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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXCEPT

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Externalisation, 375:peril to the world; if perpetuated in any form, except as contributory to the good of humanity as aExternalisation, 378:and pulpit and through the pen in every land, except in those sad lands where freedom of speech isExternalisation, 433:(fought on mental levels) you have no concern, except in so far as you and the rest of mankindExternalisation, 443:not dwell. Nothing is here gained by reiteration except the growing burden of a responsibilityExternalisation, 499:organized churches will oppose all change, except in so far as it will benefit them and bring moreExternalisation, 510:the masses and is not intended to be of use (except as a field of service) to the esotericists ofExternalisation, 533:the motivating Purpose of His manifesting Self, except to Those Who have demonstrated perfectedExternalisation, 553:followed at the time of the Full Moon of June, except that Shamballa will not be so involved, andExternalisation, 560:Life which enfolds all that is, everything (except what we know as evil) is persistent and for everExternalisation, 568:three worlds with which They have any affinity, except the affinity of life and the impulse of loveExternalisation, 569:superseded the more strictly human method. Except in the case of Masters working on the physicalExternalisation, 582:and His disciples no such thing as esotericism, except in so far as Shamballa is concerned. ThereExternalisation, 585:of any spiritual objective (so-called today) except the recognition that they love their fellowmen;Externalisation, 649:way - perhaps the greatest of all time, if we except the great spiritual crisis which brought theExternalisation, 673:of directed energies, mean little to us, except in so far as they may affect adversely ourExternalisation, 674:is built are: There is naught in manifestation except organized energy Energy follows or conformsExternalisation, 682:So it has been with the work of all the Masters, except two or three Who have undergone specialFire, 163:check up these statements; the time is not yet, except for the few. Fire, 179:information would have to be so blinded that, except for those who have occult knowledge and theFire, 376:enter into it here, and it cannot be undertaken except by an initiate, for it involves ability toFire, 563:they are held free from the law of retribution, except where the physical body is concerned. TheFire, 622:forces everything is unknown and inconceivable, except the vague and general indications of theseFire, 743:the link persisteth." Rounds come and go but (except from the standpoint of a particular planet),Fire, 892:with these lowest forms of divine life, except to impart two facts, and thus give indication of theFire, 907:with greater facility than on any other ray except the third. Man, at present, is fully conscious,Fire, 976:never reach the point of independent action, except through cumulative group work. Until matter ofFire, 1149:self-engrossed, free of [1149] all group sense, except the earthly affiliations to which he adheresFire, 1153:great [1153] systemic existences to conceive (except in the broadest and most general terms) of theFire, 1155:same word as corn. Compare the words in Bible: "Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and dieFire, 1244:which will be regarded as non-existent by anyone except the initiate. At the third Initiation someFire, 1253:considering the three worlds of human endeavor except in so far as they form a part of a whole. TheGlamour, 46:the prisoner of freedom. He rejects all rule except [47] that which he calls the "rule of his ownGlamour, 92:rays is a statement of an infallible rule, except in the case of accepted disciples. As you readGlamour, 98:an asset. How can the world glamor be dissipated except by those who recognize it for what it isGlamour, 104:have, as yet, been susceptible of correction except in the case of individuals. This means thatGlamour, 174:related to the three worlds of human evolution, except in so far that (when grasped andGlamour, 221:of its delusion and no longer recognize it except as a temporary field of experience wherein manGlamour, 258:of phenomenal results bar out all thought, except lower reactions of a kama-manasic nature; emotionGlamour, 264:of indifference or repudiation of all forces except those which he - consciously and with purpose -Glamour, 266:of which we know, and can know, nothing except that the liberated Master then begins to function inHealing, 3:in the mind realm. They are today to be found (except in a few rare cases) in lack of vitality orHealing, 27:a man's own soul - a thing that is not possible except to advanced people. Through definite occultHealing, 27:nor shall I discuss the symptoms of diseases, except quite incidentally. I do not intend toHealing, 89:rhythm, there exists at this time no such thing, except in the cycles through which the femaleHealing, 115:However, the disciple is seldom tubercular (except when karmatically conditioned), nor is he proneHealing, 115:is he prone to succumb to the social diseases except as they may affect him physically through hisHealing, 116:with the diseases to which mystics fall heir, except that I would like to point out one interestingHealing, 124:little that can be done by the disciple, except to attempt to regulate the outgoing energy of love.Healing, 146:a piece of information which is of small value, except in so far as it presents a truth, completesHealing, 162:subject. The stage of theory is a simple one, except in so far as it sets forces in motion whichHealing, 171:is thus the most separate of all the centers (except the ajna center, in the case of the man on theHealing, 187:which channel is responsive to which center, except in the case of the sushumna channel which isHealing, 190:two centuries, dominate modern medical science, except in the category of those diseases with whichHealing, 198:up: Disease, physical disability of any kind (except of course those due to accidents and, to someHealing, 200:personality integration was largely unknown, except in the case of disciples and initiates, and theHealing, 201:esoteric control of energy is not present, except in the case of those with the initiateHealing, 209:or the seven ray forces. In no human being, except a Master, are all the centers properly awakenedHealing, 228:brought all the centers in the etheric body (except the throat and head centers) into functioningHealing, 232:There was no mental process whatsoever except among the leaders of the race; there was onlyHealing, 240:life-giving or death bestowing. All diseases - except those due to accidents, wounds resulting inHealing, 242:subjective cause, but remains yet unrecognized except by esotericist. The causes (the apparentHealing, 244:This is true to some degree of all who die, except those who are of so low a grade of intelligenceHealing, 248:Life are the final determining factors, except in the cases of war, accident, suicide or epidemics.Healing, 279:of all recognized methods of healing aid (except their own), so violently opposed to all theHealing, 288:be taken into the healing group for treatment, except with ameliorative results in mind. NoHealing, 307:the center (when it does not affect the gland except in a negative sense), or as it leaves it (whenHealing, 310:not yet permit the hypothesis of hidden cause except those superficial ones such as, for instance,Healing, 325:be done, but it is not an advisable proceeding except under the expert supervision of some of thoseHealing, 327:to say that: There is nothing in manifestation except energy, taking form, using and actuatingHealing, 380:There is no questioning in the Hierarchy, except upon those matters which touch upon theHealing, 393:to submit, and from them there is no escape, except through the vicarious at-one-ment. There is, asHealing, 443:the fear of death, there is little to be done except to raise the whole subject onto a moreHealing, 443:very largely in the West, and is almost lost except in a few centers of Knowers in the East. MoreHealing, 446:rending process so much dreaded does not exist, except in the cases of violent and sudden death,Healing, 449:and individual, but has no implementing form, except that of the greater whole in which it findsHealing, 454:down. The house is empty. Activity ceases, except that amazing and immediate activity which is theHealing, 494:experience, or indicate a repetitive life, except in the case of very advanced people or disciplesHealing, 546:and of identity with all is not to be found, except in advanced disciples and initiates; the massHealing, 552:[552] a reflection) controls, and beyond which - except as a soul on an equal basis with theHealing, 561:technique. This renders their activities futile, except from the character angle. When they doHealing, 596:so much friction that there is no hope anywhere, except in death. In this sentence, it might beHealing, 612:of ours no further evolutionary development, except in so far as the spiritual man can affect it -Healing, 647:menace to humanity but are not readily reached, except at a certain stage upon the Path where,Healing, 663:all the work they do today is relatively futile, except in so far that they preserve and enunciateHercules, 14:my son." "My father is divine. I know him not, except that, in myself, I know I am his son. MyHercules, 50:today is probably no worse than 5,000 years ago, except that everything is now dragged out into theHercules, 70:to be lost, and were there nothing left to us except the starry heavens, the story of the zodiacHercules, 80:set by the great Presiding One. Simple it was, except for length of time and wariness of search. IHercules, 115:by the fact that eight other signs (all except Leo, Libra and Capricorn) through their planetaryHercules, 127:that has neither a human nor an animal symbol, except that holding the balance stands the figure ofInitiation, 97:which we call Initiation, exist not, except in the cases of those advanced beings who, havingInitiation, 147:to reveal no part of the realized purpose except in so far as his daily life in the world of menInitiation, 150:and Logoic initiations we are not concerned, except in so far as the human initiations reflectInitiation, 158:Words which blend the seven are seldom used except under the direct sanction of one of theInitiation, 165:look and sound like algebraically formulas, except that each is composed (when seen clairvoyantly)Initiation, 197:no hard or fast rules can ever be laid down, except the initial one that for all applicants forInitiation, 217:or elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Except a few of the higher kinds and their rulers theyIntellect, 67:this when he said: "No prayer is needed, except to ask for a good state of mind, for healthIntellect, 154:he knows nothing, sees nothing, hears nothing except the phenomena which are appropriate to theIntellect, 156:to use the intellect most remarkable. We must except, however, such mystics [157] as Boehme,
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