward. It is said toHercules, 139:eventually comes back as a result of the evolutionary process and from the soul. "I choose the wayHercules, 178:let the door stand wide." This is the key to the evolutionary urge and the secret of rebirth. (TheHercules, 184:story. Having traced that wonderful, idealistic, evolutionary teaching down the last five to sixHercules, 202:potential and responsibility in speeding up the evolutionary process. The New Group of WorldHercules, 208:Son of God, who, at a particular stage in the evolutionary cycle, takes his lower nature in handHercules, 215:allegory of the labors of all disciples on their evolutionary way, or be confined to the personalInitiation, 12:consciousness, is part of the normal process of evolutionary development, viewed on a large scale,
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