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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXISTENT

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Astrology, 29:effects, they may be regarded today as non-existent except as they react upon the fourth kingdom ofAstrology, 62:entire science of astrology is based upon a non-existent condition. It has no basis in materialAstrology, 205:that which must be tested and proved to be non-existent the following categories, which I amAstrology, 325:Law of Rebirth. We shall see more clearly the existent synthesis of: The divine plan as itAstrology, 438:Today, for the mass of men, occultism is non-existent; for the aspirant and the disciple occultismAstrology, 505:dimly react to these underlying factors in the existent divine manifestation. Today, theAutobiography, 197:taught, not as a doctrine but as an existent and demonstrable kingdom in nature. There has beenAutobiography, 224:other very well. National barriers seemed non-existent and we all spoke the same spiritualBethlehem, 248:sense of values is distorted or temporarily non-existent. In an attempt to meet this questionDestiny, 46:a psychic and ancient religious form which was existent and potently alive in that part of theDiscipleship1, 22:brain reactions should be regarded as non-existent and as illusion and should be allowed to lapseDiscipleship1, 182:your personality consciousness are in fact non-existent; they enter not into the consciousness ofDiscipleship1, 305:little to you but which nevertheless embodies an existent fact) two symbols which I seek to haveDiscipleship1, 468:ray combinations lead to a quick reaction to the existent forms instead of leading to a long rangeDiscipleship1, 496:of ill health - an ill health which is non-existent. The first ray personality can always be sweptDiscipleship1, 680:disciples who can gradually be integrated into existent groups and be available for world service.Discipleship1, 680:are emotional; they shrink from the facing of existent facts and approach problems from their ownDiscipleship1, 719:glamor and illusion) the astral plane is non-existent; it is but an illusory concept of theDiscipleship1, 734:question in reality embodies the major problem existent between the personality and the soul,Discipleship2, 8:the invocative power of the personality is non-existent - speaking from the angle of the groupDiscipleship2, 68:intention, which is rapidly healing the existent breach, and thus offset the work which Christ setDiscipleship2, 78:The attentive world has also to gauge the existent phase of divine expression in the disciple'sDiscipleship2, 87:taught, not as a doctrine but as an existent and provable natural kingdom; the rules of the AshramDiscipleship2, 91:has completely failed. The fact of the need - existent in the world today - for workers. TheDiscipleship2, 216:that is seen, possessed, utilized and known as existent in the three worlds. Men have inheritedDiscipleship2, 288:the four kingdoms of nature, Sanat Kumara is non-existent. In developed humanity, prior to movingDiscipleship2, 304:that separateness is fundamentally non-existent. This is true also of the formulas which we haveDiscipleship2, 373:seed of the intuition, because that which is not existent somewhere within our apparently complexDiscipleship2, 437:he can perceive more than he ever knew was existent or perceptible but that he is only perceivingDiscipleship2, 514:glamor of devotion can veil the reality of any existent ambition. The present world conflictDiscipleship2, 555:and all hiding deceptive veils were non-existent. The disciple acts "as if" he were initiate andDiscipleship2, 634:seven of them and they, for you, are now non-existent. Discipleship2, 719:you understand it) such a "catching up" is non-existent. From the angle of esotericism, which isDiscipleship2, 760:simply significant of an occult truth but of an existent fact in the three worlds. There are fourExternalisation, 41:each other and the pairs of opposites (always existent in manifestation) became active factors inExternalisation, 75:of matter, and of the lure of that which is existent in the form life of the three worlds. TheyExternalisation, 179:and end the war. Such people, fighting the existent fact of war, usually do little or nothingExternalisation, 225:is an instrument for the fabrication of non-existent facts, and this is in itself so paradoxical asExternalisation, 230:A few resented the implications of the existent divisions between the Forces of Light (focusedExternalisation, 250:it is also an authoritative affirmation of existent fact; it sets in motion agencies and forcesExternalisation, 373:it in the initial stages? Also, given the existent aggressor nations, collective self-interestExternalisation, 531:astral plane exists and glamor is entirely non-existent, They have to learn to do a most peculiarExternalisation, 616:demonstrate power but to make public the already existent Kingdom of God. Again, when He cameExternalisation, 671:an independent divine unit of humanity - is non-existent, from the totalitarian point of view.Externalisation, 676:for personality as you understand it is not existent in His case. It is not the soul of theExternalisation, 678:or the air in which to breathe and move is existent, then the living form can appear. Objectively,Fire, 49:- actual being that which is thought of as existent by a separated consciousness in time and space,Fire, 63:and His life and nature evolve through every existent form. The Lord of Cosmic Will holds hid theFire, 161:in that body etheric. All these material forms (existent in etheric matter which is the true matterFire, 186:(for after all, an organ is a material form, existent for a purpose) but as media whereby theFire, 322:and be practically, from our point of view, non-existent; all that will be left will be theFire, 454:be based on the fact that so many of the then existent humanity will have personal knowledge of theFire, 454:Thus the present skepticism will become non-existent. The dangers then will be along other lines, -Fire, 1072:is so obscure as to seem practically non-existent to the human mind. In the first or mineralFire, 1244:nor matter, that which will be regarded as non-existent by anyone except the initiate. At the thirdGlamour, 3:of the World," a Reality which is eternally existent, but which can be discovered only when theGlamour, 114:enters upon incarnation already handicapped by existent glamor of a very ancient origin and utterlyGlamour, 117:between: The glamors or glamor already existent in his environment, to which he will easily beHealing, 36:areas will be colorless and apparently non-existent. But always there is a persistentHealing, 193:suppression, plus a refusal to recognize existent factors. They are not based on truth. In a laterHealing, 261:which human beings enact, perfection is non-existent. The Negro is not free in this land of theHealing, 274:body has not hitherto been considered as an existent fact, from the angle of orthodox medicine,Healing, 280:of the nature of the human body, their attack on existent medical practices (even of proven value),Healing, 282:basic concept of the mind as a permanently existent factor; its over-emphasis upon the mind, itsHealing, 392:thinking, for the physical brain, being non-existent, no longer acts as a deterrent. If people butHealing, 401:or the immortal entity after death, it is non-existent. This theory is not held by so many as itHealing, 404:exists, what humanity understands by time is non-existent. The removal of the barriers of the form,Healing, 442:century, death will be finally seen to be non-existent in the sense in which it is now understood.Healing, 455:which is intact for the majority but is non-existent for the illumined seer. In the human body, asHealing, 487:(in the seventh root-race), it will become non-existent. Today this is not the case. The sentientHealing, 487:state of consciousness was then practically non existent, though the "sons of mind" had their placeHealing, 488:the physical body - both of which are now non-existent. The kama-manasic individual uses twoHealing, 489:The so-called astral body is now practically non-existent as a factor of expression. This he doesHealing, 490:that sex, as it is physically understood, is non-existent. Spiritualists would do well to rememberHealing, 491:as registered by the physical brain) is now non-existent as we understand the term, and - as theHealing, 506:personality during this stage is practically non-existent. The aspect of the soul which isHealing, 545:disappear and die out and finally be non-existent. Slowly, very slowly, this is already happening -Healing, 550:ascertain the psychological basis of the existent trouble. He will be able then to ascertain theHealing, 628:the perfect healer (something at present non-existent) works through the closed and sealed pointHealing, 642:the personality, have established a contact (non-existent in the average man) between the Monad,Healing, 709:of work (and such healers are practically non-existent at this time because the fourth ray is notIntellect, 81:or as 'the production of a non-pre-existent result,' according to Shankaracharya's expression, forMagic, 301:century, death will be finally seen to be non-existent in the sense in which it is now understood.Magic, 311:as we use the word "evil". Evil, per se, is non-existent, as is good in the sense of the pairs ofMagic, 462:though, where the sense of responsibility is non-existent and only instinctual and temporaryMagic, 500:which is intact for the majority but is non-existent for the illumined seer. In the human body, asMagic, 513:for the little evolved, are practically non-existent; they cycle in and out of incarnation withMagic, 525:respond. It is for the majority practically non-existent. I use the words "God the Father" in theMagic, 525:"God the Father" in the sense of the One Self-Existent Life, or Absolute Being. Sentient energy -Magic, 545:is - [545] as we understand the term today - non-existent. It is oft overlooked and seldom graspedProblems, 20:world and lead other nations to recognize the existent justice and the good intentions of theirProblems, 101:anti-Semitic feeling has been practically non-existent for decades, antagonism is rising; in GreatProblems, 156:the spiritual unity of all men everywhere is the existent clerical organizations and their militantPsychology1, 5:analysis and in the light of the undoubtedly existent supernormal. What I seek to do, and thePsychology1, 229:to find the needed terms. They are as yet non-existent. I mention this as an indication of thePsychology1, 253:to turn towards the sun. It is practically non-existent in the mineral kingdom. Divisions: First,Psychology1, 256:in human development when animal-man and the existent forms of animal life lived in a much closerPsychology1, 427:to turn towards the sun. It is practically non-existent in the mineral kingdom. Divisions: First,Psychology2, 183:outer observation, it will be practically non-existent. The group will be held together by an innerPsychology2, 188:brain reactions should be regarded as non-existent and allowed to lapse below the threshold of the
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