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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXCHANGE

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Astrology, 10:ceaseless motion - an eternal medium for the exchange and transmission of energies. Astrology, 258:serves the soul. In Virgo, matter or substance exchange or interchange their service and eachAstrology, 494:potency "the Messenger and the Angel exchange their understanding." (Venus and the divineAutobiography, 46:except one, and she and I are still friends and exchange letters. We had met in Switzerland andAutobiography, 115:in plowing the field. The girls at the telephone exchange discovered the situation and made aBethlehem, 196:for them, handed over His own incarnate Son in exchange." - The Idea of At-one-ment, by H.Discipleship1, 124:difficult tasks which faces any disciple is to exchange the abstract vision of future glory andDiscipleship1, 352:usefulness by any personality conversation or exchange of views. In my last instructions to you, IExternalisation, 16:endeavor to supplement each other's efforts, exchange ideas with each other, and so in truth and inExternalisation, 60:carried out in the realm of barter and the exchange of that which is found upon the surface of theExternalisation, 569:they will inaugurate a system of barter and exchange, of which modern money is the travestiedExternalisation, 580:following extent: The principle of barter and of exchange (to the benefit of all concerned) willExternalisation, 580:a system of barter but by a universal monetary exchange - representative of the bartered goods whenExternalisation, 646:and equally materialistic system of barter and exchange; then, in later civilizationsExternalisation, 666:in the modern world. The problems of barter and exchange, the significance of money, the value ofFire, 472:of his mother, offering up his self-reliance in exchange for material benefit. The devas are theFire, 851:scheme, and a brother planetary Logos whereby an exchange is effected. The student must here thinkGlamour, 49:of any teacher of any rank. It is not the exchange of the prison of one set of ideas for those ofHercules, 128:on of evolving life. Money is a means of exchange, of sharing at a distance, if not loved and heldHercules, 182:thought, become goats, climb the mountain and exchange the position of follower to that ofMagic, 412:over all modes of intercourse, commerce and exchange. They control the multiplicity of form-objectsProblems, 79:symbol. From the simple process of barter and exchange (as practiced by the primeval savage) to theTelepathy, 109:cover the many phases of mental contact and the exchange of thought without the use of the spoken
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