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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXACTITUDE

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Discipleship1, 7:to work without attachment for you know not with exactitude what are my goals for you; may I begDiscipleship1, 8:you will attempt to fulfil the requirements with exactitude. You will analyze and question theDiscipleship1, 55:with greater clarity and to choose with wiser exactitude the right words (written and spoken) byDiscipleship1, 63:outposts of his consciousness. To do this with exactitude, he must be able to know their conditionDiscipleship1, 497:matters so that you can, with promptness and exactitude, make the needed adjustments andDiscipleship2, 27:to carry out this discipline, and note with exactitude all reactions, results and phenomena.Discipleship2, 75:instructions. I refer here not only to exoteric exactitude but (above all else) to esotericDiscipleship2, 163:been brought about by what we might call with exactitude the first precipitation. Its effects haveDiscipleship2, 264:work. Therefore, instead of concentrating upon exactitude of work and meticulous obedience, yourDiscipleship2, 366:Program will - if followed with spiritual exactitude - reveal your soul-intended life pattern andDiscipleship2, 595:you oft chide yourself for not acceding with exactitude to my demands, I judge your meditationDiscipleship2, 740:to bring you release, had you followed them with exactitude. There are certain forms of pride fromFire, 284:must be included in our enumeration of cycles if exactitude is to be achieved. [285] Fire, 305:the goal of his endeavor. Again we can with exactitude carry the concept further still, andMeditation, 64:subtone then he will sound the Sacred Word with exactitude and thus reach the desired end; hisMeditation, 66:and enables them to do that work with greater exactitude and make contacts that later will be ofPatanjali, 74:then he will know how to direct his will with exactitude so as to bring about the desiredPsychology1, 49:is in the last analysis the ray of mathematical exactitude and is not the ray of the artist, as soPsychology1, 67:that fits into the temple's plan with right exactitude. Let him prepare the corner stone and wiselyPsychology1, 110:and with intelligence; he will know with exactitude the way that he should go, and will comprehendPsychology1, 163:Yoga. Mercury. Yellow. Rose. III Higher Mind. Exactitude in thought. Higher Mathematics.Psychology1, 163:of psychic growth. Saturn. Green. V Lower Mind. Exactitude in action. Practical Science. The Moon.Psychology1, 286:see truly and interpret our facts with spiritual exactitude, in the relation of the two sexes andPsychology2, 116:will sometimes serve to bring home to you its exactitude. The second illustration which may perhapsPsychology2, 202:such time as they can "shine forth in all their exactitude of truth." 4. They are called, as hasPsychology2, 701:known truth may eventually bring home to you its exactitude. Rays, 8:evil in his nature and thereby demonstrate the exactitude of the truth that the great Lord taughtRays, 759:it is used by its Members with constancy, exactitude and power. It will serve to integrate the twoSoul, 73:the standpoint of the Eastern wisdom, with great exactitude. "An entity, conceived as the essence,
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