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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXAMPLES

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Externalisation, 28:Socrates and many others are outstanding examples. Another method was the evocation of the desireExternalisation, 299:the Buddha and the Christ are outstanding examples. They were not only human-divine Avatars, andExternalisation, 699:their natures. They will stand forth as living examples of goodwill, of true love, of intelligentFire, 1127:devas. Others (of which the sacred planets are examples) are controlled by the second Aspect, andGlamour, 51:comes to an aspirant. It is also one of the best examples of this "great mistake," and I [52]Healing, 346:self-pity and self-dramatization are outstanding examples; for the initiate it means a mentalHealing, 631:healer's faith and the patient's faith are both examples of energy in motion, and at presentHercules, 149:himself to be humanised. Modern life offers many examples of brutality and wanton cruelty. In manyIntellect, 172:and some by a modern Christian mystic, typical examples of the two points of view of the mystic andMagic, 426:that exists, and will stand before the world as examples of pure living, constructive building,Psychology1, 202:for style or finish in his writings. Perhaps examples of this type would be Luther, Carlyle, andPsychology2, 531:embracing life. These and many more unpleasant examples of a sex psychology are to be found,Psychology2, 539:that center. This can be well illustrated by two examples. The solar plexus center is, at this
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