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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXCEEDINGLY

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Astrology, 148:planet of discipleship and of opportunity; it is exceedingly active today, presenting to the worldAstrology, 199:nature. Mars and Saturn - Both these planets are exceedingly potent in connection with initiationAstrology, 202:to a planet. The latter case is, however, exceedingly rare. We have also brought into relation toAstrology, 203:of those who read and ponder my words. I am exceedingly anxious that in these days wherein theAstrology, 212:of general opposition. The sense of duality is exceedingly powerful. Hence also the necessity forAstrology, 288:no longer exist. The keynotes of this sign are exceedingly well known. They sound out the note ofAstrology, 298:or the Father aspect. The above statement is exceedingly occult in its significance. EsotericallyAstrology, 303:much reflection on the subject, as it is an exceedingly difficult one, constituting, in itself, aAstrology, 380:desire), are exhausted and the Christ life is exceedingly strong and ready to reveal itself throughAstrology, 485:signs - Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius - are today exceedingly active and working in close relationAstrology, 488:This means, therefore, that Rays I and V are exceedingly active; it means, secondly, that the Sun'sAstrology, 572:(which is not the will-to-peace) was exceedingly limited and this through no fault of their own. ItAstrology, 692:(C. F. 777) "The planets Venus and Jupiter are exceedingly closely connected with the Earth, andAutobiography, 1:spiritual government became a proven fact to an exceedingly narrow-minded Christian. I glory in theAutobiography, 2:played many parts in my life. I was an unhappy, exceedingly disagreeable, little girl, a societyAutobiography, 14:on several things. I was the plainest of an exceedingly good looking family and I am not plain. IAutobiography, 21:morbid, full of self-pity, through loneliness, exceedingly introspective (which sounds better thanAutobiography, 31:and equipment, but sound and sweet. My aunt was exceedingly beautiful, well-known for herAutobiography, 43:time I did not know exactly what to do. I had an exceedingly good classical education; I spokeAutobiography, 76:voice in those days with a wide range and exceedingly well trained. I lost it in singing in smokeAutobiography, 82:hall and I thought I had acquitted myself exceedingly well. I was frightfully pleased with myself.Autobiography, 87:been intrigued until I met Walter Evans. He was exceedingly good looking. He had a brilliant mindAutobiography, 89:To give him his due, Walter Evans behaved exceedingly well. He appreciated the situation and didAutobiography, 96:and cuffs which I had made for her. I was an exceedingly good lace maker. I had learned to makeAutobiography, 98:was doing. The whole matter, however, was kept exceedingly quiet as regards me and my work in theAutobiography, 101:which I am capable and, physically, life became exceedingly hard. I believe these periods areAutobiography, 129:I was obviously too good and, of course, exceedingly proper and they did not know what to make ofAutobiography, 143:The link between my eldest daughter and me is exceedingly close, which is probably why we have suchAutobiography, 159:on the other side very much and it distressed me exceedingly. The trouble in time spread to theAutobiography, 160:us. Mildred gave him one look and they have been exceedingly close [161] ever since. HisAutobiography, 184:which lasts until they are in their 'teens is an exceedingly difficult one - difficult for theAutobiography, 189:today. It is called "The Aryan Path" and is exceedingly fine. The word Aryan here has nothing to doAutobiography, 190:Doctrine class was started in 1921 and was exceedingly well-attended. People from the variousAutobiography, 205:- Chapter V We had a cat and a dog who were exceedingly individual. The dog was a police dog,Autobiography, 216:if any effect on the centers. It is, however, exceedingly good for those on the Path of Probation.Autobiography, 220:and to know quite well it was bedtime. They were exceedingly good but exceedingly excited. TheyAutobiography, 220:it was bedtime. They were exceedingly good but exceedingly excited. They knew everyone on board,Autobiography, 227:in Spain under Francisco Brualla was going ahead exceedingly well and we already had severalBethlehem, 165:the simple comment that the disciples "were exceedingly sorry." This vision of Christ's, if weDiscipleship1, 10:each other's bonds and to lift the group to an exceedingly high place. By the pure light of loveDiscipleship1, 19:is upon us almost prematurely, owing to the exceedingly rapid advance made by humanity since 185o.Discipleship1, 404:Your personal problem is enhanced and becomes exceedingly complex because of the reactions of yourDiscipleship1, 426:to learn. You have already received an exceedingly brief line which I do not wish to beDiscipleship1, 641:understanding and of psychological intuition are exceedingly good, but need further use. The claimsDiscipleship1, 723:disciples of all the Masters who take chelas are exceedingly busy with the training [724] ofDiscipleship2, 19:will be a still higher meaning which will be exceedingly difficult for you to grasp, but for whichDiscipleship2, 28:held by the handicap of the astral body for an exceedingly brief time; he is now focused andDiscipleship2, 120:is correctly done - it will make that point also exceedingly magnetic, gathering all the energiesDiscipleship2, 154:the A B C of the later greatly simplified, yet exceedingly abstruse, techniques. Have theseDiscipleship2, 170:members is consequently purely mental and hence exceedingly powerful - this of course when rightlyDiscipleship2, 434:to elucidate for you brings in, however, an exceedingly deep occult apprehension of the hiddenDiscipleship2, 467:its counterpart in the head), you have voiced an exceedingly esoteric inquiry, and one that willDiscipleship2, 473:at this time of world crisis, life has been exceedingly difficult. This is not a platitudinousDiscipleship2, 518:understanding and of fused wills produces an exceedingly potent reservoir of energy. This is aDiscipleship2, 582:within the periphery of the three worlds; it is exceedingly forceful when it is wielded through theDiscipleship2, 741:master a difficult lesson at this time. You are exceedingly well equipped to serve. Your second rayDiscipleship2, 745:workers within and for the Hierarchy. I am exceedingly anxious also to see you expressing in fullerExternalisation, 38:of the second group (the Trained Observers) is exceedingly hard, harder perhaps than that of anyExternalisation, 88:forces and energies of the creative process are exceedingly active at this time in preparing what IExternalisation, 371:utmost skill in handling and will necessitate exceedingly wise action on the part of the freeExternalisation, 430:main hold is upon the minds of men and that is exceedingly potent and unweakened, for it is aidedExternalisation, 432:is still largely governed by his emotions, is exceedingly prone to glamor, and very often to theExternalisation, 452:with the psychological angle because it is so exceedingly potent. This they will increasingly do asExternalisation, 452:is false. Forget not, the forces of evil are exceedingly clever. Externalisation, 614:the aspirant, and still more of the disciple, is exceedingly hard. You may retort (and truly) thatExternalisation, 617:surprise you, is the fact that there are so many exceedingly good people in the world today, soExternalisation, 625:and medical work. All of this has been exceedingly good and greatly needed, and the debt of theExternalisation, 629:and for educational institutions. It is exceedingly difficult to raise money for the spread ofExternalisation, 653:therefore with the needed manifestation. It is exceedingly important that the following factsExternalisation, 658:the old and worn-out civilization. It is an exceedingly dangerous energy and cannot be applied inExternalisation, 662:through which the Master Morya works is also exceedingly busy. It is obvious to you that as this isExternalisation, 668:fear. The potency of these evil forces is exceedingly great because they belong to no one group ofExternalisation, 695:group attitudes and group work, and he will be exceedingly surprised at these comments of mine. ButFire, 136:head center at the top of the head becomes exceedingly active. It is the synthetic head center, andFire, 171:We come now to the point where the center is exceedingly active, with the cross within itsFire, 281:the cyclic activity of an entity. The subject is exceedingly abstruse, due to the low stage of theFire, 370:that: [370] a. The planets Venus and Jupiter are exceedingly closely connected with the Earth, andFire, 431:in the sixth subrace the deva evolution will be exceedingly prominent. The fourth plane is theFire, 932:of the planetary etheric web. Their work is exceedingly obscure and exists in three divisions:Fire, 1056:away from the Sun. The moon's influence is exceedingly strong, and has a curious resemblance (asFire, 1262:Path have to possess attributes which make them exceedingly responsive to vibration. In their groupFire, 1262:ignored by astronomers, though its influence is exceedingly potent within our system. It should beGlamour, 91:initiation. The personality, at this stage, is exceedingly potent, and the Dweller embodies all theGlamour, 142:this work. Unless the members of the group are exceedingly watchful and unless they cultivate theGlamour, 151:essential for this group? Irritation is exceedingly prevalent these days of nervous tension and itGlamour, 175:become glamor. When this happens, its potency is exceedingly great because a thought-form hasGlamour, 221:aware of the glamors which control them. It is exceedingly hard to induce the sixth ray aspirant toGlamour, 222:with the difficulty of being able to create exceedingly clear-cut thought-forms and the glamors,Glamour, 223:temporary manner but one which is nevertheless exceedingly delaying to their progress. Because ofGlamour, 225:work together. They must either know each other exceedingly well and be free from personalityHealing, 79:lack of coordination or integration. This is exceedingly prevalent today and is responsible for aHealing, 90:flesh is heir which are mentally based. It is exceedingly difficult to establish what they are.Healing, 151:and down towards the shoulder blades. It is an exceedingly powerful and well developed center whereHealing, 169:below the shoulder blades in the spine and is exceedingly active. In Atlantean days, it was broughtHealing, 235:helped. These two groups of diseases are of such exceedingly ancient origin that I have called themHealing, 314:condition is established potently that it is exceedingly difficult to do anything helpful. Yet theHealing, 476:is inevitable, the pause at this point will be exceedingly brief, sometimes only for a matter ofHealing, 477:plane, the dissolution of the vital body can be exceedingly rapid. Once it is accomplished, theHealing, 497:vehicle, and this period of semi-mental life is exceedingly brief and is brought to an end by theHealing, 600:art, has to grasp clearly and candidly certain exceedingly simple yet esoteric facts: That healing
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