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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXCEPTION

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Astrology, 244:three lesser aspects and this third aspect is no exception to this rule underlying all theAstrology, 366:mental healing. These are as you know (without exception), so purely mystical and unscientific thatAstrology, 374:unduly long, to awaken all the nations, without exception, to a sense of the dramatic import of theAstrology, 378:and the thoughts of all peoples without exception, whether at war or not, are turned that way. TheAutobiography, 123:I had met seemed to be so mediocre, with the exception of the Bishop. He was a saint but then, IAutobiography, 163:most people think their case is the rare exception) is very dangerous. The aspirant or disciple isAutobiography, 193:handle such work. We had none of us - with one exception - ever belonged to a correspondence schoolAutobiography, 201:in every country are almost the rule and not the exception. Wherever marching armies march hundredsAutobiography, 220:lives outside of the United States, with the exception of my eldest girl, Dorothy, who had been inAutobiography, 263:up within these groups, practically without exception, a close corporation of devoted adherents toAutobiography, 263:- make their appearance. Esoteric schools are no exception to the evolutionary process and everBethlehem, 33:past, being the last to be given out, with the exception of the Mohammedan religion. We have seenBethlehem, 169:[169] the ideals and ideas which today, without exception, underlie every one of the greatBethlehem, 195:pronouncements. To this rule Christ was no exception. "Advanced Christian thinkers now regard theDestiny, 25:personalities in every land and this without exception, or it is being guided in right directionsDestiny, 25:in right directions (and this again without exception) by the emissaries and disciples of eitherDestiny, 55:the history of nations. Every nation - without exception - has its peculiar virtues and vices whichDestiny, 81:effect along this line makes of Great Britain no exception. Such distrust has been warranted in theDestiny, 146:I would remind you, has taken place without exception in every land and they work on all theDiscipleship1, 177:note is that the personality rays are - with one exception - on the line of 1-3-5-7, showingDiscipleship1, 268:with renewed care and understanding. With the exception of two of this particular group ofDiscipleship1, 394:have experienced a hard time and, without exception, have been tested and tried, or are beingDiscipleship1, 427:is also governed by the first ray. This is an exception to the general rule that the second andDiscipleship1, 466:have a first ray astral body. This is again an exception to the usual rule. In the case of theDiscipleship1, 466:with some particular rounding-out process this exception does occur, and the first ray personalityDiscipleship1, 508:serenity and loving service to all, without exception and without thought of self - these should beDiscipleship1, 511:To this experience of the disciple, you are no exception, being a disciple in definite training.Discipleship1, 520:have you note that, in your case, there is an exception to the usual rule controlling the physicalDiscipleship1, 541:For this you are well equipped and yet, with the exception of some words spoken at times to friendsDiscipleship1, 545:of the lower nature. To this, you have been no exception. For two years now you have been tested,Discipleship1, 567:I am much occupied with world work and, with the exception of the time of the Full Moon ApproachesDiscipleship1, 668:land (and when I say "in every land" I make no exception) who bring about world evil. But I wouldDiscipleship2, 81:with them and with my Ashram have been no exception. This new year holds in it great potentialitiesDiscipleship2, 431:recognized stages in every initiation, with the exception of the first initiation. The disciple (asDiscipleship2, 578:But so it is, and your way in life has been no exception. Great waves of karmic impact have beatenDiscipleship2, 600:- you repudiate it. Every individual, without exception, is subject to this racial glamor and itsDiscipleship2, 617:associated through physical birth - with the exception of those few who are - perhaps as yetDiscipleship2, 631:can do. Disciples in all Ashrams (and mine is no exception) are pledged to the work of theirDiscipleship2, 709:and you usually succeed in so doing, with the exception of three people - dislike of whom rendersDiscipleship2, 750:expression. To this, your soul at times takes exception and will do so increasingly. For this youEducation, 45:have distinguished every great nation without exception are facts and can not be denied. Surely,Externalisation, 23:of your soul I call you. All of You, without exception, can serve in these three ways, if you soExternalisation, 27:life and activity, and these seed groups are no exception to this universal law. Their activity isExternalisation, 59:consciousness found in all forms without exception, and the existence of an interplay between theseExternalisation, 76:that the Jews are found in every land without exception, that their influence is potent andExternalisation, 81:are to be found in every country without exception of any kind, in every religion, group andExternalisation, 184:personal triumph. The modern dictators are no exception. They bring nothing new. Externalisation, 214:and of the intelligentsia in all lands, without exception. There should be no shirking or evasionExternalisation, 221:to men and women everywhere, without any exception or reservations in your consciousness. ThatExternalisation, 224:be available; they fail to love all men without exception in their longing to see their ownExternalisation, 229:the undesirable aspects of all nations (without exception), and help you to see with clarity theExternalisation, 243:into the life pattern of every nation, without exception, and are exploited by the evil forces andExternalisation, 370:which are found in every land - without any exception. 3. The dangers incident to the necessaryExternalisation, 557:it is now possible for you to share, with the exception of those which affect the relation betweenExternalisation, 583:planning. Such cases will usually be the exception and not the rule, particularly in the earlyExternalisation, 626:values) would rapidly give them. With the exception of a few great farsighted philanthropists, andExternalisation, 651:can be found in every single country without exception), become dominant, the doors of evil willExternalisation, 663:expression of divinity, and Christ Himself is no exception to this universal evolutionary law. HeExternalisation, 668:ambitious elements in every nation (without exception) - these are the factors with which theExternalisation, 677:the Hierarchy upon earth in tangible form is no exception to this rule. Fire, 157:or of any spheroidal form whatsoever without exception. This statement, therefore, includes theFire, 440:according to the Ray in power, with the exception of the first Kumara, the Logos of our scheme, WhoFire, 478:and applied to all atomic bodies without exception. That science has but recently become aware ofFire, 484:thought. In every transmuting process without exception these three steps are followed. OccultlyFire, 532:and that Their permanent atoms, with the exception of the physical, are extra-systemic. The causalFire, 532:the atomic subplane of each plane, with the one exception of the mental unit. Those of the animalFire, 556:be seen in all the kingdoms of nature, with the exception of the first and fifth. This is a mostFire, 1071:center transmits three types of force, with the exception of the spleen which hands on the solarFire, 1124:by means of the first group, only with the exception that he cannot align the knowledge petals inFire, 1234:above, an idea lies behind every form without exception and no matter which group of creators isGlamour, 132:based on a true idea - each and all without any exception. It is again no illusion that theGlamour, 228:Council Chamber of the Most High. But with the exception of this, the small petty rituals ofGlamour, 235:some time to become familiar and this one is no exception. But the effort is well worth while bothHealing, 36:bodies or vehicles of manifestation are without exception constituted of energy units. These weHealing, 217:state of practically all the centers, with the exception of the sacral center. The fact of theirInitiation, 97:through love and service. The devas, with the exception of those greater devas who have in earlierInitiation, 176:come in due course of time to every soul without exception. In a lesser degree they are undergoneMagic, 404:held as the goal before all aspirants. With the exception of probationary disciples who are not asMagic, 596:all of them are multiples of eight with the exception of the center at the base of the spine whichMeditationMay 16th, 1920, and October 20th, 1920, with the exception of the two letters which were receivedMeditationThey are published in full as received, with the exception of certain parts which have a purelyMeditation, 85:one particular type of cross, with the exception of the two head centers which are the synthesis ofMeditation, 302:the occident and the only school without any exception that should control the work and output ofMeditation, 304:demanded of all affiliated pupils without exception, that the life of inner unfoldment andPatanjali, 123:economy, and the entire human family (with the exception of a percentage which entered the race tooPatanjali, 125:of an idea and [125] this is true without exception on all the planes of our solar system, whereinPatanjali, 259:The others are still more vague, with the exception of Johnston's translation. He gives us thePatanjali, 342:which is analogous to all the others with the exception of Johnston's, and which runs as follows:Problems, 13:the entire civilized world of nations (without exception) had likewise declared war and bandedProblems, 30:carried on in all the nations without any exception whatever so that a wholesome unity, based onProblems, 32:Children of the World This problem is, without exception, the most urgent confronting humanityProblems, 38:ambition has motivated all the nations without exception; all our planning has been [39] directedProblems, 44:have distinguished every great nation without exception are facts and cannot be denied. Surely,Problems, 68:Labor and Employment In every country without exception there are the good and the bad elements;Problems, 90:same potentialities exist in all of us without exception, and will eventually display themselves.Problems, 91:civilization and culture. All of these without exception are characterized by a spirit ofProblems, 114:is equally unfortunate and - with the rarest exception - seldom proves successful and is neverProblems, 115:feeling present - with practically no exception - in every nation remains exactly the same asPsychology1, 15:possible truth. Each age (and the present is no exception) has believed its grasp of Reality andPsychology1, 91:and inadequate. We find all of them, without exception, breaking down under test and limited by
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