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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXISTENCE

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Patanjali, 397:We learn that four factors contribute to the existence of mind-images, or the forms which come intoPatanjali, 398:in the evolutionary process the object or form-existence is the sole interest of the indweller, andPatanjali, 404:establish, in an indirect manner, the existence of things as objects external to the mind. ThePatanjali, 404:objection could not bear examination, for the existence of things apart from the thinking principlePatanjali, 405:itself cannot become the cause. Hence objective existence must be granted as independent of thePatanjali, 406:mind produce the diverse forms, which depend for existence upon those many mind impulses. In thesePatanjali, 409:need for every investigator of the mysteries of existence to bring to his search his fullProblems, 29:problems. This it does by recognition of their existence; by the quelling of national pride and byProblems, 36:and by means of the creative arts to prove their existence. It is this inherent, spiritual facultyProblems, 46:lost. Yet the value of the individual and the existence of that whole which we call Humanity areProblems, 69:ideologies, by a greater struggle for national existence, by their fights for boundaries andProblems, 85:and are struggling towards a higher and better existence, towards more wholesome living conditions,Problems, 94:to live in safety, to own the necessities of existence, to raise their children in a certainProblems, 98:landmarks. This has been essential to their existence under persecution; it has been compulsory forProblems, 136:with the message that God is Love, proving the existence of that love by their own lives of simpleProblems, 144:living will be taught, and the fact of the existence of those who have thus attained and who workProblems, 144:and to work in cooperation with Them, and the existence of Those Who [145] know what the will ofProblems, 145:teaching will be based. The fact of the existence of this Hierarchy and its supreme Head, theProblems, 146:piece of work) but a recognition of His factual existence by those who have hitherto been blind toProblems, 165:innately and normally, accept - the truth of the existence of a basic Intelligence to Whom wePsychology1for the manifestation of Soul on this plane of existence, and Soul is the Vehicle on a higher planePsychology1, xxii:and to those who are seeking to demonstrate the existence of the soul because they believe in itsPsychology1, xxii:of the soul because they believe in its existence, this expression of its laws and tradition, itsPsychology1, 6:an integrated energetic sum total brought into existence through the fusion of the body cells, andPsychology1, 12:beautiful and of the Plan into manifested [12] existence, and thus a creation of beauty, embodyingPsychology1, 28:period which links the era of self-conscious existence with that of a group-conscious world. It isPsychology1, 34:time and space - the determining factor in human existence. That the endless diversity of formsPsychology1, 3+4:our way back from the unity of form-identified existence, through the varying unfoldments of aPsychology1, 39:appearance, and therefore the end of phenomenal existence. Ponder on the simple arrangement ofPsychology1, 55:into being. A human soul is thus brought into existence and begins its long career. It is now aPsychology1, 77:crisis wherein the human family came into existence and the solar Angels sacrificed themselves.Psychology1, 91:what is left today to guarantee to us their existence in the past, not to speak of their continuingPsychology1, 91:in the past, not to speak of their continuing existence in the present? A few bones, a fewPsychology1, 92:finally, from all the difficulties of physical existence. The soul can be regarded as a beautifulPsychology1, 92:hallucination, for all that tends to prove its existence is the testimony of the many mystics downPsychology1, 94:a subtle intangible entity which has an existence either in the body or out of the body, and whichPsychology1, 94:and has science satisfactorily disproved its existence? Is consciousness a function of the brainPsychology1, 94:blindly and unconsciously, having no individual existence? Or are all these theories partiallyPsychology1, 96:and the establishing of the fact of the soul's existence. The soul will be known as an entity, asPsychology1, 98:clairaudient people are steadily revealing the existence of the astral plane and the ethericPsychology1, 98:the physical vocal apparatus, and from forms of existence which are not corporeal. The first stepPsychology1, 100:still presents much difficulty. The fact of the existence of the soul will not be proved throughPsychology1, 103:and secondly, for the demonstration of its existence. We only need more light, in the esotericPsychology1, 104:then we shall begin to find ample proof of the existence of the soul. It will be impossible toPsychology1, 104:phenomena then current without admitting its existence. Psychology1, 105:eventually succeed in proving the fact of its existence, and the paralleling intuitive andPsychology1, 105:life, will steadily and successfully prove the existence of a spiritual entity in man, - an entityPsychology1, 114:have also to preserve complete silence as to the existence of the group, and a breaking of thisPsychology1, 141:and body constitute all that exists. They are existence itself, with its capacity for growth, forPsychology1, 151:fullest measure only to that incomprehensible Existence Who works through seven solar systems (inPsychology1, 158:agents fulfil their destiny in the plane of existence allocated to them. Along these three streamsPsychology1, 163:the animals of the first ray are no longer in existence on earth. Besides regarding the rays as thePsychology1, 175:government, to the very roots of the national existence. That certain types of mind may regard thisPsychology1, 183:the fact of persistence and of the eternity of existence will have advanced out of the realm ofPsychology1, 183:entity. He will be known to be perpetuating his existence in a realm lying behind the physical. HePsychology1, 220:Out of the great experimental school of human existence the kingdom of souls draws sustenance andPsychology1, 267:and the breathing in of the process of divine existence and manifestation. It is that which liesPsychology1, 361:and spiritualists of the world, knowledge of the existence of the astral light. An interest inPsychology1, 374:all form life during the cycle of manifested existence. It produces also the coming together ofPsychology1, 376:"chains", which distinguish each planetary existence. The planetary constitution of our Earth intoPsychology1, 377:Nothing then could stop the coming into tangible existence of the incarnating spirits. MatterPsychology1, 378:from the control of the tides of his emotional existence, he cannot take initiation. It was thePsychology2, 14:life has vitalized and brought into functioning existence the inner spiritual body, the sheath ofPsychology2, 24:and the recurring [24] drama of outer phenomenal existence; but throughout all these occurrences inPsychology2, 31:what we have called soul activity and form existence. Nevertheless, though the consciousness isPsychology2, 32:state of the liberated and enlightened spiritual Existence. All are possible of recovery throughPsychology2, 32:nature of pure Being (divorced from phenomenal existence) to demonstrate. But at the same time,Psychology2, 37:will provide release from all the maze of earth existence.' " Ray Four "The Blessed One rushedPsychology2, 37:"The Blessed One rushed forth to combat. He saw existence as two warring forces, and fought themPsychology2, 76:must be a relinquishment of the hold on physical existence. The young forget, and rightly forget,Psychology2, 89:of manifestation began its cyclic evolutionary existence. The Cosmic Christ was crucified upon thePsychology2, 116:always to remember that on the plane of soul existence there is no separation, no "my soul and thyPsychology2, 129:world illusion and from the power of phenomenal existence. [130] We have expressed our belief thatPsychology2, 133:of the future will begin to deduce the effectual existence of an inner cause, of an inner reality,Psychology2, 147:for the interest of the unit, - the form and the existence which finally repulses the form. [148]Psychology2, 154:as a whole lies that major attitude towards existence which we characterize as Desire. All lesserPsychology2, 154:meet the realized need, to face the challenge of existence with the demand for happiness, forPsychology2, 155:be summarized as follows: The Four Noble Truths Existence in the phenomenal universe is inseparablePsychology2, 155:and sorrow. The cause of suffering is desire for existence in the phenomenal universe. ThePsychology2, 155:is attained by eradicating desire for phenomenal existence. The Path to the cessation of sufferingPsychology2, 166:of events (as they deal with the pilgrim's existence and life in a far country and his return) soPsychology2, 173:of the personality, in the waters of earthly existence, yet at the same time he is aware - inPsychology2, 203:arrive eventually at full, self-conscious existence. By this we mean that they are self-determined,Psychology2, 203:nebulous, that only the lowest forms of human existence come into this category. Racially,Psychology2, 205:and nation there are millions of such souls in existence. They may be regarded as the modernPsychology2, 206:who long for release from failure and from existence in the world today. Their mind natures arePsychology2, 230:free from the limitations of individualized existence. Therefore the Buddhist is right when hePsychology2, 285:in the waking brain) of the truth of the existence of this septenate of energies. I would reply asPsychology2, 328:to appear and thereby satisfy the demand for existence. With these processes, formulated asPsychology2, 344:aware of the world of higher values, and of the existence of the kingdom of God. On this path hePsychology2, 355:the old life of desire for well known forms of existence and expression ceases to attract hisPsychology2, 383:to an intelligent appreciation of its nature and existence. Again you will note that we have swungPsychology2, 402:of such a nature that there seems no reason for existence, that there is nothing toward which toPsychology2, 420:in directions other than those of physical existence that a process of abstraction has taken place,Psychology2, 424:the human being and his expression and existence, to remember that we are really consideringPsychology2, 426:This Observer suffers because of their existence in his self-awareness. He realizes that he is thePsychology2, 451:the necessity for our recognition of the existence of energy. In occultism (or esotericism) [452]Psychology2, 462:with them that he has really no independent existence. The shattering of such a thought form or ofPsychology2, 471:world phenomena as maya and to believe that its existence is simply an error of mortal mind, and aPsychology2, 495:of advanced humanity to systems and regimes of existence which are hovering on the borderland of
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