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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXCEPTIONS

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Discipleship2, 84:task than have you, though there are a few exceptions. But, my brothers, out of fifty-one, howDiscipleship2, 344:by any of you. You have - with only one or two exceptions - omitted to give much thought or studyDiscipleship2, 375:and that of the personality. There are naturally exceptions to this rule, and these exceptions willDiscipleship2, 375:are naturally exceptions to this rule, and these exceptions will be increasingly numerous as timeDiscipleship2, 387:of the Jewish people, in spite of many exceptions. The "area of promise" wherein the divine thoughtDiscipleship2, 518:speaking; there are, naturally, numerous exceptions. Souls on the wisdom aspect of the second rayDiscipleship2, 709:do your duty to all you meet, with certain exceptions where your personality is almost violentlyEducation, 3:and that there are many and notable small exceptions to this attitude. II. Education has concernedExternalisation, 194:only produce insuperable barriers. With very few exceptions, there are no pure races. Germany inExternalisation, 624:here that every generalization presupposes exceptions. Generalizing, and therefore over-simplifyingFire, 468:devas who work unconsciously, with the following exceptions, who are conscious forces and entitiesFire, 556:fifth. This is a most significant point and the exceptions should be studied in their widestFire, 1065:attractive center. When they did (with a few exceptions) they were brought up against a dead wall,Healing, 56:this. The readers of my words are not, with few exceptions, versed in the construction andHealing, 190:by the student before he begins to study the exceptions and to deal with minutiae and the detail ofHealing, 194:remembering that to all of these there may be exceptions, particularly in the case of the health orHealing, 228:understanding of the Masters of today, the only exceptions being Those Who had come from otherHealing, 463:temporarily all energizing processes. The exceptions to this withstraint are the heart center, theHealing, 483:affairs wherein disease and ill health will be exceptions and not the rule, as is the case today,Healing, 646:way, and with the reminder that there are many exceptions to all rules, the magnetic healer willMeditation, 306:a training school for the mysteries (with three exceptions) will be again, during the earlierMeditation, 306:earlier stages, permitted national schools. The exceptions are: Great Britain. Canada and theMeditation, 306:and the United States. Australia. And even these exceptions might be considered only one, the caseProblems, 41:have seen, heard and suffered. There will be exceptions, particularly in Great Britain and parts ofPsychology1, 270:of sex I shall have to generalize, and the exceptions to the rules laid down and to the suggestedPsychology1, 299:generalizing and would remind you that there are exceptions to all generalizations. I should alsoPsychology2, 290:is governed by the rays, one, four and five. Exceptions to this rule appear, sometimes, upon thePsychology2, 613:to which you must remember there will be many exceptions: The appearance of the lower psychicPsychology2, 633:bulk of them are young souls, though there are exceptions, naturally. It is not the idealism of theReappearance, 172:financial success. Necessarily, there are exceptions to this but they are relatively few.
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