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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVOLUTIONARY

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Initiation, 21:well known, the five kingdoms of nature on the evolutionary arc might be defined as follows: theInitiation, 26:working hypothesis as to the consummation of the evolutionary process in man and his work upon theInitiation, 31:produced an extraordinary stimulation in the evolutionary process, and by his incarnation, and theInitiation, 36:achieved, and a rapid hastening of the [36] evolutionary process, and a profoundly important effectInitiation, 75:attention to the individuals and their evolutionary development, comes at length fruition, and theInitiation, 97:stage, both feel and know, and who, under the evolutionary law, expand their knowledge inInitiation, 104:may be gathered from the analogous degree of evolutionary difference existing between a human beingInitiation, 105:names are given in order of their relative evolutionary stage) it was decided to watch proceedingsInitiation, 110:and employing the intelligence under evolutionary law. Therefore the Great Lords are closelyInitiation, 138:in this cycle; first, through the method of evolutionary unfoldment, or gradual development, andInitiation, 151:effect is dual in character: The devas on the evolutionary path, the great builders of the solarInitiation, 152:from within the forms themselves during the evolutionary process, and which are the aggregate ofInitiation, 154:their means the five kingdoms of nature on the evolutionary arc came into being: The mineralInitiation, 158:When any initiate desires to use, for evolutionary purposes, the entire Word as a unit, theInitiation, 171:practically as well as theoretically, the evolutionary process in its earlier stages. The key toInitiation, 218:forces of nature, and who control the evolutionary processes. They are themselves divided intoIntellect, 13:"freak" products of divine caprice or of blind evolutionary urge, but are themselves the guaranteeIntellect, 31:Figures of the past. Is it not in line with evolutionary development that the real goal ofIntellect, 35:never find their equal? Are they products of the evolutionary process, and so have become potentIntellect, 41:about under the Law of Rebirth. Through the evolutionary process (carried forward through manyIntellect, 51:as vehicles of expression. The objective of the evolutionary process is to enhance and deepen theIntellect, 77:into a higher is part of the creative and evolutionary process." - Bailey Alice, The Light of theIntellect, 78:the fruits of meditation. It is a part of the evolutionary process, as we have seen, and like allIntellect, 102:as a quality emergent at a high level of evolutionary advance; and thirdly, as a psychicalIntellect, 112:fifth factor reminds us that a certain stage of evolutionary development must be reached beforeIntellect, 121:brain, then Dr. Sellars is right in his book, Evolutionary Naturalism, when he says that mind canIntellect, 121:intelligent conduct." - Sellars, Dr. Roy Wood, Evolutionary Naturalism, page 300. But this ideaIntellect, 126:They are three in number. First: In the long evolutionary process which has led man from the animalIntellect, 127:scale at this time, and the sequence of the evolutionary growth, already established, is apparentlyIntellect, 178:a natural process and as vitally a part of the evolutionary development as are any of the processesIntellect, 181:may we not be able now to pass on to our next evolutionary development? Having arrived at someIntellect, 204:We have already, through the medium of the evolutionary process, learnt to coordinate theIntellect, 253:than another, though they may recognize the evolutionary plan and the work that each race has toMagic, 9:the kingdoms of nature and the activities of the evolutionary process. All become self-centered andMagic, 13:at the heart of the solar system is producing an evolutionary unfoldment of the energies of thatMagic, 13:utilization of matter or substance) producing an evolutionary development of that which we call theMagic, 34:structure of the forms and the history of their evolutionary progress have been studied andMagic, 36:In their sum total at the close of the evolutionary period, they will reveal what is the nature ofMagic, 47:our planet. A Hierarchy of Lives, gathered by an evolutionary process out of our planetaryMagic, 74:to take into account as he seeks to decide his evolutionary standpoint. [75] The result of thisMagic, 134:this point is indicative of the success of the evolutionary process and not of its failure but,Magic, 152:the whole process of creative work and of the evolutionary unfoldment of God in nature covered. ItMagic, 198:into a situation which is the result of a long evolutionary process and to which he has not theMagic, 211:the Masters in Their graded ranks direct the evolutionary process of [212] the planet. These twoMagic, 243:the various kingdoms in nature and through the evolutionary growth of humanity, through experienceMagic, 262:sentient energy pervades that form. Under the evolutionary process the form "swells and grows".Magic, 262:The Form of the Environment. This is really the evolutionary working out of the involutionary groupMagic, 281:of human evolution as well as of other evolutionary processes stands the Hierarchy. Both representMagic, 283:of races to be carried forward under the great evolutionary plan. These three might be described asMagic, 285:to be and not as be now is in the course of his evolutionary progress. 1. Self-assertion (fullMagic, 285:will only make their presence felt later in the evolutionary program. They will then expressMagic, 307:The causes lie back in the blue prints of the evolutionary process and are governed - even ifMagic, 312:astral forms of those lesser solar lives on the evolutionary arc who are taking form slowly butMagic, 313:of taking etheric form. This Life, being on the evolutionary arc and not constituting the life of aMagic, 327:realm and the supernatural stage of the evolutionary process. Man will enter into his divineMagic, 341:will use, [341] for naught can arrest that great evolutionary development. Magic, 356:mental grasp of the differentiations of the evolutionary development as differing so widely fromMagic, 373:is on the involutionary arc and passes on to the evolutionary in some dim and distant future.Magic, 389:The lowest types of devas or builders on the evolutionary Path are violet devas; next come theMagic, 389:however, that, on a lower scale of the evolutionary ladder, are other groups of lives, wronglyMagic, 392:present the eternal duality of nature. In our evolutionary development it is not realized in theMagic, 402:in large terms and work in the wider cycles of evolutionary endeavor. The tiny and temporaryMagic, 403:increase as a result of world conditions and the evolutionary trend, and this is (for the workersMagic, 453:creatively with the Purpose underlying the evolutionary plan. From the angle of vision of theMagic, 458:they deal with the cyclic impulses to which the evolutionary process must respond; they [459]Magic, 461:by the great Knowers Who stand back of the evolutionary process and are responsible for itsMagic, 465:into incarnation, for in the first half of the evolutionary process matter - highly organized in aMagic, 477:and the utilization of simpler forms. Under the evolutionary urge, we have had the creative Sound,Magic, 482:simply unthinking, and entirely submerged in the evolutionary tide, and in the work of developing aMagic, 530:one of the forces which lie back of the entire evolutionary scheme is that of the Principle ofMagic, 568:and through an intelligent understanding of the evolutionary plan. These Instructions are intendedMagic, 593:center. Both these centers - as a result of evolutionary development - are exceedingly active andMagic, 597:into manifestation; then towards the end of the evolutionary cycle - both in the macrocosm and theMagic, 602:people and to decide where they stand upon the evolutionary ladder. This has been most foolishlyMagic, 603:It is wise to gauge and [603] approximate the evolutionary status, not upon claims made, but uponMagic, 607:Beings who stand as the custodians of the evolutionary process and through whose hands the threeMagic, 611:consciousness (itself at varying stages of evolutionary development) the effect of differentiatedMagic, 613:remind you that duality is only a stage on the evolutionary arc, leading eventually to theMagic, 619:Browning so truly remarks is the goal of the evolutionary process and marks the conclusion of theMeditation, 29:in a triple envelop of monadic essence. On the evolutionary path, groups of causal bodiesMeditation, 34:realized, but is nevertheless, itself of evolutionary development. As we have been told, there areMeditation, 35:themselves with the aiding of the Ego in his evolutionary development: The Adept of his Ray. TheMeditation, 89:to arouse the centers ahead of the necessary evolutionary rate, except in a few individual casesMeditation, 173:plane is no guarantee that they are on the evolutionary [174] path. On the contrary, they are onMeditation, 174:the fourth or earth planet. The devas are on the evolutionary path, on the upward way. They are, asMeditation, 220:key to the greater cycle and holds the key to evolutionary development. Remember, therefore, whenMeditation, 234:of the Hierarchy in Whose Hands is placed evolutionary development in the three worlds, judge ofMeditation, 262:the race, is the work carried on that aids the evolutionary process. A Master of the Wisdom is HeMeditation, 298:experience and a general hastening of the evolutionary process into a position where it will beMeditation, 300:everywhere the following four fundamentals: The evolutionary history of man from the mental side.Meditation, 353:forces of nature, and who control the evolutionary processes. They are themselves divided intoPatanjali, 19:and untrue knowledge. [19] At this stage in the evolutionary process no form of any kind measuresPatanjali, 31:That the spiritual man is the monad, That the evolutionary process when carried to its climaxPatanjali, 57:form, its polar opposite. This relation, in its evolutionary working out, we call consciousness andPatanjali, 105:be appreciated as it is. At the summation of the evolutionary process every form of divinePatanjali, 139:and consequent form disintegration is the great evolutionary urge. Patanjali, 157:a solar Logos in the form of a solar system, its evolutionary development through the medium ofPatanjali, 167:of the lower nature is part of the great evolutionary process but must be followed by a realizationPatanjali, 168:process and that the word yoga covers the evolutionary development of the human Monad. The union ofPatanjali, 173:and urge to change which lies back of the evolutionary urge itself. It is the cause of activity and
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