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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXISTENT

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Psychology2, 201:one or another of the following ways: Either non-existent, the only obvious and provable thingPsychology2, 439:with the belief that they are, for him, non-existent. He will then work intensively on mentalPsychology2, 465:revealing that which is, and always has been, existent within the consciousness of man, andPsychology2, 483:imagination. He is told they are really non-existent. In the two schools of thought, the truthPsychology2, 740:of the widespread good will everywhere existent. Precipitating, through spiritual perception andPsychology2, 746:must be strenuously inculcated. The forces existent today, directed by the spiritual agencies ofRays, 29:the invocative power of the personality is non-existent - speaking from the angle of the groupRays, 45:- remains untouched by the limitations, still existent, of the personal lower self. Into the cold.Rays, 138:yet so subjective that he only accepts them as existent in theory. The trained initiate knows thatRays, 174:capacity and are consequently illusion and non-existent, from the angle of the spirit at rest inRays, 183:and coordination of the forces, present as existent maya; this must provide, in time and space, theRays, 202:on earth that the astral plane is in fact non-existent - at last for those of the higher degrees ofRays, 202:a true understanding of the basis of the ever-existent pairs of opposites, and towards theRays, 240:symbolically and in embryo became factual and existent under the demands of the Piscean Age. 3. TheRays, 296:in every land but a living organism is non-existent. In the new world religion which is on its way,Rays, 299:Servers. They offer a practical expression of an existent unity, based upon oneness of motive, ofRays, 299:the physical plane relationship is usually non-existent and outer organization and recognitionRays, 350:of the time. Certain units of humanity - then existent - were so completely conditioned by theseRays, 371:cycle) is seen in completeness and is already existent. The Hierarchy is, however, handicapped inRays, 443:writings that basically the astral plane is non-existent as a part of the divine Plan; it isRays, 444:- sought to create; he discovers this as an existent fact and knows past all controversy thatRays, 474:with subjective realities which - though existent and occult facts in a natural process - are asRays, 481:illusion. It is eventually discovered to be non-existent by the man who has achieved theRays, 481:body, is also an illusion and is, for him, non-existent. There are then - as far as his individualRays, 488:of mental energy which previously had been non-existent; the mind will be held steady in the light,Rays, 492:and between Monad and personality a definite and existent fact. Duality then supervenes upon [493]Rays, 536:these we are only today beginning to grasp as existent possibilities. The lowest aspect we callRays, 541:vibration or contact which is invoked by the existent radiance and potency. The response from theRays, 573:in a new and intelligible manner the ever-existent sense of relationship and thus bring about uponRays, 585:His own points of crisis and of tension are existent but, mysteriously, only in relation to hisRays, 590:from the three worlds - it has produced the one existent form upon the mental plane. This form (inRays, 600:Master then knows that such a limitation is non-existent. For Him, the choice between the sevenRays, 615:decision [615] of humanity to precipitate the existent conflict on to the physical plane, thusRays, 646:transforms the speech of the cycle, enriches the existent vocabulary, and brings new knowledge toRays, 661:other Laws and other approaches to truth, existent on cosmic levels. There is little more that IRays, 710:they become now only the symbols of a non-existent duality. The soul is no longer the repository ofRays, 750:it first of all brings a revelation of the existent cleavages which distinguish the political, theRays, 751:unified and happy relations is nevertheless existent in the minds of many thousands everywhere, andRays, 751:way, to the will-to-good. The majority of the existent cleavages are now recognized; the delayReappearance, 115:relinquishment, renunciation, submission to existent facts, and obedient acquiescence to divine lawReappearance, 117:and that divorced from the brain, time is non-existent; the emphasis has always been laid upon aReappearance, 142:cathedrals and erect more churches when the existent churches now stand empty? How can light shineReappearance, 163:demonstrate power but to make public the already existent Kingdom of God. Again, when He cameReappearance, 182:symbolically and in embryo became factual and existent under the demands of the Piscean Age. In theTelepathywhich holds them integrated is practically non-existent. They are held together by an innerTelepathy, 55:with these more subtle phases of your ever-existent environment. It is, in the last analysis, justTelepathy, 64:All these phases of conscious acceptance of existent phenomena and their related reactions are, toTelepathy, 88:the Master - a relationship at this stage non-existent. This will not greatly matter, because whenTelepathy, 140:and - from the angle of consciousness - non-existent. One of the main obligations of occultTelepathy, 141:and for H. P. B. in particular was already non-existent, owing to the advanced point in evolutionTelepathy, 188:and vital distinction. The Hierarchy is existent upon the buddhic plane, which is the first of the
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