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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXCLUSIVE

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Autobiography, 1:I now belong to the inclusive kind and not the exclusive. One of the things that I seek to bringAutobiography, 102:an aristocracy of money equally as distinctive, exclusive, and rigid in its barriers. Who shallAutobiography, 142:expansive and inclusive, and not reactionary and exclusive. If God is God, then His divinity willAutobiography, 186:to the idea of coeducation but only among an exclusive set of children all of whom were under tenAutobiography, 188:universality of truth. It was a fight between an exclusive faction and an inclusive group. It wasAutobiography, 198:objective - a school which was inclusive and not exclusive and that oriented its students toward aAutobiography, 255:are interested would be inclusive and not exclusive. They do not fight over personalities,Autobiography, 263:esoteric group is today a closed organization, exclusive in its membership, fostering anAutobiography, 273:and criticism on other schools, teaching exclusive adherence to the leader and loyalty to thatAutobiography, 292:into that world program, and also whether he is exclusive or inclusive in his approach. Because ofBethlehem, 209:where those who are believers shall enjoy an exclusive life of happiness, whilst the rest of God'sDestiny, 91:people who are apt always to be fanatical and exclusive. Exclusiveness is one of the majorDiscipleship1, XI:The true disciple is ever inclusive and never exclusive. It is this inclusiveness which is theDiscipleship1, 788:are interested would be inclusive and not exclusive. They do not fight over personalities,Discipleship2, 95:which is fundamentally inclusive and not exclusive. This is a primary platitude of which you areDiscipleship2, 698:prone to attachment; the first ray is isolated, exclusive, antagonistic and prone to detachment. ItEducation, ix:the modern West approaches [ix] as two mutually exclusive alternatives. In some instances theExternalisation, 378:and by the intelligentsia than it is by the exclusive classes. Through the material difficulties ofExternalisation, 555:out, however, that the attention paid is not exclusive, but that [556] wherever two or three areExternalisation, 683:military or commercial nature, with a somewhat exclusive interchange of scholastic ideas andHealing, 223:barriers, with no so-called pure blood and exclusive castes, and with a new and virile sense ofHealing, 279:in nature, and are so fanatically endorsed, so exclusive of all recognized methods of healing aidHealing, 530:whole, the orthodox physician is less rabid and exclusive than the modern metaphysician. They [531]Hercules, 191:to think in broad terms, to leave off being exclusive. Emerging in the world are groups of men andHercules, 201:that are cosmic, they are inclusive and not exclusive, they do not care what terminology a manIntellect, 250:brought to interpret truth and the future in the exclusive terms of the anointed and select.Magic, 39:consciousness of man is inclusive, as well as exclusive. This concept will be understood when theMagic, 430:and also to their tendency to be sectarian, exclusive and self-righteous. Selfless humanitarianMeditation, 343:the use of a needy world, and not for their own exclusive benefit. In rendering service threePatanjali, 412:[412] synthesis of them all and inclusive, not exclusive. In the Yoga Sutras, the mind is relegatedProblems, 157:which will be inclusive in its scope and not exclusive - as it is today. The religion [158] of thePsychology2, 414:soul, the consciousness is limited, disturbed, exclusive, self-centered, distorted, erratic and, inPsychology2, 540:of the solar plexus center by its practically exclusive use, and by the consequent inflow of forcesRays, 420:of the Master's training on this Path. The exclusive has to become the inclusive in an [421]Rays, 421:master the technique of exclusiveness and become exclusive in a new realm of realization; it is anReappearance, 69:state of awareness is inclusive and in no way exclusive. Using, therefore, human terminology inReappearance, 112:of hate. To hate, to be separate, and to be exclusive will come to be regarded as the only sin, forSoul, 26:which emerges immediately is the almost exclusive consideration that the Western Psychologist givesSoul, 118:have been assigned in special, even if not exclusive, relation with [119] various perceptive,Soul, 140:and to life. He is no longer antagonistic and exclusive. He knows and understands. He pities, [141]
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