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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXISTENCE

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Externalisation, 121:on an increasingly large scale as the urban existence developed. It is perhaps difficult for us toExternalisation, 158:Lives, can be demonstrated as having true existence. On the way to these fundamental recognitions,Externalisation, 166:The [166] stupendous Lives - outside manifested existence - entered into manifestation in order toExternalisation, 166:Themselves for the lesser lives and forms of existence in order that these lesser lives might beExternalisation, 187:of Germany. The lesser Axis powers are permitted existence only because they benefit German aims -Externalisation, 323:Arcane School provides this. 3. The fact of the existence of the New Group of World Servers wasExternalisation, 327:will take form upon the physical levels of daily existence. There are many enlightened thinkersExternalisation, 334:is lack - not intentionally or because of the existence of its opposing quality - but simplyExternalisation, 353:you the mechanism of service which already is in existence and which can be galvanized intoExternalisation, 389:the acceptance in the Western hemisphere of the existence of the Christ and in the Eastern, of theExternalisation, 400:the fact of an unfolding purpose and the existence of a fundamental, intelligent Agent behind allExternalisation, 403:of man as the unshatterable evidence of the existence of "the One in Whom we live and move and haveExternalisation, 405:the ways of men, to serve. The testimony to the existence of this Path is the priceless treasure ofExternalisation, 407:All the world Scriptures bear witness to the existence of this center of spiritual energy. ThisExternalisation, 410:of the second great Approach, the fact of the existence of the Spiritual Hierarchy, of the openExternalisation, 415:The Brotherhood of man (God in expression) The existence of the Way to God The historicity of theExternalisation, 416:to the revealed body of truth: The demonstrated existence of a Spiritual Hierarchy, theExternalisation, 416:and to work in cooperation with Them, and the existence of the greater Hierarchy of spiritualExternalisation, 417:during the past two centuries. The fact of the existence of the Hierarchy is consciously recognizedExternalisation, 417:general public are familiar with the idea of the existence of the Masters, and either gulliblyExternalisation, 432:that it is useless for me to enlarge upon their existence. They are concerned with the ability ofExternalisation, 463:values; cease regarding possessions and earthly existence as of major importance; follow the NobleExternalisation, 477:true. It is one of the unalterable facts of existence itself. God loves - without distinction andExternalisation, 522:this outward move of the Hierarchy into secular existence. The higher the state of initiation, theExternalisation, 528:aspirants, disciples and initiates in physical existence who are responding to the love-wisdom ofExternalisation, 536:brought the opposing forces to the surface of existence, prior to their "sealing". To the extentExternalisation, 543:of loving service, and which emphasized the existence of a wrathful God, needing to be placated byExternalisation, 543:given through the people of India, as to the existence of the Self and the Not-Self - a revelationExternalisation, 554:the network of light and of goodwill, already in existence. You can see, therefore, from all theExternalisation, 567:take place only at the close of our planetary existence, when the door to individualization isExternalisation, 571:The present occult groups which came into existence prior to 1919 will eventually all disappear;Externalisation, 579:they have taught that there is nothing in existence but energy in some form or other, and that allExternalisation, 588:can then be deduced and the normality of its existence emphasized. The fact will appear that theExternalisation, 588:Thus gradually the idea or concept of the existence, in bodily presence, of the Masters will beExternalisation, 591:is proved and the authenticity of the eternal existence of the kingdom of God on earth isExternalisation, 599:To substantiate the fact of Christ's physical existence among us ever since His so-calledExternalisation, 599:their demand for the recognition of the factual existence of the Kingdom of God here and now.Externalisation, 600:To you I say that the vague belief in Their existence, the dreamy speculations as to Their work andExternalisation, 618:also be based on an innate recognition of the existence of the Christ and of His Presence with usExternalisation, 624:terms and at the same time recognizing the existence of a small spiritually-minded minority) theExternalisation, 632:formulated ideas are: The announcement of the existence (hitherto unrecognized) of the New Group ofExternalisation, 640:would have been forced to conform, for her very existence would have been at stake. An initialExternalisation, 657:influence is on the three lower planes of human existence. This at first necessarily producesExternalisation, 683:takes place) in the midst of physical plane existence, no longer withdrawn, isolated and protected,Externalisation, 698:is further advanced, when the knowledge of the existence of the Masters and Their hierarchicalExternalisation, 699:and will demonstrate also the possibility of the existence of people on earth who have no wrongFire, xii:but the expression of a stupendous and divine Existence. This expression is caused by the blendingFire, xviii:of the energy and life of a great Cosmic Existence, Whom we call, for lack of a better term, aFire, 42/43:of the spheroidal coherent manifestation of all existence, from the logoic atom, the solarFire, 44:and in one peculiar occult sense the sumtotal of existence. It provides the relation between theFire, 49:of manifestation which we regard as a conscious existence becomes ever more perfected. TheFire, 51:initiation), forms a basis of spiritual life or existence. As evolution proceeds in the fifth orFire, 52:form and its dissolution, and the termination of existence as understood on the lower planes. InFire, 63:of all that is embodied; He is conscious Existence. He is the Son divine and His life and natureFire, 63:must suppose that those seven entities came into existence from three primary entities and thatFire, 63:three primary entities which brought man into existence coexist in him with the four secondaryFire, 69:truth and lift himself out of this conditioned existence. To this it may be objected that AtmaFire, 69:the self after crossing the ocean of conditioned existence or samsara." - Some Thoughts on theFire, 73:are the stones prepared for the great Temple. In existence upon the physical plane and in theFire, 81:on which two hemispheres of higher and lower existence turn as I have already said, the Yogi of theFire, 83:Ray is the vehicle for a cosmic Entity, and all existence is necessarily triple in manifestation.Fire, 85:himself all his forces, then physical plane existence comes to an end and all returns within theFire, 87:be achieved, and in the moment of achievement existence or entified manifestation will cease. AllFire, 88:be far more insuperable than an admission of its existence. Scientists admit already the fact ofFire, 97:the basis of all life; fire, the essence of all existence; fire, the means of development, and theFire, 116:end, stringing upon itself the pearls of human existence. It is the line of energy which connectsFire, 131:ceases to be, and passes out of objective existence. Third. This leads finally, to the scatteringFire, 136:or the static center round which every form of existence, as moving power, revolves." - The SerpentFire, 143:is sought for and followed on the matter side of existence. Incidentally, Brahma manifests Will,Fire, 145:and spiral, the revolution of the wheel of existence in ordered cycles for a specific purpose, andFire, 146:that the Manasaputras came into objective existence in relation to the human and deva hierarchies.Fire, 147:must suppose that those seven entities came into existence from three primary entities; and thatFire, 147:three primary entities which brought man into existence coexist in him with the four secondaryFire, 165:with the will aspect, with immortality, with existence, with the will to live, and with theFire, 166:which originates the impulse for physical plane existence, or the will to incarnate; from thenceFire, 175:of Buddhahood and passed out of the objective existence into the mystery of Nirvana - then "strikesFire, 192:is seen as beatitude. Sound, the basis of existence; sound, the method of being; sound, the finalFire, 201:identity in time and space, and for purposes of existence or being and by means of the three LawsFire, 213:as activity matter. They are the centers of existence, and just as one cannot, in manifestation,Fire, 237:it must be remembered, is that totality of Existence in the Cosmos which falls within any of theFire, 237:along the lines of Duality? 1. The Problem of Existence The third question involves one of the mostFire, 237:enquire: - "Why did God create at all? Why is existence forced upon one and all?"; by scientists inFire, 238:The problem of duality is the problem of existence itself, and cannot be solved by the man whoFire, 239:as dependent upon the following factors: Existence itself. Time and space. The quality of desire orFire, 256:the cosmic mental. Thus the life of the logoic existence on cosmic levels, may be seen parallelingFire, 257:He seeks first to find the secret of His own existence, and to achieve full Self-Consciousness;Fire, 258:By the spheroidicity of His manifesting existence. His solar ring-pass-not is definite and seen.Fire, 268:in reality the ability or capacity of the logoic Existence to think, to act, to build, and toFire, 270:was paramount, and in Himself embodied objective existence. This He did in the same sense as thatFire, 270:or Dragon of Wisdom aspect) is the sumtotal of existence in this the second system. The cells inFire, 310:mental, and is the animating factor of Their Existence, the reason of Their manifesting throughFire, 311:appears. Form is the result of the desire for existence, hence the dynamic fire of Will isFire, 312:Form is taken, and the spheroidal shape of all existence originates. The first interplay betweenFire, 312:The primary seven manifestations of logoic existence find expression and the three, with the four,Fire, 316:of form. Vitality - electrical manifestation of existence. This is literally (as pointed out by H.Fire, 318:the will, desire and purpose of the indwelling Existence; this principle can be seen underlying allFire, 337:Manas is the intelligent Will or Purpose of an Existence Manas might finally be defined as theFire, 339:of every kind and in every type of essential existence. In the second case, the buddhic principleFire, 345:physical plane students, the whole question of existence and of creative activity will becomeFire, 350:In one we have initiation into conscious existence, in the other initiation into spiritual
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