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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXIST

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Psychology1, 179:I referred to the areas of doubt which now exist in man's mind, and I should like briefly to referPsychology1, 213:Though these three involutionary kingdoms exist, and though the little known about them in the WestPsychology1, 283:work towards a solution and an objective which exist as yet on purely abstract mental levels and inPsychology1, 284:[284] removal of those barriers which at present exist between men and women, and the safeguardingPsychology1, 287:all three planes are found, the right conditions exist in which souls can be provided with thePsychology1, 319:1st race. The base of spine. The Will to be, to exist. It is with only the last four evolving racesPsychology1, 361:growth of the spirit of individualism. Groups exist, but they are groups of individuals gatheredPsychology1, 363:activities of that Plan. Where these rituals exist, but where the meaning (inherently present)Psychology2, 79:activities." The streams or emanations of energy exist, as is well known, in seven major aspects orPsychology2, 156:promptings of desire: The urge to experience, to exist, and to satisfy the instinctual nature.Psychology2, 202:body during the ages. It does not, however, exist in the lower types of human beings, and itPsychology2, 203:Racially, nationally, and tribally they do not exist as pure types, but occasionally such a personPsychology2, 213:may think. Such specific forms of life did not exist in those far off times, particularly upon thePsychology2, 278:new religion must be built. Stations of power exist and have been founded through the work of thePsychology2, 280:remains a mystery when ignorance and unbelief exist. There is no mystery where there is knowledgePsychology2, 3o8:a man comes into being; he begins to exist. At the stage of intellection, the personality emergesPsychology2, 328:the desire to incarnate. This is the will to exist or the will-to-be upon the physical plane.Psychology2, 329:a form upon the mental plane through the will to exist, and one also upon the astral plane throughPsychology2, 364:it indicates that states of consciousness can exist and the disciple remain unaware of them.Psychology2, 378:serve to elucidate the relationship which should exist between the two rays of manifesting energy,Psychology2, 435:it will become apparent that the cleavages which exist in man are cleavages in certain inherent orPsychology2, 451:Where these two allied situations simultaneously exist, the result is necessarily a synchronousPsychology2, 453:no serious effects, even when there may exist undesirable conditions, or they may mean that thePsychology2, 457:of dealing with problems of insanity. These exist and are of constant occurrence, and wePsychology2, 468:of mind are dangerous, if they are permitted to exist. There are, however, certain phases of thisPsychology2, 496:response. Where these three types of frustration exist, you will frequently have a vivid,Psychology2, 501:the expression of the wish-life of the race and exist, therefore, upon the astral plane for all toPsychology2, 513:and the inexplicable conditions which seem to exist - mentally, emotionally and physically - alongPsychology2, 576:know, on the astral and mental planes centers exist which are [577] called "dark centers" becausePsychology2, 591:the many "nadis" found therein. These "nadis" exist in their millions and are minute channels ofPsychology2, 596:of true esoteric schools. Such do Not as yet exist. Today, aspirants and disciples are working inPsychology2, 601:sense of duality finds satisfaction. These ideas exist as powerful thought forms on the astralPsychology2, 617:theirs; they know not the problems as they truly exist and criticism is, therefore, easy. It shouldPsychology2, 630:supreme antichrist, for such an army does not exist, and there is no great enemy of God, arraignedPsychology2, 672:of individual heritage, and yet at the same time exist in harmony and present a united front to thePsychology2, 682:cooperation will be offered. Such groups now exist. No secrecy must ever be permitted in the workPsychology2, 713:the Great Ones. These thought forms necessarily exist, and are built by the devotion of thePsychology2, 738:of men and women have nothing to do, but exist upon relief, through the charity of theRays, 9:we call the atoms or cells of the body. These exist in three groups and compose respectively theRays, 16:of wickedness. All these factors of course exist, but are of lesser origin and are inherent in theRays, 25:- they are recognized by those for whom they exist and hence evoke from them a prompt intuitiveRays, 101:the past. The soul and the causal body no longer exist by the time the fourth initiation isRays, 138:These become eventually the worlds that exist below the threshold of consciousness; they areRays, 171:very different to these expressions of it which exist in the human consciousness as men attempt toRays, 173:Oneness, unity, synthesis and identification exist today as word related to consciousness and asRays, 192:the light, utilizing those rents which already exist within the veils of maya. Three major rentsRays, 194:Initiation Three great rents, therefore, now exist, as well as numerous smaller and less importantRays, 215:activity, with their conditioning speech, even exist. Such is the silence of the initiatedRays, 411:the door. That particular condition does not now exist, and the supreme Directors of the sevenRays, 412:that certain earlier initiations no longer exist, and mankind has shown itself to possess theRays, 453:pointed out that though these threads eternally exist in time and space, they appear distinct andRays, 478:use. I would remind you that all these threads exist from the beginning of human existence, andRays, 510:actions as outlined by the occult sciences exist. Yet the truth has to be thus presented owing toRays, 523:of human evolution, all these various phases exist simultaneously; this largely accounts for theRays, 545:as any separative or self-centered instincts exist in the disciple; it takes a long time for aRays, 559:from primitive and primeval times - does not exist. From the angle of occultism, history onlyRays, 571:of responsibility and service. These initiates exist in their thousands today; they will be presentRays, 751:step is the wholesome recognition that cleavages exist; it is here that goodwill can do its mostReappearance, 68:is no crisis for Him in the sense that crises exist for us; there is no strain or stress attachedReappearance, 71:very different to these expressions of it which exist in the human consciousness as men attempt toReappearance, 94:a mystery only when ignorance or unbelief exist. There is no mystery where there is knowledge andReappearance, 167:in which he triumphs; he forgets that there exist no circumstances in which the spirit of man canReappearance, 177:enlightened and selfless in their viewpoint, exist in sufficient numbers to make their power felt -Reappearance, 179:reasonable salary. Not many such organizations exist today, but the few now functioning can set anSoul, 64:shape, or indeed of any definite shape, cannot exist without the forces of cohesion - cannot existSoul, 64:exist without the forces of cohesion - cannot exist therefore without the Ether; - meaning by theSoul, 70:actually be achieved where it does not already exist. It is possible, thanks for the fact that manSoul, 80:explain the 'consciousness' (for the 'soul' can exist without consciousness), but in order to makeSoul, 96:in which the other Tattvas and their derivatives exist. With 'Matter' and Ether as its materials,Soul, 99:regards as the spirit; it is the will-to-exist, the determining life principle of God, Who, we canSoul, 118:center, for a given physiological action exist in a definite portion of the spinal cord. It is theSoul, 145:duty to regard that through which all things exist as the Unknowable." - Maeterlinck, Maurice, TheTelepathy, 146:are not within the dense physical body. They exist only in etheric matter and in the ethericTelepathy, 146:the physical vehicle. The three head centers exist, one just above the top of the head, anotherTelepathy, 148:of the form nature. The only differences which exist are those in consciousness, and peculiarly soTelepathy, 159:three major centers, both planetary and human, exist in etheric substance and they may or may notTelepathy, 177:media. It must also be remembered that forms exist within forms; this is the basis of the symbolismTelepathy, 188:body of the planet, for all these centers exist etherically, and only etherically, and are not
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