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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXISTS

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Discipleship2, 256:are the keynotes of this phase. Always there exists the need for humility. This involves: AnDiscipleship2, 284:God IS. The Lord for aye stands firm. Being exists alone. Naught else is. Time IS. Being descendsDiscipleship2, 340:and Effect are related; where manifestation exists, there this great Law - governing substance andDiscipleship2, 356:directed energy and [356] of the Ashram, as it exists as the servant of humanity. If you willDiscipleship2, 424:for today it is recognized that everything that exists is essentially energy in some form orDiscipleship2, 458:appear on Earth. A great safeguard for you exists in the elimination of all personality problems -Discipleship2, 475:a real hindrance; it is one which nevertheless exists and at times presents to you a problem. IDiscipleship2, 482:deterring fault. As long as this [482] condition exists, it is not possible for the disciple to beDiscipleship2, 531:simply the channel for pure love and where love exists there is no danger of harshness, of cruelty,Discipleship2, 547:of the light and endeavor to manifest that which exists as the result of your own effort. Light isDiscipleship2, 617:whilst steadily giving love where exists but doing so with complete detachment. That isDiscipleship2, 625:each kingdom in nature came into being. The mind exists and needs to be consciously used. Few areDiscipleship2, 628:of ground. It is seldom permanent but it usually exists for a short time until the new arrangementsDiscipleship2, 676:still just as spiritually motivated. An Ashram exists for work and not primarily for trainingDiscipleship2, 734:physical phenomena such as rain or storm. Glamor exists. It is. The higher glamors are goalsDiscipleship2, 741:only from karmic relation (if such a relation exists), not only because the disciple demands lightEducation, 2:deals with the mode of bridging the gap which exists in man's consciousness between the world ofEducation, 60:that I mean the three worlds of human evolution) exists the world of energies; these are of theEducation, 63:the control of that which is spiritual. All that exists is, in reality, spirit in manifestation.Education, 93:He will learn that he shares it with all that exists, and that therefore a true "blood Brotherhood"Education, 126:rationalization of men's minds, this Hierarchy exists and extends from the atom of substance at theEducation, 144:ray type in its three aspects. The etheric body exists and is today functioning powerfully. TheEducation, 146:is the science of the triple thread which exists from the very beginning of time and linksExternalisation, 8:mechanism, which we call the personality, exists. They are the product of the activity of theExternalisation, 32:here if I pointed out the distinction which exists between a civilization and a culture. AExternalisation, 34:a measure of success and this large group now exists and is magnetic enough to draw forth responseExternalisation, 40:of glamor, and for you the world [40] illusion exists and the astral plane is for you a fact. ButExternalisation, 75:aspects of divinity. Evil or wrong, therefore, exists only when the emphasis is retained in theExternalisation, 80:among widely differing peoples, the same desire exists for understanding, for the establishing ofExternalisation, 100:"visioning group" to the kingdom of God as it exists on the subtler planes, in the effort toExternalisation, 101:an esoteric distinction between the Plan as it exists for humanity and for the planet, and theExternalisation, 138:goodwill and of sympathetic understanding which exists among the peoples of all nations, notExternalisation, 173:this has been symbolized in the union which now exists between two great nations, France and GreatExternalisation, 181:will fall into four parts: [181] The world as it exists today. The present situation is the resultExternalisation, 224:simply stated. Either the spiritual Hierarchy exists, with all its potencies of love, wisdom andExternalisation, 257:most cherished belief of humanity is that there exists in the world always and for ever a hiddenExternalisation, 287:For a brief minute He reminds us that God exists and ever loves; that He is not unmindful of HisExternalisation, 324:pre-war period. The nucleus of this group [324] exists, and among them the livingness of goodwillExternalisation, 354:possibility of relief and cure. This possibility exists and is centered in the two great Avatars,Externalisation, 355:no basic concern, for God Transcendent eternally exists, but can only be seen and known andExternalisation, 357:its responsibility for the whole, and the whole exists for the good of the part. The dark aspectExternalisation, 361:of illusion and the recognition of truth as it exists in the consciousness of those who areExternalisation, 374:the rights of the individual and that the State exists for the benefit of that individual; to thatExternalisation, 374:to that they add the belief that the State also exists for the benefit of all other states and forExternalisation, 374:the individual as of no value and hold that he exists only for the benefit of the State; theyExternalisation, 428:Light. I would here correct an impression which exists among esotericists. By this phrase, (theExternalisation, 456:of the Hierarchy. This spiritual tension which exists among Them is far more potent than any of youExternalisation, 480:the cycle of true democracy (as it essentially exists and will eventually demonstrate) can comeExternalisation, 509:the world the fact that the superconscious world exists, and that angels and men who are out ofExternalisation, 513:the nucleus of the coming world religion. It exists on the inner planes for the purpose ofExternalisation, 521:I asked them to study the relation which exists between a Master and His disciples. Externalisation, 531:way lessened. Although for Them no astral plane exists and glamor is entirely non-existent, TheyExternalisation, 531:thing: to work on the astral plane (because it exists for humanity and for the animal kingdom), toExternalisation, 604:a Kingdom which is attractive. Yet that Kingdom exists and is not a place of disciplines or goldenExternalisation, 648:is to bring to an end the separateness which exists between man and man, family and family,Externalisation, 670:with that Plan. Necessarily also, if such a Plan exists, it presupposes Those Who are responsibleExternalisation, 672:today can and will bridge the gulf which now exists between the unsatisfactory, selfish andFire, xii:system; to demonstrate that everything which exists evolves (from the lowest form of life at theFire, 40:and therefore of the spheroidal form of all that exists. The Ray of intelligent love. This is theFire, 44:the Mysterium Magicum from which all that exists is born by separation or differentiation. In theFire, 58:these four (sun, planet, man, and atom): There exists in the Sun, in the planet, in man, and in theFire, 61:as it is very necessary that no mental confusion exists between that magnetism which is a spiritualFire, 64:recognized by science. This being so there exists no necessity for further elaboration. 21 [65] 21Fire, 97:till all fires blend and blaze and till all that exists, is passed through the fire - from a solarFire, 116:any way comprehend. This cosmic physical plane exists in matter differentiated into sevenFire, 139:aspiration, and where one longing for goodness exists the antahkarana persists." - See Voice of theFire, 157:of the forms upon each other. Where form exists and the Laws of Repulsion and Attraction are comingFire, 161:discussed anent the centers, and much mystery exists which has aroused the curiosity of theFire, 203:or into the causal body, in the division that exists between the higher and the lower mentalFire, 216:Word, or the uttered Sound of the Creator, exists in different forms, and though in reality but oneFire, 237:law and rule pervade universally, that the one exists by means of the many, and who yet is unableFire, 245:Man and an Atom? If by this question the desire exists to demonstrate exact similarity, the answerFire, 247:of the atom is Man. - S. D., I, 206. A germ exists in the center of every atom. - S. D., I, 87; II,Fire, 280:and repulsions are under law, and their cause exists in form itself. The emotion of like or ofFire, 286:human kingdoms; the difference between the two exists in the ability of the man consciously toFire, 349:of the planetary antahkarana - a channel which exists in the case of the planetary Logos, and whichFire, 410:of manas into wisdom. Though all that IS exists in form yet little is as yet brought under theFire, 530:mental unit suffices for his need, and no bridge exists between it and the manasic permanent atom.Fire, 552:viewing it as all the matter of that plane which exists [553] outside the logoic ring-pass-not. ItFire, 563:had the fearful karmic relationship which now exists between the third and the fourth kingdom. TheFire, 570:may enlighten lies in the correspondence which exists between this statement and the [571] fourthFire, 573:for each of His three systems, that the whole exists for Him as a concrete thought-form, for He isFire, 587:with the other monads. A subtle correspondence exists between the monads of Will on the fifthFire, 588:Devotion and Ceremonial Order, their control exists in degrees on all the planes, but they haveFire, 596:following the connection that always exists between the atmic and the physical plane. The Law ofFire, 624:here is to be found the secret of illusion. Here exists for man the first great stage of the battleFire, 638:When the etheric counterpart of all that exists is allocated to its rightful place, and known to beFire, 650:all are recipients of force. An analogy likewise exists between these three groups of devas on theFire, 654:the intelligence animating the forms of all that exists on the systemic physical [656] plane; theyFire, 662:to this deva substance. A great distinction exists between man and his prototype, a Heavenly Man.Fire, 674:The dense physical body of the planetary Logos exists, as we know, in a threefold condition -Fire, 682:mental plane, The substance of that plane as it exists in its dual aspect, rupa and arupa, 22 TheFire, 683:Elementals and Fire Elementals Much confusion exists in the minds of students as to the distinctionFire, 753:in etheric bodies. Shamballa, where They dwell, exists in physical matter as do the Kumaras, but itFire, 767:that a profound difference in time and space exists between the Logos, or Macrocosm, and Man, theFire, 778:Much confusion in connection with Egos exists in the minds of our students on account of theirFire, 785:vehicle, and the forming of the link which exists between that sheath and the astral light in itsFire, 790:lines [790] though in detail not so apparent) exists between the building of the antahkarana onFire, 850:pondered on, it will be realized that true union exists in the realization that the greater lifeFire, 850:higher subplanes of the mental plane, there exists a channel of communication, based on similarity
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