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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXACTLY

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Patanjali, 105:every form of divine manifestation must respond exactly to its name, or to the word which set upPatanjali, 404:respects. Yet no two people see an object in exactly the same way, "Things" or forms of matter doProblems, 27:period of discovery; we shall discover just exactly what we are - as [28] nations, in our groupProblems, 115:no exception - in every nation remains exactly the same as before, plus the bloodshed in Palestine.Problems, 122:days, even unto the end of the world", He meant exactly what He said. The approach of the humanProblems, 123:essential, therefore, that we face the situation exactly as it is and that we isolate those truthsProblems, 129:of a loss of the sense of divinity. It indicates exactly the reverse. Perhaps as serious, becauseProblems, 175:The men in power in every nation know well exactly what food, minerals, oil and other necessitiesPsychology1, 371:of the spinal column. When scientists know exactly why the animal [372] does not use the brain inPsychology1, 386:by the Brotherhood of Light; they are not exactly on the white side, as it is called, but arePsychology1, 388:in the hands of the peoples, and no one knows exactly what way they will take to reach their goal.Psychology2, 131:can be easily and briefly noted. They are not exactly what one may have been led to believe. I amPsychology2, 143:for not even the Christ Himself can predict exactly the time limit within which changes canPsychology2, 230:trinity, has gone - never again to return in exactly the same form or expression in time and space.Psychology2, 291:rays, when focused in a personality, provides exactly the right impulse to govern the lower life,Psychology2, 311:occupied today, in their individual lives, with exactly the same process and conflict. On a tinyPsychology2, 451:situation in relation to humanity as a whole is exactly the same as the situation in the life of anPsychology2, 488:by the fact that the neophyte knows pretty well, exactly what his instructor would say in any givenPsychology2, 643:a band of impractical mystics. They know exactly what they seek to do, and their plans are laid inPsychology2, 688:for the opportunity starts for the Hierarchy exactly at the hour when "the sun began to moveRays, 26:to be almost tritely familiar. If they meant exactly what they appear to mean, there would be noRays, 173:passage in the literature of the world which has exactly the same quality. Oneness, unity,Rays, 238:and of Cyclic Compensation. The Masters know exactly that which must be done by right timing and byRays, 243:And when I say this, my brother, I mean just exactly that. This same ability to respond throughRays, 246:all to indicate, and when I say indicate, I mean exactly that, and nothing more definite and clear.Rays, 304:mean when you speak of the abstract mind is not exactly true to the facts; the effort to thinkRays, 389:stated that even the Hierarchy does not know exactly how humanity will react or what progress theyRays, 428:That human spirit is to be found in Russia to exactly the same extent as it is to be found in anyRays, 438:- from, the angle of the human disciple today - exactly what we understand by perfection. TheRays, 578:complement this sixth ray energy and to produce exactly the situation which is today governingRays, 600:the initiate has to battle with illusion in exactly the same sense as he earlier had to battle withRays, 664:of life, so each successive initiation is in an exactly similar manner an entrance into light,Reappearance, 45:and happenings will not necessarily be exactly as the Scriptures would appear to indicate. ForSoul, 63:there be or be not in the world any matter that exactly answers to the descriptions they make ofTelepathy, 98:clarifies, the progress of the aspirant can be exactly noted. I would have you distinguish
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