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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXERCISES

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Atom, 112:and methods which combine forms of breathing exercises with meditation, which teach different typesAutobiography, 275:ancient formulas, words and mantrams, breathing exercises, mysterious hints as to the raising ofAutobiography, 276:for the new unfolding teaching. Breathing exercises are only given after several years' work, andBethlehem, 141:and begins to sway other minds. He exercises a definite influence upon other people. Yet overseeingDiscipleship1, XIV:give the meditations assigned or the breathing exercises, except in a few cases. They were strictlyDiscipleship1, 104:the Full Moon of May, cease from all breathing exercises. You have followed them for years and needDiscipleship1, 106:given to you wherein you cease from the active exercises of more than thirty years of aspirationDiscipleship1, 109:which you feel can be definitely traced to these exercises. These effects should be looked for, inDiscipleship1, 193:meditation, I will ask you to do the following exercises, in breathing and in focusing. You knowDiscipleship1, 194:year, my brother. The meditation work and the exercises assigned to you in your last papers wereDiscipleship1, 247:way negates lucidity. Proceed with the breathing exercises I assigned you for they are producing inDiscipleship1, 248:a deeply scientific [248] raison d'ętre for the exercises and suggestions which I may give. TheyDiscipleship1, 264:is yours) and in poise. For you, breathing exercises will do much. Discipleship1, 303:from any use of mantrams and from visualization exercises other than those indicated above by me.Discipleship1, 308:their opportunity. Continue with the breathing exercises as heretofore. Then meditate as follows:Discipleship1, 335:of your statement. I am giving you no occult exercises at this time. You have evolved your own wayDiscipleship1, 345:and it will not hurt you to continue these exercises. Endeavor to clarify and deepen your alignmentDiscipleship1, 356:I would like to point out: In your breathing exercises which I noted as you worked this week, theDiscipleship1, 412:reflection, which is meditation. No breathing exercises of any kind should be followed by you, butDiscipleship1, 423:last meditation outlined by me, I gave you two exercises to do with color, and it is thisDiscipleship1, 424:I again tell you to make a change. Breathing exercises are necessary for you and aid you much.Discipleship1, 434:trust you to do. I have given some thought to exercises which may aid you and some measuredDiscipleship1, 434:so. I have decided to give you no breathing exercises for the space of six months, but I will askDiscipleship1, 439:exercise which may help you somewhat. Breathing exercises are not advisable in your case nor areDiscipleship1, 455:this, I think, you know. Follow the breathing exercises with care and with attention. Seek also toDiscipleship1, 459:Continue as heretofore with the breathing exercises and with your moments before the open window.Discipleship1, 466:the meditation and continue with the breathing exercises that you are now doing. There is no needDiscipleship1, 506:chosen you should follow. Refrain from breathing exercises for they ever give you discomfort, and aDiscipleship1, 519:attention... And, my brother, follow the occult exercises indicated and return again to your gardenDiscipleship1, 535:end of the lake. The rest of the visualization exercises, dating from the points indicated to youDiscipleship1, 546:with you) I would have you do no breathing exercises at all. Later, when your physical health isDiscipleship1, 546:your physical health is better established, such exercises will serve a useful purpose. I outlineDiscipleship1, 553:I suggest the following meditation and breathing exercises. ...It may take a little while toDiscipleship1, 573:attitude of mind rather than through relaxation exercises; these are apt to focus the attentionDiscipleship1, 574:Their help is needed by us. I give you no exercises to follow other than the outlined breathingDiscipleship1, 597:subject of the intuition. Follow the breathing exercises with attention, bearing, ever in mind theDiscipleship2, XII:made these meditations safe and the breathing exercises useful while he was watching [XIII] theDiscipleship2, 143:not their time or yours in assigning needless exercises; the disciple who faithfully and with aDiscipleship2, 276:and the ability which are now used, and not the exercises. On Hints The hints a Master earlier gaveDiscipleship2, 451:for the immediate moment. In all breathing exercises, there are, as you know, the processes ofDiscipleship2, 575:centers are first studied objectively, psychic exercises are undertaken in order really to produceExternalisation, 18:and awakening is forced, or is brought about by exercises of various kinds before the student isExternalisation, 18:aspirant is headed towards disaster. Breathing exercises or pranayama training should never beExternalisation, 351:points, and endeavor to enter into the Full Moon exercises - both of May and June - with as clearGlamour, 87:and upon physical hygiene and physical exercises. Through these, the control of the life of matter,Glamour, 89:as is imposed in the world of sport, in athletic exercises and military training. In spite of allGlamour, 150:the potency and the symbolic value of breathing exercises consists. The motive is soul control, andGlamour, 254:trained occultists. Anyone can teach breathing exercises. It is largely a matter of periodicGlamour, 255:you have the clue to dynamic useful breathing exercises. Unless there is a dear appreciation ofGlamour, 255:follows thought" is understood, breathing exercises are sheer waste of time and can be dangerous.Glamour, 256:can safely [256] and usefully practice breathing exercises is the man whose will is active - hisGlamour, 256:can begin to use, with care, directed breathing exercises. But, in the last analysis, it is onlyGlamour, 256:is beginning to be established, then breathing exercises can safely and profitably be attempted.Glamour, 257:I have no intention here of giving any breathing exercises which disciples or aspirants could use -Glamour, 257:can safely follow certain scheduled breathing exercises and the second phase or the result of soundGlamour, 257:will appear. This is Inspiration. Breathing exercises, my brother, have a purely physiologicalGlamour, 258:then increased and for the life in which these exercises are misapplied, the aspirant remains in aGlamour, 259:and technique in breathing. These techniques and exercises will be taught, to start with, in theGlamour, 262:of a controlled lower nature. That breathing exercises may eventually find a place in the trainingHealing, 21:is one of the easiest and simplest initial exercises. The Law of Consequences is not the inevitableHealing, 78:you will see how carefully assigned breathing exercises, with their subtle effects of reorganizingHealing, 242:of the Breath will be added - not breathing exercises as now taught, with often such dangerousHealing, 461:body is consequently weakened, such restorative exercises are not possible and should not beHealing, 579:celibacy, strict vegetarianism, relaxation exercises and many kinds of physical exercises, in theHealing, 579:relaxation exercises and many kinds of physical exercises, in the hope of bringing the body underHercules, 185:door of opportunity. Saturn, through spiritual exercises and trial, strengthens our spiritualIntellect, 91:requirements which must precede any definite exercises. The words of the Rev. R.J. Campbell stateIntellect, 107:there must be added definite concentration exercises, carried forward each day, with perseverance.Intellect, 215:life, and also through definite concentration exercises. These are followed by the effort toIntellect, 221:of warning as to the practice of [221] breathing exercises, except by those who have first givenIntellect, 221:are not present, the practice of breathing exercises entails very real dangers. It is impossible toIntellect, 221:through the practice of certain breathing exercises, but where there is no true understanding ofIntellect, 222:long ago that he had been taking [222] breathing exercises, with the idea of improving his health,Intellect, 222:psychic troubles, the cause is breathing exercises. In the ancient teachings of the East, theIntellect, 223:posture - then indeed he may practice breathing exercises, under proper instruction, and practiceIntellect, 223:an emotional and weak person to take breathing exercises in order to hasten development, and anyIntellect, 223:and any teacher who seeks to teach these exercises to large groups, as is frequently done, isMagic, 77:is done by right thinking and not by breathing exercises and holding the nose. When this isMagic, 200:study of the science of the centers. Breathing exercises. Learning the technique of the Will. TheMagic, 206:of his soul in the three worlds. 6. Breathing Exercises. Little by little as progress is made willMagic, 206:Let me point out however that no breathing exercises can be safely used where there is no attemptMagic, 206:must go hand in hand. The effect of breathing exercises is varied: There is an oxygenating effect.Magic, 207:a particular rhythm according to the breathing exercises. This kept up for a long period of timeMagic, 207:center. Let no one doubt the effect of breathing exercises upon the vital body. As surely as eatingMagic, 207:or hinder its right functioning, so do breathing exercises produce potent effects, if rightly usedMagic, 212:direction in which the soul looks and wherein he exercises the faculty of contemplative vision isMagic, 229:other path, he subordinates his personality and exercises the magic of the White Brotherhood,Meditation, 104:to arouse the sacred fire through breathing exercises and similar practices; they pay the price ofMeditation, 316:of definite practice by the would-be initiate. Exercises in telepathy, causal communication,Meditation, 322:his physical vehicle during certain stated exercises and a small stool in front of the Master'sPatanjali, 72:to liberation is not to be found in breathing exercises, however, nor in any work with the sevenPatanjali, 181:and illuminate him. The practise of breathing exercises, for instance, has led the aspirantPatanjali, 217:and has led to the following of breathing exercises and to the practices dependent for theirPatanjali, 219:breathing, and the majority of the breathing exercises when emphasized to the exclusion of thePatanjali, 222:prana or life currents concerns those breathing exercises and rhythmic practices which bring thePatanjali, 420:work, all moments of reflection, all affirmative exercises, all hours of recollection of one's truePatanjali, 420:this realization is achieved, the need for such exercises ceases and one enters into one'sPatanjali, ix:types of meditation practices and breathing exercises, is, from a certain aspect, a retrogression.Psychology2, 225:We have seen that we are considering no simple exercises or discipline, nor are we dealing with thePsychology2, 299:which has a deep occult significance. One of the exercises given to the disciple upon the inner
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