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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXEMPLIFIED

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Astrology, 215:upon an universal scale. Christ, in Pisces, exemplified the substitution of love for attachment.Astrology, 285:Age in which the spirit of Aquarius will be exemplified in its universality and its sense ofAutobiography, 301:this in mind. Among other things this effort is exemplified by her insistence on the achieving of aBethlehem, 139:It is integration which Christ so fully exemplified, thus resolving the dualities of higher andBethlehem, 182:these four aspects, and as the cosmic Christ He exemplified in His Person the qualities for whichDiscipleship1, 169:You comprehend them yourself, but they must be exemplified, explained and nurtured in all whom youDiscipleship2, 53:of the recognition of the world need of love, as exemplified by an attitude of goodwill andDiscipleship2, 378:when all three [378] aspects of the will - as exemplified in the three points of the SpiritualExternalisation, 50:work of the world, as it will eventually be exemplified by the ideals and point of view of theFire, 7:evolution of the atom is self-consciousness as exemplified in the human kingdom. The goal for theFire, 7:the evolution of man is group consciousness, as exemplified by a planetary Logos. The goal for theFire, 7:for the planetary Logos is God consciousness, as exemplified by the solar Logos. The solar Logos isFire, 595:later to love of humanity, often humanity as exemplified in one of the Great Ones. The astral planeHercules, 22:why shouldst thou die?" This stage is curiously exemplified for us on a large scale in theHercules, 23:power to do" is the motto of Taurus, and this he exemplified in his twelve labors. He symbolizedPatanjali, 428:That point, in the economy of the races, is seen exemplified in the right use of the mind and itsProblems, 124:Christ and to His message and to the way of life exemplified by Him. Churchmen need to rememberPsychology2, 531:a spiritualized sex life. This tendency is amply exemplified in the writings and experiences ofReappearance, 12:and not love and loving understanding as Christ exemplified it. The Church has preached the fiery
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