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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXCUSE

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Autobiography, 186:and bread for their families. I say this is no excuse for them but I have to say it because it is aBethlehem, 9:by Hermann Keyserling, pp. 91-92. [9] The only excuse for this book is that it is an attempt toBethlehem, 71:picture of possibility in terms that leave no excuse for misinterpretation. This epistle is:Bethlehem, 265:high. There is no other way. We have no genuine excuse for failing, for others have gone ahead, andDestiny, 8:of the nations has to discover some idealistic excuse to put before the other nations when occupiedDiscipleship1, 150:Make not your physical body a deterrent or an excuse. Use the iron will with which you are giftedDiscipleship1, 497:You will be prompted to self-defense, and to excuse yourself, perhaps more easily than most; but aExternalisation, 196:system of distribution. There is no justifiable excuse for the lack of the essentials of life inExternalisation, 218:A horror of war and a longing for peace are no excuse for slack thinking, nor do they provide anExternalisation, 218:condition of fatigue in which you share is no excuse, and is unworthy of the world disciples andGlamour, 49:own interior satisfaction provide an adequate excuse for delaying the planned group purpose? ForHealing, 264:finding some [264] reason, adequate to them, to excuse the iniquity of their action. Palestine wasHealing, 266:second quarter of the twentieth century, have no excuse. The law must inevitably work. Though muchMagic, 585:meditation let him not gloss over one fault, nor excuse himself along a single line. Let him learnPatanjali, 193:instead of avarice or covetousness. No excuse is left to the aspirant, and the truth is borne in onProblems, 102:chapters in human history. For it there is no excuse or condonation, and right thinking peopleProblems, 112:attitude and conduct there is today no possible excuse. It remains a mystery in the minds of otherPsychology1, 304:man's inherent divinity. That can be but a loose excuse for wrongdoing. I speak of sexual relations
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