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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXISTENCE

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Magic, 274:our planetary existence. Speculation about the Existence who, through His life, informs seven solarMagic, 275:to the human unit through its subjective force existence, and from the standpoint of consciousnessMagic, 278:the building, and the third produces manifested existence. Let him deal first with the outerMagic, 280:turn - are in touch with the Mind of the one Existence. The practical application of these truthsMagic, 284:In the heart is the center of physical plane existence. The cerebro-spinal system works in closeMagic, 284:man and make the seven of his manifold objective existence. 5. Self-conscious Upper brain HeadMagic, 285:underlie the nerves and are the cause of their existence as the centers are of the glands) is theMagic, 285:nature - material, sensitive or psychic, and the existence aspect - are unified and realized.Magic, 298:before the stupendousness of the problems of existence, aware of his insufficiency as a man to copeMagic, 349:who bear the burden and heat of physical plane existence know. We know your physical disabilitiesMagic, 362:plane comes the impulse which produces form existence and concrete expression - for all form-takingMagic, 368:nearer still to humanity, and work it into existence on the physical plane. Remember this, that theMagic, 386:Angel has done its work, and the form side of existence is no longer needed, as we understand andMagic, 389:control the exoteric processes of physical plane existence. It must not be forgotten, however,Magic, 392:then one has a personality. It is self-conscious existence in form. It is awareness of identity inMagic, 424:the [424] case. There is no real awareness of existence during the hours of sleep. The dream lifeMagic, 428:and money. This and this alone justifies your existence and calls forth from all of you who respondMagic, 432:and the consciousness aspects of our planetary existence make their impact on the human being. TheMagic, 437:himself, and is thus escaping from the wheel of existence and beginning to govern his stars, and soMagic, 447:We will assume that emergence into effective existence is the decision and that the creative workMagic, 448:that has been thought (by God or man) comes into existence. The embodied idea or thought (theMagic, 452:sets the being functioning, brings him into existence, sets the term of his life, carries himMagic, 460:the embryonic concept into outer and completed existence, [461] through the process of rightMagic, 464:system is a thought-form but one having real existence just as long as thought persists. All thatMagic, 466:consciousness. Thus they regain again group existence, only this time in full awareness andMagic, 495:physical plane becomes possible, and objective existence becomes a temporary mode of expression.Magic, 501:seems no relation between their physical plane existence and the happenings which they relateMagic, 512:cycle which is the inevitable mark of manifested existence has to be recognized. One of the thingsMagic, 513:the ordinary man as he meets the exigencies of existence and also in the difficulty he evidences inMagic, 526:for the manifestation of Soul on this plane of existence, and Soul is the Vehicle on a higher planeMagic, 529:of the planet and to the lives, held in embodied existence in the other kingdoms of nature. HumanMagic, 556:shall say whether in those greater spheres of existence in which our Deity plays His part, He isMagic, 559:of meditation (and with this certain schools in existence at present are concerned) he can proceedMagic, 566:his energy, and now seeks to give it objective existence and send it forth to accomplish hisMagic, 567:fail to materialize or have no persistent living existence "in the light of day," because there wasMagic, 570:the recognition that energy is the sum total of existence and of manifestation, and that the threeMagic, 588:is going on now in all departments of human existence, for humanity now stands, or ratherMagic, 612:realize it, an illusory effect and has no real existence. Yet - in time and space and to theMagic, 625:and the fears that are inherent, as you know, in existence itself are familiar to all of us. TheyMeditation, 30:nature sufficiently strong to form a basis for existence, and to guide it by means of instinct, andMeditation, 36:physical brain consciousness of the fact of its existence and the goal of its being. Once that isMeditation, 38:circumscribing itself to three-dimensioned existence, whereas the egos out of incarnation are notMeditation, 102:him when death severed him from physical plane existence. The task ahead of everybody is to takeMeditation, 107:subject to the karma of that sevenfold periodic existence, and actuated by causes dating back priorMeditation, 125:path, when he changes the whole trend of his existence and besmirches a fair character with mud. ItMeditation, 173:in calling the elementals or subhuman forms of existence, are practically the same, and should inMeditation, 254:the ideal. Even those who do not admit the existence of the Masters seek some ideal, and thenMeditation, 307:for the earlier grades. After it has been in existence for a few years and has proved theMeditation, 357:statement: "Life we look upon as the one form of existence, manifesting in what is called matter,Meditation, 357:for the manifestation of Soul on this plane of existence; soul is the vehicle for the manifestationMeditation, 359:a planet during the great cycle of planetary existence. This cycle is called a world period. ThePatanjali9. Fancy rests upon images which have no real existence. 10. Passivity (sleep) is based upon thePatanjali, 19:9. Fancy rests upon images which have no real existence. This means that these images have no realPatanjali, 19:This means that these images have no real existence in so far as they are conjured up by menPatanjali, 21:dissipated by a supreme exertion. It has no real existence once there is nothing in the aspirant toPatanjali, 28:the dual idea of water, the symbol of material existence, and desire, the quality of the astralPatanjali, 49:for experience, the craving for physical plane existence, and the desire for the form aspect in itsPatanjali, 57:Blavatsky: "Life we look upon as the One Form of Existence, manifesting in what we call Matter; orPatanjali, 57:for the manifestation of Soul on this plane of existence, and Soul is the vehicle on a higher planePatanjali, 65:to question the eternal verities, to doubt the existence of the fundamental realities and to seekPatanjali, 67:and again into the condition of physical plane existence. The disciple has to cultivatePatanjali, 112:of the senses. 9. Intense desire for sentient existence is attachment. This is inherent in everyPatanjali, 112:was good or evil. 15. To the illuminated man all existence (in the three worlds) is considered painPatanjali, 128:the far country to eat of the husks of mortal existence. It is these which must be overcome andPatanjali, 129:energy. The result to the point of spiritual existence is necessarily a shutting in, a cutting off,Patanjali, 129:of itself, and only the contacts of existence itself and the struggle of the spiritual unit withinPatanjali, 137:Steps to Union 9. Intense desire for sentient existence is attachment. This is inherent in everyPatanjali, 137:planetary Spirit and the most elevated spiritual existence. All that is possible in overcomingPatanjali, 141:and penetrated, then is uprooted the craving for existence, cut off is the thread that leadeth toPatanjali, 144:primary cause of the phenomenon of his objective existence in the three worlds is the ego itself,Patanjali, 145:The two together are responsible for manifested existence. It is well known that the tree of lifePatanjali, 145:words birth, life and experience sum up human existence, its object, method and goal and with themPatanjali, 147:Steps to Union 15. To the illuminated man all existence (in the three worlds) is considered painPatanjali, 156:matter, [156] 4. The untouchable the great Existence who is the sum total of all these. This sutraPatanjali, 159:or unknown God. This is the great form of existence in which our little forms are found. This isPatanjali, 162:in the earlier and more savage stages of human existence. The moods, feelings and desires, whichPatanjali, 164:matter is the field for the experience of some existence. Patanjali, 166:one kind or another; to show the reason for the existence of the great world of effects and toPatanjali, 172:subjective Reality which produces or causes the existence of the forms. Then he passes on to thePatanjali, 172:it and yet desire or "go out" towards the form existence. This too must be overcome before perfectPatanjali, 201:cleared, and [201] the laws of being and of existence become apparent to us and are little byPatanjali, 201:The reason for and the method of physical plane existence is no longer a problem, and the yogiPatanjali, 211:plane contacts spiritual reading, 5. The one Existence, God devotion to Ishvara. Thus a "rightPatanjali, 213:or emotional body in the passage through worldly existence, and an unfluctuating steady mind, onePatanjali, 218:as if the dense physical body had no independent existence but simply acted as it was swayed andPatanjali, 227:the recognition that energy is the sum total of existence and of manifestation, and that the threePatanjali, 251:three worlds of mind, emotion and physical plane existence. They no longer attract his attention.Patanjali, 265:an embodied idea, the working out in objective existence of some life. This is the consciousnessPatanjali, 271:all that is, appeared. Just as long as the great Existence who is the sum total of all forms and ofPatanjali, 282:for the manifestation of soul on this plane of existence; and soul is the vehicle on a higher turnPatanjali, 300:They are the great lives back of all sentient existence. [301] They delight in contemplation ofPatanjali, 331:the thorns are the cares and troubles of worldly existence which succeed in choking the spiritualPatanjali, 369:mind produce the diverse forms, which depend for existence upon those many mind impulses. 17. ThesePatanjali, 385:towards objects of desire, towards sentient existence, towards individual experience, and towardsPatanjali, 385:whereby desire can be satisfied, materialised existence can be enjoyed, and objects perceived. ThisPatanjali, 385:materiality. It is the will-to-be and desire for existence that swings outward into the light bothPatanjali, 386:human and elemental) is found the one sentient existence; back of objective nature, the sum totalPatanjali, 390:to draw him back into the vortex of lower plane existence. He is freed from karma and originatesPatanjali, 393:turning, carries a man down into physical plane existence, there to bring to fruition as many ofPatanjali, 396:him that response which bears witness to the existence of desire within himself. Therefore for him
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