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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXERCISE

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Discipleship2, 183:Thus is a world server created. This alignment exercise (when correctly and persistently followed)Discipleship2, 187:of a cosmic, planetary and individual alignment exercise, prayer or invocation? It provides, as aDiscipleship2, 188:This Invocation is not, however, a meditation exercise; it is essentially a prayer, synthesizingDiscipleship2, 195:year. As this thought-projection process or exercise becomes a part of your normal state of mind,Discipleship2, 416:It will be recognized as calling for the exercise of the intuition or of the pure reason; this isDiscipleship2, 461:prove useful. It is more in the nature of an exercise and its results are based upon your abilityDiscipleship2, 461:imagination which you may possess and is a good exercise in constructive creative work. It is alsoDiscipleship2, 462:you have done. OM... OM... OM... Repeat this exercise three times and do this transference exerciseDiscipleship2, 462:exercise three times and do this transference exercise three times a day. Do not look for results.Discipleship2, 462:reaction and lessened emotional activities. This exercise, coupled to the group meditation, willDiscipleship2, 462:- the heart, the head and the throat. The exercise just given [463] must be done before the groupDiscipleship2, 463:meditation as it is the nature of a clearing exercise. If done properly, it will hasten the resultsDiscipleship2, 488:relationship - you might follow a simple exercise when going to sleep at night. After achievingDiscipleship2, 489:of any phenomena. You are (as you practice this exercise of withdrawal) only going through anDiscipleship2, 489:everyday process. If facility in doing this exercise is achieved, the hour of death will find youDiscipleship2, 489:concern or fear of the unknown. This is an exercise I would like to see all the group undertake. ItDiscipleship2, 495:of emerging facts and relations. I. Exercise prior to Meditation: Stand erect, facing your soul.Discipleship2, 508:am going to give you a somewhat brief meditation exercise to be done by you twice a day - onDiscipleship2, 515:upon the personnel of the group. The following exercise can be done four times and repeated threeDiscipleship2, 546:aid you the most at this time is a visualization exercise on Light. Sit quietly and relax. Deal notDiscipleship2, 546:not with problems but during the period of this exercise endeavor simply to be a point of focusedDiscipleship2, 547:as you continue faithfully with the indicated exercise, the results are sure or I would not wasteDiscipleship2, 551:trust me more. Let me give you a visualization exercise to be followed by you each Sunday morning,Discipleship2, 552:forms the basis of the following suggested exercise, the procedure of which is as follows: PictureDiscipleship2, 553:to those who know the Law of Silence. [553] This exercise will deepen your life, increase yourDiscipleship2, 567:of spiritually explanatory words a valuable exercise. I infer not here, my brother, that your willDiscipleship2, 574:to humanity. If you will do this simply as an exercise in the direction and right flow of energy,Discipleship2, 577:activity the two head centers. It is a simple exercise but should only be done every other dayDiscipleship2, 577:difficulty... It is a general preliminary exercise in facility and in the manipulation of theDiscipleship2, 604:twice a day, laying the emphasis upon the exercise angle or aspect of the work and paying noDiscipleship2, 604:energy must come. The object of this particular exercise is to centralize the consciousness (plusDiscipleship2, 630:life. This will constitute a richly rewarding exercise and - could you but grasp it - constitutes aDiscipleship2, 641:this concentration, I will give you a breathing exercise with the meditation. Relax and turn theDiscipleship2, 648:the tie. This work carried forward as a definite exercise will produce in you a deepened availableDiscipleship2, 659:this, I suggest the following short meditation exercise which should be done each day at the closeDiscipleship2, 660:center is a twelve-petalled lotus. Visualization exercise. Achieve alignment as rapidly asDiscipleship2, 687:This, my brother, is more of a visualization exercise than a meditation, but its efficacy isDiscipleship2, 687:practice and is of prime significance in this exercise. You will discover that if you do thisDiscipleship2, 687:exercise. You will discover that if you do this exercise with regularity and with no biassed ideaDiscipleship2, 702:with a definite act of the will. This triple exercise, carried forward in the morning, at noon, andDiscipleship2, 702:you can do. Forget not that by means of this exercise you train the will, and you likewise bringDiscipleship2, 716:you to measure up to your own idea. One other exercise I will permit. I give you below certainDiscipleship2, 744:It is largely in the nature of a visualization exercise. Rapid alignment and the sounding of the OMDiscipleship2, 744:followed by a pause. The following visualization exercise is carried forward from the point ofDiscipleship2, 745:of power and strength." Having completed this exercise, then meditate for ten minutes upon theDiscipleship2, 747:throat center. Then perform the following exercise: Sound the OM within the throat center, as theDiscipleship2, 747:- seven times, slowly and inaudibly. Use this exercise as often as needed, but just now and for sixDiscipleship2, 753:you have naught to do. A brief visualization exercise and meditation may aid in this process ofDiscipleship2, 754:experienced, spiritual living. This meditation exercise should be carefully thought out beforeExternalisation, 227:Moon, and the succeeding day. As a preliminary exercise to these three days, you could take anExternalisation, 239:- The General World Picture I would ask you to exercise your imagination in an effort to visualizeExternalisation, 370:as in them lies, their own destiny and men will exercise their free will in establishing the kindExternalisation, 604:a place where every man has full scope for the exercise of his divinity in human service. Fire, 193:that innate recognition of contact through the exercise of manas or mind in a threefold manner: AsFire, 276:hence rebirth again and again is the method of exercise. When the innate conscious faculty of everyFire, 472:the act, such as hands, tongue, etc. The exercise of these implements. The influence of antecedentGlamourgeneral as effective when used as an individual exercise. The potency of an integrated groupGlamour, 16:somewhat, retaining the symbolic phrases as an exercise for your intuitional insight, but droppingGlamour, 17:and subsequent glamor. You will have to exercise the deepest watchfulness in the endeavor to workGlamour, 81:of form. Only when a man is an initiate can the exercise of the true intuition become normallyGlamour, 256:must be concerned as he performs a breathing exercise. This idea must embody some purpose, someGlamour, 260:the chorus. Think out this theme as a meditation exercise and gain inspiration thereby. Glamour, 262:seven times, it is the equivalent of a breathing exercise; when he can send the energy thusHealing, 500:- through the medium of conscience, which is the exercise of the discriminative sense, developed asHealing, 547:healers who have triadal consciousness and can exercise the potency of the monadic life and will,Healing, 582:but after a little practice this healing exercise of placing, vitalizing and directing becomes anHealing, 593:In this third type of relation you have the exercise of the potency of magnetism, and in the otherHealing, 700:of disciples. You might, as an experimental exercise, take these various rays, as assigned, andHealing, 707:be on the line of 3-5-7, the healer will have to exercise special care, or else the dynamic firstInitiation, 223:one's higher self or the Ego. It involves the exercise, regulation, and concentration of thought.Intellect, 28:the defining of education as a possible exercise for private meditation. Let each one ask himselfIntellect, 131:out. Ratiocination must be left aside, and the exercise of a higher and hitherto probably unusedIntellect, 191:gunas or potencies of [191] nature) no longer exercise any hold over the Self. The pure spiritualIntellect, 201:business of living is in itself a concentration exercise and brings notable results. Whether a manIntellect, 212:inherited instincts, and, hence, calling for no exercise of the creative or higher mind). This wasIntellect, 237:chapter constitutes a good concentration exercise for the beginner and will eventually lead him -Magic, 208:- When you are practicing your daily breathing exercise keep your count with accuracy, listenMagic, 229:White Magic - Rule Seven - The two Paths By the exercise of the two main weapons of the aspirant,Magic, 395:here noted and upon this point aspirants should exercise care. The usual connotation of the wordsMagic, 504:the head. This should be practiced as a definite exercise as one falls to sleep. One should notMeditation, 358:one's higher self or the Ego. It involves the exercise, regulation, and concentration of thought.Patanjali, 44:recapitulate his experience, plus the intense exercise of the will and control of the mind whichPatanjali, 61:gunas or potencies of Nature. A.B.) no longer exercise any hold over the Self. The pure SpiritualPatanjali, 294:life, love and service, not through breathing exercise and sitting for development. 2. Through thePatanjali, 369:three gunas or potencies of nature) no longer exercise any hold over the Self. The pure spiritualPatanjali, 428:three gunas or potencies of nature) no longer exercise any hold over the Self. The pure spiritualPsychology1, 71:are not easy of comprehension. They require an exercise of the intuition and are conveyed by sixPsychology2, 263:the subject free, but "determines" through the exercise of power, selfishly applied and utilizedPsychology2, 419:body, through sunshine, vitaminous foods and exercise, plus correct treatment and balancing of thePsychology2, 544:understanding consciousness as a recapitulatory exercise before he transcends it and passes on to aRays, 42:of alignment; hence the emphasis laid upon this exercise in the attempt to train aspirants andRays, 307:and these upon a large scale, this requires an exercise of the spiritual will to bring about, andRays, 646:but the effort to grasp the unattainable and to exercise the mind along the line of abstractReappearance, 51:a place where every man has full scope for the exercise of his divinity in human service. 3. At theSoul, 132:the Vision. At the close of years of strenuous exercise he found that which he sought, and wasSoul, 156:- as a power of vital control. Failure to exercise this control is the spiritual indolence that isTelepathy, 31:softly and in a whisper. The above is a good exercise and very simple; telepathic power should
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