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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXCLUSIVENESS

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Bethlehem, 114:individuality, though a diminution of our formal exclusiveness... It will be rejoined that trueBethlehem, 114:comprehensiveness. Undoubtedly, but it decreases exclusiveness. The great world-men are not bornBethlehem, 162:to the Crucifixion, or make it a factor in the exclusiveness which has so deeply colored theDestiny, 91:are apt always to be fanatical and exclusive. Exclusiveness is one of the major weaknesses of theDiscipleship1, XI:not have a true disciple. There is far too much exclusiveness extant today among esotericists andEducation, 130:selfishness and individual, isolated exclusiveness, based on class distinctions, inheritedExternalisation, 17:and the cult of fear, and the insistence on exclusiveness. It is these attitudes and methods whichExternalisation, 329:bias, no political antagonisms and no sense of exclusiveness. From then until the close of 1945 orHealing, 280:and vociferous cults would relinquish their exclusiveness and be willing to cooperate and acceptIntellect, 250:led to much writing of a psychic nature, and the exclusiveness of organized religion has led manyMagic, 405:up in their own selves - satisfaction and exclusiveness, and racial pride. The result of this wouldMagic, 417:man from religious sectarianism, national exclusiveness, and racial biases. One by one, here andMagic, 430:of beliefs it may be, it inevitably produces exclusiveness. It bars some out. Fourth: pride andPsychology1, 362:of thought with their doctrinal barriers and exclusiveness, and the cult of patriotism. The seventhRays, 421:the inclusive has to master the technique of exclusiveness and become exclusive in a new realm ofRays, 421:in a new realm of realization; it is an exclusiveness which has in it no slightest element of theReappearance, 109:adherence to some pet truth and always - exclusiveness, which is contrary to Christian teaching.Reappearance, 111:rally around Him; those who embody the spirit of exclusiveness and separativeness will standReappearance, 112:thinking men, there is necessarily no room for exclusiveness or for separativeness, because that
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