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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXALTED

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Astrology, 104:and mathematically that, The Sun is exalted in Aries. Here the Sun stands for the life of theAstrology, 104:The reason for this is that when the Sun is exalted and blazes forth in all its glory, [105] theAstrology, 109:and its polar opposite. The planets which are exalted, in detriment, or which fall in anyAstrology, 129:Jupiter. Esoterically, the reason that Venus is exalted in Pisces is connected with the relation ofAstrology, 130:but with no binding thread." Therefore, Venus is exalted in Pisces and at the end of the greaterAstrology, 146:There is apparently no planet which is either exalted or "falls" in this sign. The only planetAstrology, 146:of the Zodiacal Constellations No planet is exalted in Aquarius and no planet falls in this signAstrology, 170:underlying the astrological fact that Mars is exalted in Capricorn, whilst the power of the Moon isAstrology, 171:be noted that both Neptune and Jupiter are exalted in Cancer, the great sign wherein the desire forAstrology, 191:It is interesting to note that no planet is exalted in Sagittarius and that no planet falls in thisAstrology, 224:in Scorpio, as outlined above. Uranus is exalted in Scorpio; the power of Venus is lessened in thisAstrology, 225:to [225] the human; for this reason, Uranus is exalted in this sign and assumes a position of powerAstrology, 249:seen in H. P. Blavatsky. In this sign, Saturn is exalted for - at the point of balance -Astrology, 281:and most difficult to understand. Mercury is exalted in this sign because the mother is necessarilyAstrology, 310:sign. No planet falls in Leo and no planet is exalted in this sign, whilst the power of both UranusAstrology, 310:of his own life and, therefore, no planet is exalted and likewise no planet falls. The power of theAstrology, 341:only a few hints are possible. Two planets are exalted in this sign, Jupiter and Neptune. As thisAstrology, 368:that in this sign no planet either falls or is exalted. The clue to this mystery lies hid in theAstrology, 369:the same condition is found. No planet is exalted and no planet falls. Mercury is, however, inAstrology, 399:to the impact. In this sign, the Moon is exalted. Symbolically this means that the form side ofAstrology, 400:of spiritual will, the form is esoterically "exalted" and of this fact the exaltation of the MoonAstrology, 401:sign, Gemini. The presence, therefore, of the exalted Moon and the fallen Uranus gives a marvelousAstrology, 401:interesting to note that in Scorpio, Uranus is exalted which gives indication of the success of theAstrology, 555:of Initiation. Necessarily, as it deals with so exalted a state of consciousness, there is butAutobiography, 179:to pray and regard meditation as far more exalted and more fitted to their high point ofAutobiography, 184:for me to understand them. I had a very exalted idea of what the relationship between mother andAutobiography, 184:mother and children should be. They had no such exalted idea. I was just somebody who could beAutobiography, 295:which the Christ is the supreme Head) to those exalted spheres where the Lord of the World worksBethlehem, 66:to the concordance, the name Mary means "the exalted of the Lord." As one says these words, theDiscipleship2, 652:I would have you regard that pinnacle as an exalted place from which the new vision can be seen.Externalisation, 24:to a fresh spiritual effort; the process and the exalted Personnel involved have been described byExternalisation, 210:in the future resurrection of humanity, with an exalted recognition of God, with an acknowledgementExternalisation, 608:fulfiled His task He will pass to a still more exalted position in the Father's House or to someExternalisation, 608:distant place of service where only the most exalted can follow Him; His present position will thenExternalisation, 635:office of the Christ, no matter by what name the exalted Son of God may be called in any worldExternalisation, 663:new to Him; this constitutes His testing for the exalted initiation which now confronts Him; itFire, 675:form deductions from it as to the quality of the exalted Life manifesting through a plane. HeFire, 685:born. 24, 25 The cosmic incarnation of certain exalted Beings is consummated, and one of theFire, 762:Angels, acquires knowledge and equally on more exalted levels becomes aware. The light within theseFire, 1179:and are a peculiar group of Manasadevas of very exalted rank. They are each depicted in theFire, 1237:and which is only put into the hands of those exalted Beings Who - having worked their way throughFire, 1266:therefore to enlarge further upon these exalted states. [1267] Hercules, 45:We are told that in this sign the moon is exalted and Venus is the ruler. The moon has always, fromHercules, 45:through and the moon aspect can, therefore, be exalted in Taurus. This is done through theHercules, 180:Presiding One poured forth the radiance of his exalted thought. The Teacher drew nigh. "The singleHercules, 229:20, the Fishes), we find by contrast the most exalted symbol. For here Hercules captured the RedInitiation, 32:employ, or in etheric bodies, such as the more exalted helpers and the Lord of the World occupy. ItInitiation, 41:the third initiation, and by those of even more exalted rank. The remaining personnel of theInitiation, 42:He will then pass on to other work of a more exalted kind. The Manu, or the prototype of the fourthInitiation, 116:inasmuch as through the power of a still more exalted Hierophant than the Bodhisattva, theIntellect, 111:God... Man rising to the summit of his mind is exalted God." - Pfeiffer, Franz, Meister Eckhart,Intellect, 128:can hardly yet be said to exist to the most exalted forms of spiritual experience." - Otto, Rudolf,Intellect, 192:from lofty stations and glorious states and exalted miracles; and separation from brethren meansMagic, 299:cosmic struggle between Lives so impersonal and exalted in consciousness that the words his, or heMagic, 362:in this work of carrying energies from these exalted spheres into the field of activity of theMagic, 605:except by the highest adept and the most exalted of the sons of God. Until the illumined mind andPatanjali, 8:and the same term applied to a personage of exalted rank representing that [9] Principle, whetherPatanjali, 141:of the Buddha in the following terms: "Now the Exalted One thus addressed the brethren: "ThroughPatanjali, 141:is there no more coming to be.' Thus spake the Exalted One. When the Happy One had thus spoken, thePatanjali, 245:upon a form of God. "The incarnated form of the Exalted One leaves one without desire for any otherPatanjali, 245:a description of the incarnated form of the Exalted One, concluding with these words: "...upon HimPatanjali, 389:that in the fourth book we are dealing with the exalted stages of consciousness reached by thosePatanjali, xi:of aspirant, initiate and master on to that exalted point in evolution at which the Christ nowPsychology1, 128:found in one of the seven ray groups. From that exalted attitude he strives towards the essentialPsychology2, 265:destiny by a sense of power, by self-love, by exalted ambition, by a superiority complex, and by aRays, 109:premises which today are the dream of the more exalted dreamers and which will develop theRays, 115:story gives us a hint as to the nature of the exalted consciousness which He expressed. Faced byRays, 173:thought rejects the possibility of this exalted livingness. Be not discouraged at this inability toRays, 198:reflection, to speak paradoxically) marks a very exalted state of Being and stage of development.Rays, 232:for close upon three thousand years - so exalted and peculiar an initiation it is. It is thisRays, 244:of the arts on a turn of the spiral far more exalted than any lately seen. e. The fifth greatRays, 247:arrive at the merest hint of the nature of that exalted consciousness which has brought our planetRays, 257:the three Buddhas of Activity, and within Whose exalted consciousness the three strands of theRays, 362:the love petals of the egoic lotus; in the more exalted situation, the disciple becomes aware (forRays, 407:be described as an intensive study of a most exalted form of the Science of Impression. The supremeRays, 422:Logoi tread the Path of Solar Logoi, for just as exalted positions await Them elsewhere in theRays, 520:It affects the tiniest atom and the most exalted Being within the sphere of His consciousness andRays, 548:a word in connection with an initiate of His exalted standing). He had, first of all, to give aRays, 564:it then becomes possible to enter into the "exalted state of mind" which holds the planetary LogosRays, 564:of the principle of limitation. Beyond this exalted state of mental perception the initiate is notReappearance, 31:not been permitted to be used except by the most exalted, spiritual Beings. He used it Himself forReappearance, 55:fulfiled His task, He will pass to a still more exalted position in the Father's House or to someReappearance, 55:distant place of service where only the most exalted can follow Him; [56] His present position willTelepathy, 104:mental levels (concrete, abstract or of a more exalted nature) make their impress upon the minds of
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