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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EVOLVED

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Astrology, 17:that I proffer this is that humanity is enough evolved so that the astrology of the soul willAstrology, 19:are drawing forth from the masses and the little evolved people nothing but terror, a miserableAstrology, 78:connected with two centers which in the highly evolved man are not of dominating importance: TheAstrology, 182:idea. Pisces - Sensation. Mediumship. Fluidity. Evolved man Gemini - Recognition of soul and form.Astrology, 340:man as he demonstrates form control. The evolved man, initiate and Savior as he demonstrates soulAstrology, 412:concerned - they play upon unevolved man, upon evolved man or upon disciples and initiates. TheAstrology, 509:groups or from those disciples who are enough evolved rightly to respond. The three veiled planetsAtom, 14:systems of thought teach that the world has been evolved by a Power or Being Who has built theAtom, 25:others. Such a stage can be seen in the little evolved races of the world, in small children, andAtom, 28:of the ideal of brotherhood, and - until we have evolved to the stage where our concept isAtom, 108:through them all [108] the great instincts are evolved; they are the great protective senses, notAtom, 144:We [144] considered the aspects which were evolved by means of these atoms, their qualities, orAtom, 145:a higher type of consciousness is consistently evolved by each atom; that the human consciousnessAtom, 155:being that He is not, as yet, sufficiently evolved so that He can respond completely to Sirius, butAutobiography, 151:a divinity which is there but which they are not evolved enough as yet to express. Why should I beAutobiography, 248:[248] and when that personality is little evolved or is only of an average development, it can beBethlehem, 28:the new techniques and methods of living will be evolved as a result of this perception. There areBethlehem, 49:fairer and still more revealing is being evolved, and steadily we can trace the growth of this newBethlehem, 116:is on trial. To the man who is but a little evolved the problem of divinity as a whole does notBethlehem, 180:terms of Christ. Therefore, mankind being more evolved and intelligent, that reinterpretation willBethlehem, 181:creative spirit of mankind has from time to time evolved those figures as idealizations of itsBethlehem, 209:its cycle of activity. The human kingdom had evolved to the point where it had produced the ChristBethlehem, 235:figure is not possible for them. We have evolved such doctrines as conditional immortality, and theBethlehem, 250:the ages, man has asserted this. Humanity has evolved many theories to account for man and hisBethlehem, 251:by each unit of force, until a soul has been evolved. The dreary doctrine of our survival asBethlehem, 253:world. The kingdoms of nature have one by one evolved, and in so doing have expressed some aspectBethlehem, 282:Christ was), the time has come, and mankind has evolved sufficiently, for the divine life within itDiscipleship1, 335:you no occult exercises at this time. You have evolved your own way of working and of preparationDiscipleship1, 613:and the schemes along many lines which you have evolved, my brother, and see how many you haveDiscipleship1, 681:been taught in the past and about which he has evolved definite and distinct ideas. Are you,Discipleship1, 708:spiritual values and concepts, where they have evolved their own formulations of truth and whereDiscipleship1, 725:Let us put it in another form: Are the least evolved in a group of disciples and aspirants to pullDiscipleship1, 780:personality, and when that personality is little evolved or is only of an average development, itDiscipleship2, 278:second hint I gave indicated that mankind had evolved so well that today the goals and theories,Discipleship2, 626:of their use steadily grows. For the evolved human being, the goal is a clear and consciousDiscipleship2, 650:the trite platitudes that suffering humanity has evolved to account for things as they are. None ofDiscipleship2, 725:of what I mean in the two plans which you have evolved during the past six months for world salvageDiscipleship2, 767:the past that was before all time and space, evolved a thought. Forth into the light of day he cameEducation, 3:with those forms of science which the past has evolved. It is primarily backward-looking and notEducation, 12:Practically speaking, except in rare and highly evolved souls, [13] the higher mind does notEducation, 14:of a new species of human being - a more highly evolved unit within the human family - hence muchEducation, 27:outer manifestation. The antahkarana is woven, evolved, and created as the result of this primaryEducation, 102:conscientious, spiritually-minded and highly evolved teachers who have - down the ages - set theirEducation, 148:is that this thread of consciousness is evolved by the soul and not by the monad. The World SoulExternalisation, 49:painfully and with infinitely slow processes evolved out of the animal condition into that of humanExternalisation, 50:masses of men are, as yet, relatively so little evolved that the task of this group of workers mustExternalisation, 119:long Lemurian cycle, infant humanity steadily evolved and yet in spite of this the lines ofExternalisation, 299:of God in the universe and of God in humanity evolved. The Selfhood of Deity [300] and the Self inExternalisation, 332:and tried method of trial and error. The less evolved the disciple and worker, the larger theFire, 15:wheels were diverse, and in unification, one. As evolved the great Wheel, the inner fire burstFire, 25:Word of Power. The form perfected and the life evolved hold the third secret of the greater Wheel.Fire, 53:in life and causes the evolution of all that has evolved into objectivity by means of latent fire.Fire, 63:from the standpoint of cosmic evolution, is more evolved than His two Brothers. He is the life ofFire, 63:entities and that these three entities again are evolved out of a single entity or monad. To take aFire, 63:the seven colored rays in the solar ray are evolved out of three primary colored rays; and theFire, 71:continuously; this occurs when a man is highly evolved and is nearing the Path. This threefoldFire, 80:and to pass on to that which is lesser or not so evolved. Upon every plane this process can beFire, 90:order, and, along their own line, are further evolved than man himself. Unprotected man lies atFire, 122:the Lemurian, a denser and more human type was evolved, this being perfected in the fourth orFire, 125:recollection which are so apparent in the little evolved man. As time progresses the fire of mindFire, 132:each human life period sees a man taking a more evolved physical body of a greater responsiveness,Fire, 147:and that these three entities, again, are evolved out of a single entity or monad. To take aFire, 147:the seven colored rays in the solar ray are evolved out of three primary colored rays; and theFire, 193:the future. Therefore when a man is very highly evolved, has transcended time (as known in theFire, 249:is governed by the Law of Attraction, is [249] evolved through the Law of Economy, and is comingFire, 265:Will. This is the lowest enumeration for little evolved man at the present time. From theFire, 281:very circumscribed as in the case of the little evolved, or may be inclusive of a portion ofFire, 281:extent, and even in the case of the very highly evolved may begin to touch the periphery of theFire, 351:second round and the second root-race touch was evolved. In the third round and correspondingFire, 410:of ancient Aryavarta, seven principles are evolved out of these three primary entities. AlgebraFire, 410:to the present case, the number of entities evolved from different combinations of these threeFire, 410:and that these three entities, again, are evolved out of a single entity or Monad." - TheFire, 435:their fifth globe. Until the race has further evolved the mystery lies securely hid, and theFire, 464:of the fifth spirilla. In like manner, the less evolved units of the race, who are scarcely moreFire, 555:Through the group to the unit. Through a more evolved "Kingdom of Nature" to a less evolved. AsFire, 555:a more evolved "Kingdom of Nature" to a less evolved. As regards the third factor of Initiation, itFire, 571:carry the analogy too far; as we have not yet evolved to where we have planetary consciousness,Fire, 646:are, from many angles, some of the most highly evolved of the devas of the shadows. They areFire, 652:extraordinary degree, so that some of the lesser evolved men, through the stress of danger andFire, 666:and can be comprehended alike by the evolved of both evolutions. It should be borne in mind, asFire, 686:furnaces became (relatively speaking) highly evolved, the "fires of matter" then blazing forth.Fire, 709:of the antahkarana. The work of the highly evolved man is to reduce this triangle to a unity, andFire, 737:there is no devachan for the savage or little evolved man, as they merit it not, and have not theFire, 739:to continue His work of service for the little evolved humanity of that distant time. As thisFire, 741:it has absorbed the life essence of the fully evolved planes, and of the planetary schemes thereon.Fire, 748:certain cosmic Existences and certain highly evolved Entities appear among men to do a specificFire, 750:center, either for his Ego, when sufficiently evolved, or, via his Ego, of his group force; whenFire, 750:his life on earth. Again when an Ego is highly evolved he may choose during any particularFire, 756:and the occident, prepared disciples and highly evolved men and women, will be found who will beFire, 787:possession gradually of his vehicles; the less evolved the man, the slower is the process. We areFire, 853:from the moon chain and who are much more evolved than the earth humanity. Egos who have been sweptFire, 908:marriage, and for the desire evinced by highly evolved men everywhere to evade the marriageFire, 908:cause, is only seen amongst the highly evolved and amongst the independent thinkers of the race.Fire, 970:the adept, or the chaotic attempts of the little evolved. Having grasped the idea, and having withFire, 975:of service, his thought-forms. The little evolved do not, of course, employ the third eye for theFire, 1009:at the top of the head. When man is more highly evolved, and is nearing or treading the Path, theFire, 1048:up to the point where certain of the atoms have evolved to the consciousness of animal-man. AllFire, 1072:of water every higher type of plant life is evolved, and through the combination of heat and waterFire, 1081:excellence (a name given oft to magnetic, highly-evolved types), Tertiary points of secondary fire,Fire, 1097:true form. But until [1097] the race is further evolved, the eye is aware of, and responds to the
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