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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXIST

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Astrology, 33:planet. [33] Unconscious reaction will of course exist, but it will be on a general or mass scale,Astrology, 49:or solar lotus) because the Hierarchies exist as the aggregate of germ lives, giving the impulse,Astrology, 62:of view. But at the same time the constellations exist, and the streams of energy which pass andAstrology, 159:Leo and Virgo. The mystery of the Sphinx did not exist and these two signs were not then part ofAstrology, 242:show you one of the great interrelations which exist between the three Crosses, and with these weAstrology, 280:also, words are useless and in fact do not exist. As I have told you, Virgo is regarded by theAstrology, 288:then the mystery of the Sphinx will no longer exist. The keynotes of this sign are exceedingly wellAstrology, 311:of this sign: And the Word said: Let other forms exist. I rule because I am. I am That and That amAstrology, 325:the working out of the divine ideas as they exist in the Mind of God. When the Plan (as theAstrology, 337:interplay between the pairs of opposites as they exist in the zodiac, and it might profit us hereAstrology, 359:of influence, to conceive of conditions as they exist apart from the Earth because that smallAstrology, 367:of the response which should and eventually will exist between the two brothers, between the twoAstrology, 384:(Capricorn). It might be stated that these caves exist in the rocks, deep under the plains. I amAstrology, 443:forth from the great Lives in which all that exist live and move and have their being. The Law ofAstrology, 463:Now all three sides of the triangles eternally exist and persist. The problem is found only in theAstrology, 509:am the eternal cause of all relation. I am and I exist." The dualism of the second ray is firstAstrology, 648:kind for as yet the many constellations which exist only in physical matter of an etheric natureAstrology, 653:reign. Leo - And the Word said: Let other forms exist. I rule. Cancer - And the Word said: LetAstrology, 661:inference is that these planets, A. B. and Y.Z. exist in etheric matter. (Vol. I, 187) [662] "As toAstrology, 689:seven divisions of the occult Hierarchy. They exist, as does the Heavenly Man Himself, in ethericAtom, 49:energy. Disease through ignorance will no longer exist, and the methods of transmitting force willAtom, 103:it also emphasizes the fact that "vast intervals exist between the consciousness of the atom and ofAtom, 137:our threefold lower nature. Time will then not exist for us at all. We shall have that continuityAutobiography, 82:type of friendship and relationship which can exist between the so-called upper classes and theirAutobiography, 196:another thing that has bewildered me. Nobody can exist without their heart or their head and theAutobiography, 202:not going to take risks when they know the risks exist. I would like to have the sex problemAutobiography, 257:life of service, by indicating that the Masters exist and are known to many men everywhere, thatAutobiography, 287:in the Masters of the Wisdom is assumed to exist and the elementary training for discipleship isAutobiography, 296:truths are presented for acceptance because they exist as the foundational truths of all the worldBethlehem, ix:It is God's will not only that He should Himself exist, but man also, the Lover and beloved." -Bethlehem, 5:existed among the ancients, and never did not exist from the beginning of the human race untilBethlehem, 205:there is no evading these relationships. They exist. We live in a world of men, and our lives areBethlehem, 264:must be somewhere understood, and some idea must exist as to subsequent reconstruction. Our needDestiny, 39:do not embody the spiritual values as they truly exist. Consequently the dreadful nature of theDestiny, 107:they work and for which they were formed and exist. Therefore, I would ask you to remember thatDestiny, 135:that the subjective world of causes is proven to exist (and this will come through the indisputableDiscipleship1, 24:who carry out the ideas of the Divine Mind, exist in their graded orders, and with the detail ofDiscipleship1, 44:and basic essentials and, where they do not exist, there is no use in proffering the type ofDiscipleship1, 72:and their emergence is slower but they do exist. There are, also, two such seed groups in China andDiscipleship1, 76:then that a line of exclusion may spiritually exist, indicating those who can pass on to theDiscipleship1, 77:can get your sincere attention. These weaknesses exist. You are not yet initiate, and you haveDiscipleship1, 81:the same conditions for the group as always exist for the individual: right integration on theDiscipleship1, 121:have blocked the free intercourse which should exist between your soul and your personality. I haveDiscipleship1, 133:disciples will show you where points of relation exist, where the lines of least resistance will beDiscipleship1, 184:What do you take from the group? Unless both exist there is no free circulation of the unitedDiscipleship1, 184:to which I referred above. Where these do not exist there is apt to be obstruction and blocking. ItDiscipleship1, 252:the grip of personality and there will not then exist in you those barriers to group integrationDiscipleship1, 288:love, beauty, intuition [288] and harmony. These exist as powers of your soul; they are being (andDiscipleship1, 307:refer to outer relationships and contacts. They exist and have their purpose and, as you well know,Discipleship1, 327:are and to portray facts as they really exist, has militated against your power to materialize thatDiscipleship1, 369:where criticism, self-pity or wrong speech exist, for one person could block the outflow of theDiscipleship1, 384:then [384] on the idea of Life and Love as they exist apart from form. Keep the consciousnessDiscipleship1, 433:to learn to live as if the physical body did not exist. By that I mean that its limitations and theDiscipleship1, 452:be applied to situations and conditions which exist between individuals, families and groups or toDiscipleship1, 495:and the response and believe that it does exist. Here lies release - belief in the fact of the soulDiscipleship1, 527:those realities which life has convinced you exist. Of certain things you are unalterably sure - ofDiscipleship1, 585:are of such importance or that second ray groups exist in order to help people like you. They doDiscipleship1, 618:the fact that ancient thought-forms still exist upon the periphery of your consciousness, and thatDiscipleship1, 627:of those ray problems and liabilities which exist in your own life and in the lives of those aroundDiscipleship1, 627:on my part or any on yours. The facts of nature exist; the wise man faces them, knowing them forDiscipleship1, 655:this potent body of the lower self, naught can exist which blocks the outgoing love of God to all IDiscipleship1, 659:but simply to be indifferent as to whether they exist or not. Have I given you a "hard saying,"Discipleship1, 687:nature and extension. Is this vision, which must exist before the disciple seeks admittance into aDiscipleship1, 707:and souls. Limitation will, therefore, exist; responsibility will require conscious recognition andDiscipleship1, 725:of thought. Where love and trust do not exist, they must be definitely and consciously developed. ADiscipleship1, 733:of the Masters, for those thought-forms exist; they do receive symbolic teachings upon the astralDiscipleship1, 733:graded revelations upon the Way to light; they exist then as guarantees of future knowledge and asDiscipleship1, 742:in the distinction and interpretation which must exist between aspects of phenomena? How can theyDiscipleship1, 742:very briefly to study this stage, there must exist a correlation between the chela, the Ashram inDiscipleship1, 789:life of service, by indicating that the Masters exist and are known to many men everywhere; thatDiscipleship2, 6:personal liking and understanding as it may exist between the group members, but upon capacity toDiscipleship2, 28:imposed by the physical brain no longer exist. P.D.W., though the latest to pass over, was held byDiscipleship2, 28:this is always possible, however, where these exist and where there is also a determinedDiscipleship2, 105:outside. Remember also that [105] the Ashrams exist upon the plane of buddhi or of the intuition.Discipleship2, 219:of thought (does such democratic freedom really exist, my brother?) - is forcing men to think, toDiscipleship2, 220:I simply deal with world conditions as they exist today, and with the processes and the methodsDiscipleship2, 246:to these Masters. These conditions do not exist in this group in relation to me - the Master chosenDiscipleship2, 274:new, hitherto unrealized and for which no words exist, is suddenly contacted. St. Paul had reachedDiscipleship2, 288:the saviors of humanity. Then they know him to exist. From the standpoint of the forms of life inDiscipleship2, 295:lifting mankind nearer to the light; the Ashrams exist primarily for that purpose. But the [296]Discipleship2, 315:Therefore, if you could see things as they truly exist in the world of today and view them in theirDiscipleship2, 485:and thus break down the barriers which may exist; thus you will find your field of serviceDiscipleship2, 496:aspects. That therefore separation does not exist. Then say with emphasis and understanding:Discipleship2, 614:to D.R.S. The first problem you say does not exist; the second problem you consider entirely theDiscipleship2, 651:and stresses to which you are subjected for they exist and are hard and difficult. I refer to yourEducation, 45:background and of culture will and should always exist; they constitute the beautiful tapestry ofEducation, 144:about. Technically speaking, two light bodies exist - the vital or etheric body and the soulExternalisation, 34:measure of success that, in due time, there can exist on earth a replica of the Hierarchy, itsExternalisation, 40:the Great White Lodge the astral plane does not exist. They do not work on that level ofExternalisation, 63:at this time. Where this attitude does not exist, there is ever the danger of absorption into theExternalisation, 64:group members. Personality tendencies and errors exist and the mistakes which involve, primarily, aExternalisation, 83:groups, societies, s and alliances exist for the furtherance of political andExternalisation, 155:These Forces - spiritual and potent in nature - exist in two categories: solar Forces which areExternalisation, 188:masses of the people are no more than cattle and exist only to be slaves of the superior race. WarExternalisation, 195:national quarrels and caste distinction exist, but it is equally imperative that they disappear.Externalisation, 204:This must never be forgotten, for such people exist in their multitudes under totalitarian rule.Externalisation, 206:by the men of vision and of goodwill, there exist today many thousands of people in Europe, AmericaExternalisation, 218:thus ignoring a situation which does exist? Do you feel that there are no issues and principlesExternalisation, 253:in its expression. Where these conditions exist, there can be drawn forth an act of divineExternalisation, 262:contact with these potencies. Yet these powers exist, and the right [263] handling of the present
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