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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXISTING

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Astrology, 31:interlocking triangles of force can be found existing between the seven planets and these twoAstrology, 51:the tabulations and showing the interrelations existing in this particular zodiacal cycle betweenAstrology, 75:due to the vast number of possible combinations existing in the path of life of the individual andAstrology, 158:Progress becomes impossible under the existing forms, and there has to be the descent into theAstrology, 198:cyclically. Yet they are only regarded today as existing when definite response is evoked. TheyAstrology, 203:nine times. The fact of the three tests each existing in their three stages may convey a hint toAstrology, 233:a piece of recurrent symbology) is the problem existing basically between the Sheep and the Goats,Astrology, 254:serve to add to the possible confusion already existing in your minds but which lies behind allAstrology, 278:of the Zodiacal Constellations The relation existing between Virgo and Pisces (between the VirginAstrology, 362:only within the line of this dual relationship, existing between this particular pair of opposites.Astrology, 419:Behind these concepts of the relation existing in time and space between the constellations of theAstrology, 442:in the triangle of Humanity. Saturn breaks up existing conditions by the force of its energyAstrology, 479:the web of the planet and thus slowly change the existing squares into triangles. This is done byAstrology, 597:of unification as seen from the beginning and as existing ever and forever in the Mind of God WhoseAtom, 18:of forms other than the purely material, - forms existing in subtler substance, such as forms ofAutobiography, 262:sixty years. I am not here referring to the ever-existing Esoteric School, which is present inAutobiography, 293:and not only (as is too often the case) to existing religious groups, to aspiration, to theBethlehem, 88:divine being) man is brought en rapport with the existing universe, and therefore with God,Bethlehem, 178:Chinese Tien the Holy One - 'one with God and existing with him from all eternity' - died to saveDestiny, 26:It is essential that you recognize them as existing. There is little that you, as individuals or asDestiny, 62:from the start because of the egoic relation existing between Spain and Italy and also to theDestiny, 116:nature, which - impinging upon the condition existing when the ray comes into manifestation -Destiny, 145:In the Aquarian Age, as a result of the existing combination of ray influences, humanity entersDiscipleship1, 6:therefore, made in spite of, and not because of, existing conditions. For disciples, such as thoseDiscipleship1, 15:to spiritual vibration has to be cultivated and existing sensitivity to lower psychic impressionsDiscipleship1, 32:five kingdoms in nature will be recognized as existing side by side upon earth. You have,Discipleship1, 37:of that form of energy which will break up the existing glamors and illusions, and so dissipate theDiscipleship1, 38:of civilization and with the relationships existing between nations. The bringing about ofDiscipleship1, 40:groups are also an externalization of an inner existing condition. They are an effect and not aDiscipleship1, 157:devitalization, though the causes producing the existing condition differ. During the past years, IDiscipleship1, 183:relations are of a nature different to those existing between you and your associates in yourDiscipleship1, 254:for many years reflected upon the relationship existing between your first ray soul and your sixthDiscipleship1, 276:will, from this tabulation, notice the relation existing between your personality ray and yourDiscipleship1, 322:related! You are not clear as to the hindrances existing in your personality. This is partlyDiscipleship1, 521:be summed up by the recognition of the relation existing between the personality, the astral bodyDiscipleship1, 546:the intensification of the link already existing between us. This meditation with the general workDiscipleship1, 613:organize some group, paralleling those already existing but which will be also definitely yours.Discipleship1, 613:asked to fit into the work of a group already existing, you are too busy with your own dreams to doDiscipleship2, 28:to synthesize subjectively [28] the present existing groups. This synthesis and corporate effortDiscipleship2, 203:meditate who are the real agents of the relation existing between the Hierarchy and Humanity. SuchDiscipleship2, 252:which is brought to the point of perceiving the existing verities differs vastly as the centuriesDiscipleship2, 520:fore in your consciousness the various relations existing between the differing aspects of theDiscipleship2, 608:mind and you will be pondering upon the relation existing between the various Ashrams. ScatteredEducation, x:and different from the departments within existing distribution fields, be established at theEducation, 70:qualities and purpose, and the interrelation existing between the soul and the three vehicles ofEducation, 78:and the failure of his home circle and existing educational agencies rightly to aid him in makingEducation, 81:and sanity, and adapt themselves to the [81] existing conditions. This today is of prime importanceEducation, 108:consider it deeply from the point of view of the existing fundamental group relations, envisagingExternalisation, 44:those forms which will bridge the gap at present existing; it will be free from what we now know asExternalisation, 45:Equally so, they can bridge the gap at present existing in the racial consciousness between LifeExternalisation, 57:about a better understanding of the purpose existing in matter or substance, and the inflowingExternalisation, 63:the result of the wrong economic conditions existing in the world at this time. It is causedExternalisation, 75:to the peoples and to feed steadily the existing fires of hate, of separateness, of criticism andExternalisation, 76:forces which it is well for you to recognize as existing, but there is little that you, asExternalisation, 90:- produce those conditions (within the present existing world trends and world groups) which willExternalisation, 99:ability to recognize that which has produced an existing situation, and a consequent freedom fromExternalisation, 109:which will be instrumental in altering the existing civilization and culture, in climaxing karmicExternalisation, 147:been personal self-interest, distress at the existing terrible and unhappy world conditions and anExternalisation, 227:thought which will bridge the present existing gap and link more closely the two worlds ofExternalisation, 290:progress, a moving forward, a rejection of some existing limitation, a repudiating of theExternalisation, 318:they will endeavor, with due respect for their existing obligations, to further the enjoyment byExternalisation, 327:the centuries and out of the spoliation of all existing culture and civilization, the new worldExternalisation, 355:the conflict in its wider terms, i.e., as that existing for them between the Dweller on theExternalisation, 364:time was not possible, owing to the disunity existing among those nations which today form theExternalisation, 367:grasp of the issues involved, and the unity existing among the Allied Nations, guarantee theExternalisation, 373:prerogatives of some one nation and as existing for the sole good of that nation. In the future,Externalisation, 393:Future The past history of the relations existing between the Hierarchy as a whole and humanity asExternalisation, 394:history, two such Approaches are recognized as existing on a broad human scale, i.e., the one whichExternalisation, 408:and demand, for there is a spiritual interplay existing between Humanity and the Hierarchy, andExternalisation, 409:three (mineral, vegetable and animal) already existing. The kingdom of man appeared on Earth. AeonsExternalisation, 476:of evil beings were organized to exploit the existing world situation. They knew also that theExternalisation, 492:advantage of the state of war and belligerency existing on the planet, the real war began,Externalisation, 549:Mind of Christ and the Plans of the Hierarchy as existing in factual usefulness; those who have forFire, xii:psychology. It is an elucidation of the relation existing between Spirit and Matter, which relationFire, 49:thinking time and space, and of all forms as existing in them in succession and in places, is theFire, 49:he can impose his own reality, can think of as existing like himself, is his universe." 16Fire, 87:- the Sun [87] and the seven sacred Planets, all existing in etheric matter - will withdraw fromFire, 116:and which may serve to clear up the present existing confusion concerning the matter of the solarFire, 121:(gaseous) levels are likewise regarded as non-existing, and the solar system has its location onFire, 122:overlap in time, coexisting for many ages. Of existing peoples the Tartars, Chinese, and MongoliansFire, 230:and the planets esoterically are considered as existing in etheric matter. As above, so below, isFire, 273:would here point out to you the close connection existing between the seven Rishis of the GreatFire, 281:side of manifestation that the attraction existing between Spirit and Spirit is little more than aFire, 287:the physical brain to the higher head centers, existing in etheric matter. For the mass ofFire, 330:man. Both these divisions will be seen later as existing on every plane in the system and as havingFire, 352:a solar Logos, and as the seven centers in man (existing in etheric matter), are the animatingFire, 367:involved (as stated above) in the relationship existing between the Heavenly Man of the EarthFire, 380:astronomy, and the consideration of the relation existing between our system and otherFire, 395:and having touched upon the interrelation existing between certain of these Entities, it may now beFire, 410:the solar ring-pass-not, and of the relation existing between: A scheme and the totality ofFire, 429:will come to a realization of the close relation existing between the two, and thus the old gap andFire, 449:a human being in the three worlds. The analogy existing between these four should be carefullyFire, 457:intuition will show real and general signs of existing. In this root-race, units only show signsFire, 533:influence comes to man in the close connection existing between the Earth and Mercury. As yet it isFire, 566:What is the purpose lying back of the relation existing between our Earth and Venus? Is the purposeFire, 571:a relationship in the Cosmos, similar to that existing in the microcosm between the ego and theFire, 673:"left and right hand paths," which conditions (existing within the body logoic and consequentlyFire, 720:from out of the lowest type of the then existing men (through knowledge of the etheric constitutionFire, 745:to say: Study and meditate upon the difference existing between the lower principles and the higherFire, 766:realize this which has resulted in the confusion existing in the minds of many metaphysicians as to
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