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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVOLUTIONARY

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Telepathy, 126:of all being. Humanity itself is the key to all evolutionary processes and to all correctTelepathy, 128:one center to another and bringing about an evolutionary unity of objective, and developing (withTelepathy, 129:potency, of embodied Purpose, expressing through evolutionary manifestation the divine Will. ItTelepathy, 132:arc, took place. Statement Five. Today, an evolutionary alignment is taking place. The planetaryTelepathy, 133:alignments) constitutes most ancient history; an evolutionary alignment in which all three centersTelepathy, 136:case, inactive. In time and space and during the evolutionary process, it is not possible to sayTelepathy, 136:cycle, when divine purpose is fulfiled and the evolutionary process has brought about the changesTelepathy, 159:where the intelligence of God is producing the evolutionary process: Humanity. The three majorTelepathy, 161:the etheric vehicle of the planetary Logos. The evolutionary processes can equally well be statedTelepathy, 168:The centers below the diaphragm are - during the evolutionary process - controlled by the first,Telepathy, 170:are true; nevertheless, at the close of the evolutionary process every single center in the ethericTelepathy, 190:therefore only when a relatively high degree of evolutionary unfoldment has been attained. TheTelepathy, 193:therefore, which is the basic pattern in the evolutionary process of unfoldment in this, the secondTelepathy, 194:unconsciously at first, during the long cycle of evolutionary unfoldment under the Law of
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