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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXISTENCE

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Bethlehem, 224:is to pass into the kingdom. The kingdom is in existence. Through the work of Christ and His livingBethlehem, 242:permanent - from the body nature, from existence on the physical plane and its visible experience.Bethlehem, 242:dominates, it may indicate the end of conscious existence. The crucial question is, therefore: IsBethlehem, 245:for the utter lack of an intelligent plan in existence, and leads to the despair which St. PaulBethlehem, 251:emphasis upon a ceaseless, recurrent, earthly existence by each unit of force, until a soul hasBethlehem, 259:the founder of that kingdom. He proclaimed its existence and He indicated its nature. In Himself HeBethlehem, 279:results of real value. As long as we look on our existence in the world as meaningless, there is noBethlehem, 279:transcending as it does, the limits of our own existence. "Nothing of real value in the world isBethlehem, 283:of perfection the Buddha was about to abandon existence in finite space and time, to relinquish allBethlehem, 283:Other beings still suffer imperfection, existence, and resultant death. Compassion unto these stillDestiny, 42:plane. The intangible subjective levels of existence and the outer tangible worlds. Such is theDestiny, 42:of omnipresence and the recognition of the non-existence of time in relation [43] to reality. ThisDestiny, 43:time, particularly during the first half of its existence, just as the fifth ray is of suchDestiny, 56:its equivalent as a symbol of the form side of existence. They mother and nurture civilization andDestiny, 102:and both are dependent upon life and energy for existence." This remains an immutable law. The fiveDestiny, 134:than heretofore. It will recognize the existence of senses which are super-sensory and which areDiscipleship1, XV:their confidence in the Hierarchy and in the existence of Christ and his Disciples, the Masters,Discipleship1, 11:struggle for the first condition of your group existence - group unity.[12] Third: This group unityDiscipleship1, 31:upon the physical plane. They are now in active existence. The group is slowly integrating andDiscipleship1, 72:affairs, in the struggles of your own individual existence and in the fatigue which is incident toDiscipleship1, 100:circumstance and the present horror of human existence - may turn to you for warmth and comforting.Discipleship1, 100:these, thus forming the cross of life and existence will then take on added difficulty. The resultsDiscipleship1, 108:of your mental longing to verify the existence of the Masters and to ascertain your own positionDiscipleship1, 122:you will enter upon the next cycle of phenomenal existence with much upon which to draw, and havingDiscipleship1, 149:principle of manifestation and holds the key to existence. Hence, therefore, the ability of theDiscipleship1, 316:problem in their own lives, for it will be the existence of personal glamors in the group membersDiscipleship1, 326:work upon the distinctly abstract levels of existence frequently have a difficulty in expressingDiscipleship1, 395:their daily life. The entire rhythm of ordinary existence has been changed. This I foretold manyDiscipleship1, 515:do not continue, once you are aware of their existence. Now the sun is again moving northward andDiscipleship1, 551:and engrossment in the things of every day existence. There was, in these earlier times, but littleDiscipleship1, 620:disappears from sight though the fact of its existence persists. None of you may perhaps see thatDiscipleship1, 624:hew your own way through the jungle of mundane existence. What do I mean by the words "a strongDiscipleship1, 688:is dedicated to bringing the vision into factual existence - in collaboration with his group. ItDiscipleship1, 689:for the personality. I referred above to the existence of disciples and of world disciples. A worldDiscipleship1, 744:a point of tension - they would forget his very existence in the work to be done for theirDiscipleship1, 753:each of the six stages of discipleship is the existence in the disciple of qualities, radiatoryDiscipleship1, 782:to their own groups. This school has been in existence for twenty years and is now entering into aDiscipleship1, 783:Work Another phase of my work came into existence about ten years ago when I started to writeDiscipleship1, 783:with this group of World Servers, already in existence and active in many fields. Those whom theDiscipleship1, 787:good has been done by this testimony to their existence, and much harm by the foolish detail atDiscipleship2, 30:There is no light or dark to the soul but only existence and love. Rest back on that. There is noDiscipleship2, 30:My BROTHERS: The New Seed Group has now been in existence for several years. During this time, IDiscipleship2, 45:and of identification with the forms of existence in the three worlds, and finds himself in theDiscipleship2, 47:the Great Illusion, the great phantasmagoria of existence and as an integral part of the life ofDiscipleship2, 52:the soul passes out of the world of phenomenal existence, and it is the symbol of the path or theDiscipleship2, 62:life into that of pure Being and of monadic existence. In this Great judgment all decision lies inDiscipleship2, 65:them is very difficult because the dualism of existence is apt to produce violent strain. TheDiscipleship2, 66:upon human life and upon all forms of physical existence. These must traverse or cut across theDiscipleship2, 166:when H.P.B.'s proclamation of the fact of the existence of the Masters of the Wisdom was made. ItDiscipleship2, 167:innately and normally, accept - the truth of the existence of a basic Intelligence to whom weDiscipleship2, 186:attain that source of ideas and to profit by its existence. Such ideas are contacted usually atDiscipleship2, 193:but - in time and space - they have no true existence. The only true existence [194] is the MonadDiscipleship2, 193:- they have no true existence. The only true existence [194] is the Monad on its own plane, active,Discipleship2, 208:his Mind for the many, many aeons of manifested existence. As I have before said, the occult truismDiscipleship2, 254:pull between the pairs of opposites. The existence, as a result, of a field of tension. The effortDiscipleship2, 266:for the manifestation of Soul on this plane of existence, and Soul is the Vehicle on a higher planeDiscipleship2, 274:in the recognition of a "higher Way," of the existence of the "higher evolution," of the lightDiscipleship2, 281:creative process which will give them phenomenal existence and being. I would have you, therefore,Discipleship2, 285:says:...(untranslatable). Death crumbles all. Existence disappears, yet all for aye remains -Discipleship2, 289:the mental plane grows, the fact of the soul's existence becomes known and the goal of attentionDiscipleship2, 299:over-shadowing cloud presupposed the subjective existence of a power or divine faculty hitherto notDiscipleship2, 322:time, on the inner planes, and because of the existence of the inner reality, you have the threeDiscipleship2, 341:as the opener of the door to extra-planetary existence and as it releases the initiate, not onlyDiscipleship2, 372:working out on various planes of our planetary existence. There are three things which the initiateDiscipleship2, 376:provides the most disturbing element in the existence of mankind. [377] I cannot here deal withDiscipleship2, 396:it has ever received. The realization of the existence of this entity leads to a practicalDiscipleship2, 421:of more than he ever before realized was in existence, and this he grasps up to another point ofDiscipleship2, 435:and hidden supreme Reality which motivates all existence and which is for ever consciousness awareDiscipleship2, 481:oblivious and completely unaware. If told of its existence, he flatly, conscientiously andDiscipleship2, 567:unto the Lord" thereby, in reality, ignoring the existence of the astral body, As the mind,Discipleship2, 676:or whether you will refuse to recognize their existence and go your own way. That would make itDiscipleship2, 700:Surely you would like to re-enter physical plane existence with a different and more adequateDiscipleship2, 710:and actuate the physical life expression. The existence and the possibilities inherent in theDiscipleship2, 749:- by an act of the spiritual will - the very existence of that which causes the reaction of fear.Education, xi:to throw light on four basic questions of human existence: What is man? What kind of physicalEducation, 9:and their application to the events of objective existence, plus (and here lies a thought of realEducation, 14:it should be based on that which is today in existence. Nature works without any gaps, and this isEducation, 25:organized knowledge concerning phenomenal existence as the memory of the child is capable ofEducation, 43:- outer material well-being and inner spiritual existence. Education is the task of the [44]Education, 47:lost. Yet the value of the individual and the existence of that whole we call Humanity [48] areEducation, 48:objective outer living and of inner subjective existence. I am choosing my words with care. [49]Education, 64:attention away from the substance-form side of existence and to become aware of that which has beenEducation, A Trea:in the consciousness of humanity the fact of the existence and work of this basically subjectiveEducation, 99:citizen of two worlds (the world of objective existence and the inner world of meaning), a wiseEducation, 126:it deals also with a possible range of existence in the subhuman realms on a lower rung of theEducation, 126:on a lower rung of the ladder of hierarchical existence, and with that hierarchical structure whichEducation, 128:factors - underlying the very structure of existence itself - [129] are preserved and developed andEducation, 130:of family unit which must inevitably come into existence. Externalisation, 7:is but a second of time in the larger and wider existence of the soul, and that those who fail andExternalisation, 13:of activity, accustoming mankind to a state of existence wherein are found their fellowmen,Externalisation, 40:race will know that the astral plane has no true existence; they will then work free from itsExternalisation, 45:physical plane of life to the inner subjective existence. Of this state of being, groups such asExternalisation, 59:found in all forms without exception, and the existence of an interplay between these forms,Externalisation, 85:have seven centers, as have all forms of existence from the human and animal upwards, and it is anExternalisation, 106:beings closer together upon the outer plane of existence and thus parallel objectively theExternalisation, 118:descended from their sinless and free state of existence in order to develop full divine awarenessExternalisation, 120:of group relation) began. A period of urban existence superseded that of a pure nomadic andExternalisation, 120:that of a pure nomadic and agricultural existence. Men began to congregate together for theirExternalisation, 120:of these basic and controlling factors of human existence, dispersion or decentralization, andExternalisation, 120:on a higher or lower turn of the spiral of existence. The past few hundred years have seen a major
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