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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXISTENCES

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Fire, xiii:to indicate the nature of those Hierarchies of Existences who form out of their own substance allFire, 96:more than the exquisite interdependence of all existences, then much will have been achieved.Fire, 147:the planetary Logoi, are considered the seven Existences who function through the seven stars ofFire, 216:the mode of work of certain cosmic Entities or Existences. The final two will be taken up in theirFire, 237:of possible perception. - S. D., I, 560. These Existences might be enumerated as follows: The SevenFire, 271:It should be borne in mind that the manifesting Existences embody certain planes, and have TheirFire, 412:of everything visible a vast realm or realms of Existences. The very brain of man reels inFire, 448:within outwards, and produce the self-identified Existences as a mother builds and produces aFire, 469:of the ensouling Life of a chain. These five existences above enumerated, who are worked upon byFire, 472:of actions committed during innumerable previous existences. Each action may in itself be as slightFire, 515:the process also on cosmic levels for such high existences as the seven Rishis of the Great Bear,Fire, 533:great entities who embody a whole range of existences upon five of the planets, of which the earthFire, 617:term arupa is applied to all forms through which existences manifest on the four higher levels ofFire, 628:electric fire. The seven types of spiritual existences, or the seven Spirits before the Throne inFire, 630:the "Fiery Lives" are real, and conscious, vital Existences. Thus we see the Logos manifesting asFire, 631:Rays. The seven Spirits shew forth as forty-nine Existences. In connection with the Spirit aspectFire, 643:builders of the etheric bodies of all sentient existences, and primarily of all the etheric bodiesFire, 648:fire lies hidden, are found in the following Existences, as They function in physical bodies: AFire, 657:form the substance of that one of those esoteric existences who are spoken of in the SecretFire, 676:They are myriads in number, and include deva existences ranging all the way from those who ensoulFire, 682:we call egoic groups, The individuality of those Existences whom we call Agnishvattas. ManasaFire, 683:itself, and the incarnation of certain spiritual existences who - when in bodily form - are spokenFire, 686:"fires of matter" then blazing forth. Certain Existences attained self-consciousness in thatFire, 711:and through the "assimilation of manifold existences." 37 The Solar Lord, the Divine Ego. Of theFire, 748:the methods. The methods whereby certain cosmic Existences and certain highly evolved EntitiesFire, 751:the physical planes. This method whereby cosmic Existences make Their power felt can be seenFire, 831:[831] order, and will produce the forms of those existences who, in another cycle, will seekFire, 846:of the planetary Logos for certain involutionary existences within the moon chain, and (like theFire, 849:of the vehicles for all these greater Existences and through the medium of this energized substanceFire, 851:this time the energy is sent forth by certain existences (working in connection with any planetaryFire, 873:the jurisdiction of [873] certain great Lords or Existences, and They have much to do with theFire, 873:the planetary Logos has also three cooperating Existences Who are the summation of His thirdFire, 874:of interpreting it is equally true of all the Existences manifesting on any plane, systemic andFire, 877:purpose of his group, and of the planetary existences. As it involves what is termed "a solar andFire, 882:Lord, Comprehension of the different groups of existences who are participating in planetaryFire, 891:Little can here be communicated anent these existences, for they are connected with the lesserFire, 981:have a perfect solar system inhabited by perfect existences. Through speech a thought is evoked andFire, 1006:to work with the most dangerous elementals and existences in the three worlds. 2 These protectiveFire, 1033:periodical appearing and disappearing of all existences, great or small. It is intimately linkedFire, 1059:manifestation of as many millions of intelligent existences; this infers that what is visible isFire, 1059:this infers that what is visible is simply those existences who are in incarnation. But onlyFire, 1079:on as many of the Kumaras and certain lesser existences quitted our earth chain, and entered uponFire, 1086:one, and communication between the two informing Existences. Systemic wheels or the atomic life ofFire, 1096:of the basic cause of the appearance of such existences as black magicians. Just as no human beingFire, 1102:the centralized egoic life and the personality existences. This life of separation becomes steadilyFire, 1109:same rules as are the material vehicles of all existences. It is only matter of a finer grade. TheFire, 1117:through of the life purposes of those stupendous Existences Who [1118] hold a position in theFire, 1124:E - Motion on the Plane of Mind The great Existences Who are the principle of Mahat in its cosmicFire, 1124:its cosmic sense are connected with the lesser existences who express systemic evil. They are theFire, 1127:unrecognized, of the lives of the informing existences of the many planets and planetoids in theFire, 1151:the superhuman lives (such as greater liberated Existences, or the raja-devas of a plane), theFire, 1153:is not possible for even great [1153] systemic existences to conceive (except in the broadest andFire, 1174:profit us to consider it. Three main groups of existences are controlled by it: Human beings fromFire, 1183:into contact with the solar sphere a group of existences whose mode of activity is spiral and notFire, 1185:to us. Under this attractive pull the informing existences of the various kingdoms of nature areFire, 1188:being. The student should here remember that the Existences who are the attractive force inFire, 1193:appear as the work of three separate great Existences. They are forms of three monadic "vestures,"Fire, 1196:the life of all interplanetary space, and the existences who are expressing themselves through theInitiation, 32:days, after the great descent of the spiritual Existences to the earth, the work they planned to doInitiation, 104:XI - The Participants in the Mysteries Planetary Existences In considering now the personalitiesInitiation, 104:be dealt with are those who are termed Planetary Existences. This refers to those great Beings who,Initiation, 105:the affairs of men by the various Planetary Existences. It is literally true, in an occult sense,Intellect, 190:Yogi saps by anticipation the basis of further existences and effaces the impressions thatMagic, 9:stabilized; thus they may know themselves as existences. Thus again the one life becomes aMagic, 299:the Whole. The pressure of all other lives and existences. The working of inexorable Law. The senseMagic, 377:so as to serve. In the hands of certain Existences who have come into our earth scheme of evolutionMagic, 522:are drawn into the form aspect through which all existences or all souls, mineral, vegetable,Magic, 522:together in form. Through this mode of creation, existences come into manifestation, participate inMagic, 524:life and soul of the One in whom all embodied existences live and move and have their being. [525]Magic, 531:be said that this second category includes all existences, but the line of demarcation betweenPatanjali, 33:is equally true of the great Lives or superhuman Existences in which man himself "lives and movesPatanjali, 69:man and characterizes the realization of those Existences Who manifest through the [70] medium of aPatanjali, 94:himself one with God and with all superhuman existences. Patanjali, 300:the three highest planes, with the great existences who are the lives of those planes and in whomPatanjali, 300:to the three planes of the Trinity and of these existences in their various groups, the followingPatanjali, 369:beyond that of our solar system. Lesser existences may sense it as a possibility but it is not yetPatanjali, 378:powers but put a man en rapport with those existences and forms of life which are to be found inPatanjali, 380:of power in order to deal with the non-human existences, to invoke the aid of the angels, and toPatanjali, 395:self-conscious lives of our system (those existences who are superhuman and human) is this desirePsychology2, 30:known in its true significance by such great Existences as the Christ, the Buddha and Those ofRays, 9:or separate coherent, though not self-conscious, existences. These four lunar lords constitute whatRays, 134:the synthesis of the chain of hierarchical Existences - from the smallest atom of matter up to andRays, 457:the antahkarana. Behind him lie a long series of existences, the experience of which has broughtRays, 557:energies which compose the sum total of all the existences within our planetary Life are realizedRays, 737:of cosmic physical evil must be undertaken by Existences much further advanced than even theTelepathy, 54:and at some stage or other of all planetary existences within the solar system itself. The
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