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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXERT

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Astrology, 256:It will, however, do none of you any harm to exert the imaginative faculty and thus get a vague andAstrology, 411:the great energies, playing upon our planet, exert a hindering or a stimulating effect. They areAstrology, 473:when one or other of these constellations will exert a predominant influence. They will produceBethlehem, 81:the overcoming of inertia, and the will to exert oneself so that the initial journey can be taken.Discipleship1, 509:with which you are associated will fail to exert any real power over you. You will be fastDiscipleship2, 430:and to look for that which will lead you to exert all that you have of intuition and spiritualExternalisation, 65:cases, what can I do? [65] First of all, I must exert infinite patience and give to each personExternalisation, 577:of higher learning and in the churches, and will exert such pressure that old and obsolete methods,Fire, 1002:plane owing to the inability of the man to exert the will faculty constructively, and his failureFire, 1071:aspect of fire, of those internal furnaces which exert an influence upon the elements in theGlamour, 255:lacks will, dynamic incentive and the ability to exert that inner pressure upon himself which willHealing, 513:an intense individual. The head center begins to exert an influence upon the ajna center, andHercules, 48:to the attraction which the great illusion can exert over him. Maya, or the great illusion, and sexMagic, 522:thus into a close rapport, and necessarily exert an effect upon each other. Matter, so-called, isMeditation, 135:power, because the White Brothers choose not to exert Their power on those two planes, as do theMeditation, 135:two planes, as do the Dark Brothers. They could exert Their authority but They choose to refrain,Psychology2, 263:such a powerful factor in their lives that they exert a determining influence upon theirPsychology2, 530:wherein the imagination is beginning to exert its influence; next comes the period wherein there isRays, 603:upon the fourth kingdom; this pressure began to exert itself primarily towards the end of theRays, 640:direct action; they make their own choices and exert unimpeded the free will with which they may atRays, 753:of Redemption. But humanity has not chosen to exert itself in this redemptive activity, and forRays, 760:things and did nothing about them and failed to exert yourself. Let not time slip by as you work.Reappearance, 27:widespread universal influence a Son of God can exert makes itself felt in the consciousness of theReappearance, 164:right of men to make their own decisions, to exert their own free will and to achieve freedom by
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