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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXACTLY

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Astrology, 63:beginning of this great cycle, but it is not in exactly the same position today when it is "found"Astrology, 83:(during the final stages of the path) to exactly twelve incarnations, passing one in each of theAstrology, 412:same thing in the last analysis. But this is not exactly true. The response of humanity or of theAtom, 14:that perhaps, after all, things are not exactly what they seem to be, and that there remains muchAtom, 40:of the life organism be mutilated, they rebuild exactly as before... Science admits the difficultyAtom, 79:bodies, mental, emotional, and physical, in exactly the same way as the electrons were heldAutobiography, 35:at the time and the atmosphere was exactly right. It was a Sunday morning. The previous Sunday IAutobiography, 39:a large sprinkling of occidental people. I knew exactly where I stood in that crowd and realizedAutobiography, 43:career. As for me, at the time I did not know exactly what to do. I had an exceedingly goodAutobiography, 50:were summations of divine truth. I knew exactly what God wanted and (because of my completeAutobiography, 52:water" - "eau vivante," which somehow is not exactly the same thing. Translations of the Bible haveAutobiography, 60:seem rather too close together," I replied. "Exactly. And what about his chin and the shape of hisAutobiography, 126:they evaded realities even when claiming to know exactly what God meant and intended, and sought toAutobiography, 163:and that he would come back in three weeks' time exactly, to find out what I intended to do. Autobiography, 168:and I want to reiterate - I have published exactly what the Tibetan has said. On that one point IAutobiography, 178:situation and to lay plans for the future were exactly $1.85. It was the end of the month, the rentAutobiography, 185:any child revolt. In both countries it works out exactly in the same way - revolt. Today theAutobiography, 191:one of those occult teachers who claims to know exactly what the Master [192] wants done or to haveAutobiography, 195:by pointing out (which I now see was not exactly tactful of me) what a pity it was that the ArcaneAutobiography, 208:store and buy me eight or nine dresses, knowing exactly the kind of thing I liked and the colorsAutobiography, 218:there were many considerations before we knew exactly what was right. My friend, Alice Ortiz, atAutobiography, 241:or Milan, in Geneva or Antwerp and find exactly the same quality in the people as in Great BritainAutobiography, 294:statement is sent out and the students know exactly what it costs to finance the School. When needBethlehem, 64:eventually arrives at Pisces; this sign is exactly opposite the sign Virgo, and is the sign of allBethlehem, 78:We have, if we could but realize it, exactly those circumstances and that environment in which thisBethlehem, 78:highest which is in us can be learnt. We have exactly the type of body and physical conditionsBethlehem, 231:rose, what were the processes undergone, in exactly what body He appeared, we cannot tell. We areDestiny, 55:course, the ideal before her, but not as yet the exactly fulfiled achievement. The United StatesDestiny, 55:lies in the hands of the people and no one knows exactly what the people will do - once aroused andDestiny, 145:in the upper half of the zodiacal circle and is exactly opposite to Leo which is found in the lowerDiscipleship1, 47:that the first requirement is sensitivity. What exactly is this? It does not mean primarily thatDiscipleship1, 50:comes the quality of mental polarization. What exactly is this power or quality? For you (at thisDiscipleship1, 135:is to register consciously and all the time just exactly what you are doing. I would have youDiscipleship1, 197:these questions be brief but full. Yes, I mean exactly what I say, my brother, "brief but full" forDiscipleship1, 208:which is so essential in your case, though not exactly in the sense that your personality wouldDiscipleship1, 387:of normal development. It can constitute for you exactly what it is, and you need feel no shameDiscipleship1, 392:questions can be answered or not in writing exactly as you choose; you may find them too personalDiscipleship1, 449:of mental activity and yet it is neither of them exactly. Perhaps I might call it the "glamor ofDiscipleship1, 555:something perhaps only dimly sensed: What exactly is the vision, as I see it, in connection with myDiscipleship1, 739:without criticism and with silence? Do I realize exactly where I stand? Whom I can help? And toDiscipleship2, 37:group work with me at the time of the full moon, exactly as outlined in your group instructions,Discipleship2, 77:and send it out to you and to the world exactly as I gave it. Please read not only your ownDiscipleship2, 107:people upon the same ray, and who were also at exactly the same point in evolution, would beDiscipleship2, 150:"sealed" within their own place: what this exactly means has naught to do with humanity. Men todayDiscipleship2, 185:introspective and consequently a pure mystic. Exactly the reverse is intended; all that theDiscipleship2, 329:and to those more advanced than he is, exactly what is lacking in his equipment, what is his pointDiscipleship2, 383:the same initiation? Are all its members at exactly the same point in evolution? By no means. ADiscipleship2, 486:so yourselves. The inner contact is still there, exactly as it was before; the goal ahead for eachDiscipleship2, 504:effort. I call you, therefore, my brother, to exactly this effort. The consequences to you will beDiscipleship2, 562:of karma, the place of triumph has to be exactly where you stand and within the circumference of aDiscipleship2, 564:as to the future, can you not? And in exactly the same place where you now are, you can use in aDiscipleship2, 581:called The Next Three Years. These were sent out exactly as dictated by me, without any deletions,Discipleship2, 581:I propose writing goes out to the general public exactly as I dictate it, without Christianizing itDiscipleship2, 656:it will, I know, suffice. Take what I have said exactly as I say it and for what the words exactlyDiscipleship2, 656:said exactly as I say it and for what the words exactly mean, and know that I your Master and yourDiscipleship2, 710:what should be your attitude and to know exactly when and where love does not control. Your firstExternalisation, 320:the future conditions of human living. I mean exactly that, my brother. The war is not yet decided.Externalisation, 490:"sealed" within their own place; what this exactly means has naught to do with humanity. Men todayExternalisation, 598:and happenings will not necessarily be exactly as the Scriptures [599] would appear to indicate.Externalisation, 633:began the work of the past three decades, I knew exactly the time I had in which to bring about theFire, 59:planet will affect a human being as radiation in exactly the same way as the pranic emanations ofFire, 184:is coarse and unsuitable, and casts it off in exactly the same way as a rapidly rotating wheelFire, 187:in the evolution of the Heavenly Man we have exactly the same thing: the five planes of endeavor,Fire, 231:stages have to be achieved on cosmic levels, in exactly the same sense as the microcosm, onFire, 310:deva Entity, the Raja Lord of the mental plane. Exactly the same procedure ensued on cosmic levels,Fire, 325:the body of objectivity of a Heavenly Man in exactly the same sense as the four physical ethers ofFire, 340:his manifestation on the three planes in exactly the same way as the manifestation of a Logos "goesFire, 415:vibratory life of seven stupendous ENTITIES in exactly the same sense [416] as the seven centers inFire, 851:sensation, and the method is force transference. Exactly the same understanding lies back of theFire, 940:lower man (the Quaternary) functions, follow exactly analogous stages to the building of the denseFire, 968:of [968] vast wisdom and experience to state exactly the stage at which any particular unit of theFire, 1002:the living form power "to break loose." It is exactly at this point, fortunately for the humanGlamour, 67:their consciousness, and life is never again exactly the same thing. They have had their guaranteeGlamour, 88:occupied today in their individual lives with exactly the same process and conflict. On a tinyGlamour, 247:- truly and in the light of his soul - where exactly is his focus of identification. [248] By thatGlamour, 255:as is rightly given to the oriental. What exactly do I mean when I make this statement? I mean thatHealing, 80:mal." There are also, as will be apparent, the exactly reverse conditions when the etheric body isHealing, 371:is the meaning of the word "vibration" and state exactly what a vibration is. If I tell you thatHealing, 462:relations of the unconscious person will know exactly whether they are watching a great and finalHealing, 503:vicissitudes of form life. [503] Death is to man exactly what the release of the atom appears toHealing, 514:death through an act of the soul-will and knows exactly what he is doing. [515] Healing, 660:This law is profoundly simple and means exactly what it says. It can be interpreted in two ways: ItHealing, 688:is that all disciples and initiates should know exactly where they stand on the Path, the finalHealing, 693:they do to the energies of the seven rays - were exactly imparted to you, it would be rare indeedHercules, 122:in her eye, to a novice who exclaimed how exactly his chart was working out: "That is too bad, ifHercules, 122:your personality chart would not work out so exactly". The chart of the soul will be used in theHercules, 174:our family, our circle of friends, into exactly the same attitude for humanity, but it has nothingInitiation, 84:amends have been made. All people do not develop exactly along the same or parallel lines, andIntellect, 166:forms - and, paradoxical as it may seem - two exactly opposite forms. It will produce in some typesIntellect, 231:efficacious until such time as the workman knows exactly what he is about. One cannot play up toMagic, 179:speaks directly from mind to mind. This is not exactly telepathy but a form of direct hearing. TheMagic, 251:upon his ability to register impressions exactly, and to see with clarity the forms of the processMagic, 322:radiation which will affect the surroundings exactly in proportion to the extent of the innerMagic, 611:usage; the Vishnu Purana gives these fires exactly the same nomenclature as does H.P.B. whoMeditation, 45:he may be called on earth. This group is not exactly a reflection of the group on egoic levels asMeditation, 102:they are virtually the body, reproduced exactly, that the man finally left behind him when deathMeditation, 216:have you note that the occult orange is not exactly the color that you understand by the term.Meditation, 289:field to choose from, and no one experience is exactly the same as another. But it might beMeditation, 326:educates the race in the higher knowledge. 2. In exactly the same way his studies each month willPatanjali, 104:world of illusion, or the world of form must be "exactly known!' This means, literally, that the
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