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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXISTENCE

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Reappearance, 126:good. In all lands, men today are aware of the existence of the Masters and of the possibilityReappearance, 128:the individual becomes aware of areas of divine existence and of states of consciousness which areReappearance, 148:All the world Scriptures bear witness to the existence of this center of spiritual energy. ThisReappearance, 150:man's assured, instinctive knowledge of the existence of the Path to God and of his ability toReappearance, 165:also be based on an innate recognition of the existence of the Christ and of His Presence with usReappearance, 173:terms and at the same time recognizing the existence of a spiritually-minded minority) the money isReappearance, 183:and revitalized; the knowledge of its existence is spreading all over the world. It is today aSoul, 10:of a research into the deeper problems of existence. It is not necessarily better than the Western.Soul, 47:or nerve work - essentials in the struggle for existence - are possible." - Berman, Louis, M.D.,Soul, 52:is a mere mechanism the be-all and end-all of existence, and our only guiding star the perfectingSoul, 55:it is necessary to establish the fact of the existence of the etheric body. The Oriental system isSoul, 60:obscure; but there is now no doubt of their existence; even among those who still prefer to use theSoul, 66:which he evinced great caution, but in the real existence of a supersensuous universal connectingSoul, 73:psychical activities; the vehicle of individual existence, separate in nature from the body andSoul, 73:the body and usually held to be separable in existence." [74] - Webster's Dictionary, Edition ofSoul, 81:Doctrine. "Life we look upon as the One Form of Existence, manifesting in what is called Matter; orSoul, 82:the manifestation [82] of Soul on this plane of existence, and Soul is the Vehicle on a higherSoul, 82:upon the Soul, its nature, purpose and mode of existence is that most famous of all the EasternSoul, 93:of their coherency, sentiency, and terms of existence. The following passage from the KenopanishadSoul, 95:is known by our senses. But if we assume the existence of Ether, we know that [96] 'material'Soul, 96:Akasha. It is the omnipresent all penetrating existence. Everything that has form, everything thatSoul, 110:are the agents of the soul. They maintain bodily existence and produce its activity. The Dreamer inSoul, 116:of stimuli which are essential to the continued existence of the organism. The Medulla, again, isSoul, 124:active and dominant in man and in his corporeal existence, and little by little all parts of theSoul, 132:who have sought to ascertain the fact of the existence of the soul and of its vitalizing apparatusSoul, 132:Both groups bear testimony to the truth of the existence of the Soul, but, limited by theirTelepathy, 54:question of the acceptance, first of all, of its existence, the development of a mechanism ofTelepathy, 94:I seek to make here, however, is the fact of the existence of a growing reservoir of thought whichTelepathy, 110:will, however, prove incontrovertibly the existence of faculties which make the higher spiritualTelepathy, 128:has been reoriented to certain phases of divine existence which are not yet recognized by theTelepathy, 139:the etheric body. People are ready to admit its existence, but the dominant factors in theirTelepathy, 156:organs has a life and purpose of its own, their existence and functioning is impulsed, determinedTelepathy, 164:have no way as yet of ascertaining the factual existence of Sanat Kumara and yet from the veryTelepathy, 164:Kumara and yet from the very night of time His existence has been proclaimed by the Hierarchy andTelepathy, 169:life - as listed - are merely indications of its existence. It is that which has capacity toTelepathy, 177:body should be recalled at this point. The existence of an etheric body in relation to all tangibleTelepathy, 179:a constituent part. It has, as the basis of its existence, a living dynamic point which integratesTelepathy, 180:of the Entity, Space, where a living animated existence, such as that of a planet, is concerned.Telepathy, 183:or upon this Earth of ours. This great Center of Existence works through a triangle of energies orTelepathy, 192:and planetary levels of consciousness and of existence. With all this the student is not asked to
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