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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXCEPT

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Discipleship1, 300:There is no way out of that cul-de-sac for you except by rising; you cannot go back, forDiscipleship1, 306:I have but little more to say to you now, except that I desire deeply that you may emerge intoDiscipleship1, 336:first ray type. This again is not usually so except in the case of disciples, who are liable toDiscipleship1, 347:Therefore, my brother, can I do anything else except tell you to wait with patience? In occultDiscipleship1, 361:into the exquisite activity of which you dream except by tremendous effort and a self-imposedDiscipleship1, 385:you. I seek not to change your meditation, except to substitute a different visualization exerciseDiscipleship1, 397:some day. I seek not to change your meditation, except to alter its monthly theme. These monthlyDiscipleship1, 408:angle of this work is of no importance, except in so far as it may affect the group as a whole.Discipleship1, 438:decisions. For this reason, I give you no work, except that which the group is doing, and noDiscipleship1, 481:serve. 6th month - Release. Naught holds me now, except the bonds of love I hold in my own soul. Discipleship1, 483:inner linings. No more I give you now except my blessing. Discipleship1, 487:or do anything, and no ability to be aught else except passive and uninterested; no capacity isDiscipleship1, 487:passive and uninterested; no capacity is left except (with the aid of some outside help) to holdDiscipleship1, 507:There is little that I can say to you except that, with understanding, I watch and wait. This isDiscipleship1, 508:rest, read and think happily but let nothing, except real emergency (no wild and unconditionedDiscipleship1, 512:invoking agent and then the person is never seen except through the veil of this glamor.Discipleship1, 520:the stated facts and live by them? In no way, except by giving you information, suggesting to youDiscipleship1, 529:They are of every color and every fragrance, except that red is not predominant, because of the redDiscipleship1, 535:is night, and there is no sound upon the lake, except the lapping of the water around the littleDiscipleship1, 562:a disciple to stand anywhere upon the Path, except in his rightful place. The fact is thatDiscipleship1, 564:deep distress and anxiety overwhelm a disciple except to stand by in love, send healing thoughtsDiscipleship1, 567:I am not seeking to get in touch with you, except once a month and then only with the group as aDiscipleship1, 567:words of wisdom and of cheer to any of you, except in one or two cases of dire need and difficulty,Discipleship1, 568:and to leave me out of the picture altogether, except at the time of the Full Moon Approach, whichDiscipleship1, 608:for your personality life. Naught is changed, except in you, and you must guard against relapse.Discipleship1, 609:you never evidence any imagination or excitement except along the lines of discipleship, and thatDiscipleship1, 613:particular time - to cooperate, are not working, except as souls, serving from the mental plane andDiscipleship1, 643:interpret them. [643] I give you no special work except that which I am asking of all the groupDiscipleship1, 673:upon not to use the knowledge for anything except the need of the work; no personality reason orDiscipleship1, 679:done. My ear is deaf to all the calls of earth, except to that small voice of all the hidden soulsDiscipleship1, 690:of the Plan which always concerns the future - except for those rare spirits who think ever inDiscipleship1, 713:upon not to use their knowledge for anything except the need of the work. No personality reason orDiscipleship1, 745:are not in reality two separated activities, except as they emerge in the consciousness of theDiscipleship1, 780:for all that appears in this and all my books, except, as before explained, the one book, The LightDiscipleship1, 784:has nothing whatsoever to do with the school except in so far that members in the school were givenDiscipleship1, 787:were carefully edited, prior to publication, except in one paper when, some months ago under theDiscipleship2, XII:that these meditations are dangerous to use except as prescribed by a Master and used under hisDiscipleship2, XII:available to the public which are not safe except as directed by a physician. An examination of theDiscipleship2, 59:war, the carnage and the slaughter are over, except in a few sporadic instances. The struggle nowDiscipleship2, 114:with individuals. The heart center cannot react, except under group impetus, group happiness orDiscipleship2, 120:energies of all the centers below the diaphragm (except the one at the base of the spine), and thisDiscipleship2, 159:goodwill. Through humanity, alone and unaided (except by the divine Spirit in every human being),Discipleship2, 165:nothing (this is, after all, quite true for all except initiates) and which ever seems to them soDiscipleship2, 166:he differs from the mystics of the past (except in a few outstanding instances) by his practicalDiscipleship2, 194:there is no need for the so-called bridge, except for one important factor: there is, on the partDiscipleship2, 261:but the phraseology is relatively meaningless, except to those who are experienced in the processesDiscipleship2, 334:an individual life; as you cannot yet do that, except theoretically, it is not possible for you toDiscipleship2, 344:is little that the disciple can do about them, except feel himself as an integral part of them -Discipleship2, 346:the majority of them are of small importance except in their combined sequence. They might ratherDiscipleship2, 369:Those that are as yet unrevealed to any except those who have taken the fourth initiation. TheDiscipleship2, 400:reached. All this embodies an activity which (except in the case of the highest initiates) remainsDiscipleship2, 456:may be demonstrating; only the good reaches us, except in the case of an entire group where theDiscipleship2, 469:with individuals. The heart center cannot react, except under group impetus, group happiness orDiscipleship2, 471:difficulties which can be shared with no one (except the Master, when the disciple has reached theDiscipleship2, 510:and apparently with no ashramic direction - except a general knowledge of the Plan - then theDiscipleship2, 519:is no one who can aid you in preparing this book except some group brother or someone workingDiscipleship2, 531:and his usefulness then rapidly evaporates, except in the intimate circle of his fellow idealists.Discipleship2, 540:nothing can interfere with this karma except the time equation, and you can therefore make thisDiscipleship2, 570:the bulk of humanity is in such dire distress) except to aid in its liberation at any personalDiscipleship2, 572:to identify yourself and interests with any set except the one in which your destiny or yourDiscipleship2, 584:your concrete mind. This is good and necessary, except when your mind wanders into the realm ofDiscipleship2, 602:than at any previous time in your life story, except once when you were much younger. Your secondDiscipleship2, 652:from life, from people and from circumstances - except that expectation which concerns spiritualDiscipleship2, 678:matter not to her and are of no importance except as they indicate a strong reaction on your partDiscipleship2, 689:- subtle perhaps and unseen by others except by those with a truly perceptive attention - which, ifDiscipleship2, 696:the world recognizes, neither is there any age, except the age of the soul; that need cause you noDiscipleship2, 700:must be accomplished by you - alone and unaided, except by my suggestions. There is naught moreDiscipleship2, 719:ask you to refrain from using the Sacred Word, except when in group meditation, when the aura ofDiscipleship2, 722:to you and from which you will not move, except in response to the normal procedures of life.Discipleship2, 724:have you do for the remainder of your life, except the meditations in group formation at theDiscipleship2, 730:be it again, my brother. All within the Ashram, except those of higher initiate status, fall shortEducation, 12:all education should tend. Practically speaking, except in rare and highly evolved souls, [13] theEducation, 47:have taught that the individual is of no value except in so far as he implements the designs ofEducation, 86:in no way implies an indictment of past methods except in so far that the world today itselfEducation, 108:study of detail or of specific personalities, except by way of illustration. In my other writings IEducation, 139:work of the parents. This is not so today, except in the case of very advanced egos, for the lightExternalisation, 38:harder perhaps than that of any other group - except that which is engaged in political work. InExternalisation, 47:in the instructions of any of the other groups, except those of the sixth whose subject is religionExternalisation, 63:to cast the blame for conditions on everyone except themselves, and who have diligently sought forExternalisation, 86:There is little that humanity can do about this except endeavor to balance this first ray displayExternalisation, 97:many forms, but upon them we will not speculate, except to realize the urgency and the need forExternalisation, 123:(the word "spiritual" would not yet apply, except relatively) and in destroying those who wereExternalisation, 124:signs of the wonderful Atlantean civilization except for those few archeological treasures whichExternalisation, 144:I myself will reply. With practically no results except a slight stimulation of the aspiration andExternalisation, 171:sacrifice has not met with adequate response, except in those cases where it has been imposed byExternalisation, 186:of this word as the orthodox religions use it, except in so far as the religious expression is aExternalisation, 188:as responsible for the decadence of all nations, except Germany. Christianity must also beExternalisation, 188:the individual has no rights; he has no freedom except in so far as he serves the state; there willExternalisation, 199:play no real determining part in world events, except in so far as a greater power uses them.Externalisation, 200:Mediterranean countries, the Balkan countries (except one or two which might be absorbed into theExternalisation, 208:Human beings will be the same as before the war, except for exhaustion and a willingness on theExternalisation, 216:to place the blame upon the shoulders of all except themselves, who theorize and speculate, advise,Externalisation, 220:in a condition from which there is no escape except through right action and wide vision on theirExternalisation, 256:are now at bay with the issue still undecided - except upon the mental plane. It has yet to workExternalisation, 256:of life have been unable to do much up to date except spiritually strengthen the hands of theExternalisation, 265:are in reality of no service at all to any except themselves. There are those who send thoughts ofExternalisation, 320:determination to take no real part in the war, except what can be done safely and at the leastExternalisation, 323:to be found in every country, are unorganized except by their spiritual relation to the HierarchyExternalisation, 340:way. They have triumphantly moved forward, [340] except in Russia. This was to be expected atExternalisation, 344:true love has never yet been expressed - except by the Christ. You might ask why, if this is so, do
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