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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVOLUTIONARY

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Psychology2, 89:the process of manifestation began its cyclic evolutionary existence. The Cosmic Christ wasPsychology2, 91:Cross is nevertheless producing changes in the evolutionary cycle, in order to bring about thePsychology2, 96:means also salvage and underlies all the evolutionary processes and particularly does this emergePsychology2, 120:in the world. Such has been the success of the evolutionary process. [121] Service is frequentlyPsychology2, 125:momentous demonstration of the success of the evolutionary process in humanity will be at fault.Psychology2, 125:It is a soul urge, and is as much an evolutionary impetus of the soul as the urge toPsychology2, 152:the seven minor Laws which produce the [152] evolutionary unfoldment of man, the person, and man,Psychology2, 181:and this takes time, given the present point of evolutionary development of the world aspirants.Psychology2, 203:through various forms of life in the long evolutionary process arrive eventually at full,Psychology2, 216:scope, and pertain to the broad sweep of the evolutionary cycle as it concerns the human family asPsychology2, 216:in relation to its contribution to the entire evolutionary scheme. However - owing to the lack ofPsychology2, 225:soul control which is the immediate goal of the evolutionary process. We have seen that we arePsychology2, 226:expresses itself through the involutionary and evolutionary urges, humanity constitutes one of thePsychology2, 239:in the Whole, as it works out a vaster scheme of evolutionary process than any hitherto grasped orPsychology2, 284:of desire. The impulse to aspire. The divine evolutionary urge. The tendency to attract, to bePsychology2, 298:higher expression of the same man and when the evolutionary cycle has done its work, we will have aPsychology2, 304:in the life of the man take place during the evolutionary process: First: The stage wherein therePsychology2, 305:three stages of activity spread over a long evolutionary cycle, and differing according to ray andPsychology2, 306:ray energy. The stage already reached upon the evolutionary way. The type of physical mechanism,Psychology2, 319:desire to manifest. The creative impulse. The evolutionary urge. [320] The wish to incarnate. ThePsychology2, 322:the fact that, in the earlier stages upon the evolutionary path, the Monad is the source of thePsychology2, 331:time upon the upward arc, corresponding to the evolutionary stage in the great cycle of naturalPsychology2, 342:Indweller. This Indweller is the soul. As the evolutionary cycle runs its course, threePsychology2, 344:One is that covering the processes of the past evolutionary cycle which, as it has transpired, hasPsychology2, 349:This is the first great step. Inevitably, the evolutionary process must bring to pass thisPsychology2, 357:and as indicating a relatively high point in the evolutionary scale and therefore a reason for aPsychology2, 365:cannot therefore be produced at a low stage of evolutionary development, in which low gradePsychology2, 393:to prove theory and plan and service to [393] be evolutionary facts - but with that spontaneousPsychology2, 397:of the fourth kingdom in nature, when the evolutionary cycle has done its work. PresentedPsychology2, 405:point determined by the stage reached under the evolutionary process, by racial factors, by thePsychology2, 407:as the result of life-stimulation, the evolutionary urge, the normal processes of living,Psychology2, 407:lives of individuals, when the blind process of evolutionary acquiescence becomes the livingPsychology2, 414:aspects of the human being, which - during the evolutionary process - are gradually fused into onePsychology2, 415:Whole, is quiescent for the greater part of the evolutionary cycle, until the integrative processPsychology2, 426:which man is subject, and we saw that the human evolutionary process was, in the last analysis, aPsychology2, 434:of these centers, major and minor, are of unique evolutionary importance. These are as follows:Psychology2, 504:to "place" his patient as to ray type, evolutionary status, astrological indications and inherentPsychology2, 505:blue prints of the archetypes determining the evolutionary process, and which produce eventuallyPsychology2, 506:force which have, to date, determined the [506] evolutionary process. There are seven such forms,Psychology2, 510:recorded instructions indicate a high stage of evolutionary advancement. Psychology2, 522:use and transference, as is the case in all evolutionary development. There are two majorPsychology2, 523:can take place in the course of the evolutionary process, or they can be hastened through thePsychology2, 555:individual being. This secondary aspect of the evolutionary principle needs careful elaborating. WePsychology2, 556:has been natural, normal and part of the evolutionary urge. This it still remains, but the processPsychology2, 557:man includes in his nature all the gains of past evolutionary cycles (in other kingdoms in naturePsychology2, 559:Enquiry. Analysis plus Self-assertion. Evolutionary urge. Self-control. 2. The five senses. ThePsychology2, 567:either consciously or unconsciously: Those whose evolutionary stage is low enough to permit ofPsychology2, 589:the involutionary route and not upwards by the evolutionary route of the spinal column. This is ofPsychology2, 592:repeat in the microcosm the involutionary and evolutionary arcs of the macrocosm, there are formedPsychology2, 592:very great, owing to just this difference in the evolutionary development of the vehicles, thePsychology2, 649:always existed. It has worked out through the evolutionary developments of the past ages and alsoPsychology2, 652:that the effort now on foot is in line with the evolutionary development going on upon our planet.Psychology2, 658:in an inner world government and in an emerging evolutionary plan. They can see its signs down thePsychology2, 663:do not affect their recognition of certain great evolutionary trends, nor the necessity toPsychology2, 678:unfolding Plan which underlies the entire evolutionary process of the world, and which history andPsychology2, 716:There are many other lines of activity and of evolutionary expediency and undertaking which mustPsychology2, 728:different as to Their ray and background of evolutionary development - have already established.Psychology2, 737:a deep knowledge of the general trend of the evolutionary urge; they are directing world force intoPsychology2, 742:intended (as is sometimes necessary under the evolutionary plan) to be destructive. The destructivePsychology2, 743:expression of such love - unavoidable under the evolutionary law. It is the next great humanRays, 14:of new and higher energies the whole fact of the evolutionary process depends. It will therefore beRays, 18:laws, but conditioned by two progressive and evolutionary developments: A much closer contact -Rays, 35:an unalterable law lying behind the entire evolutionary process. It is necessarily a reciprocalRays, 55:the fourth kingdom in nature, at which point the evolutionary cycle becomes possible and the firstRays, 56:threefold application and its involutionary and evolutionary significances. Students would do wellRays, 61:most explicit and correct word to use anent the evolutionary process. There is no better in yourRays, 61:what he is. An initiate is not the result of the evolutionary process. He is the cause of theRays, 61:the evolutionary process. He is the cause of the evolutionary process, and by means of it heRays, 65:Shamballa are dedicated to the furthering of the evolutionary plan which will finally embody divineRays, 67:significance of the involutionary life and the evolutionary life is fully understood by him. HisRays, 69:is also seen to be symbolically proceeding along evolutionary lines. Worship, the attitude of theRays, 76:is both a good and a bad thing, viewed from the evolutionary angle. It is nevertheless a fact whichRays, 79:superhuman [79] Beings are the product of past evolutionary systems and are in Themselves the sumRays, 91:has become possible because of the point in the evolutionary process which the Hierarchy hasRays, 97:of them is below the level of disciples upon the evolutionary ladder. A Master's Ashram has in itRays, 116:was rich as the result of agelong experience and evolutionary development. He is told by the ChristRays, 120:inevitable that intelligence and love should be evolutionary objectives on the planet and the firstRays, 121:Synthesis dictates the trend of all the evolutionary processes today; all is working towards largerRays, 124:intent lying behind all world phenomena, all evolutionary development, all unfoldment within theRays, 132:Evolution as we now understand it ceases; yet evolutionary unfoldment proceeds along new linesRays, 147:which is the inspiring energy behind all evolutionary unfoldment, and which creates the medium orRays, 148:in time and space and - at this point in the evolutionary cycle - we call them Shamballa, theRays, 151:and subsidiary types, developed during the evolutionary process; all will eventually demonstrateRays, 158:in the lower three worlds. These are, under the evolutionary law, direct reflections of the threeRays, 162:They have had a temporary reality during the evolutionary process, but (having served their purposeRays, 162:and functioning in order to implement certain evolutionary ends, is no longer needed. It is thenRays, 166:- are brought into relation and the point of the evolutionary objective is seen in its true light -Rays, 177:expresses in sequential order and under the evolutionary Law. The symbol which expresses the doorRays, 183:dealing with the precipitated aspect of divine evolutionary process. We are concerned with theRays, 185:Love concerns itself with transitional, evolutionary fundamentals, whilst intelligence concernsRays, 201:levels and to prepare himself for those higher evolutionary processes which will give him entranceRays, 208:That such a development was inevitable, if the evolutionary growth of humanity proved in any wayRays, 235:which they pass are different in the degree of evolutionary response and of sensitive reaction toRays, 237:only indicates the success of the previous evolutionary cycles wherein humanity mastered certainRays, 240:of the major indications of the success of the evolutionary process as applied to humanity. ThisRays, 245:the impulses of desire, and in the course of the evolutionary process learns to transmute themRays, 260:This process is that which implements the evolutionary process. Evolution is an effect of thisRays, 270:into activity at a certain stage of the evolutionary process, by energy emanating from the BuddhasRays, 278:salvaging task of creation. Transformation - the evolutionary process which is carried on upon theRays, 281:that many of the Masters are occupied with the evolutionary processes of the various kingdoms in
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