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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXISTS

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Intellect, 180:views, but that a something called the mind exists, and that it is increasingly influencing theIntellect, 193:the Father in the first procession, so there exists some occult thing behind the first procession,Magic, 8:order of their importance. I. First, that there exists in our manifested universe the expression ofMagic, 12:something we call the animal soul. This exists in four degrees or states of sentient awareness: TheMagic, 16:the soul. The truth about all things exists, and we call it omniscience, infallibility, theMagic, 19:[19] to produce the sensitive response which exists between the many organs and parts which formMagic, 66:lack of communication that they will then find exists between them and those on the outer side?Magic, 80:for practical service. The wisdom of the Triad exists for the use of the personality, but is barredMagic, 88:but the symbol. That for which the solar Angel exists is making its presence felt within humanity,Magic, 148:the vibration of the inner spiritual world. It exists in embryo, and the secret of its use lies inMagic, 148:to the functions of the etheric body, as it exists as an intermediary between the brain, nervousMagic, 165:kingdom in nature. A similar state of affairs exists in the early stages of the path ofMagic, 166:hearing will be entirely ruled out, or (if it exists) will eventually have to be overcome. The trueMagic, 167:learns to understand the purposes for which it exists. This higher faculty is the intuition. May IMagic, 214:of astral phenomena, and the physical parallel exists for the etheric body. It is this third workMagic, 252:of the building magical work. A thought-form exists then as the result of the previous twoMagic, 252:result of the previous two activities, but it exists in the place of the brain activity and becomesMagic, 258:the group limitations, for absolute purity only exists when entire freedom from control has beenMagic, 269:When the Sons of Men know the distinction which exists between matter and substance, the lesson ofMagic, 306:grasped, it will become apparent why depression exists, for the cause of it is either astral orMagic, 324:continuity. If emotional or mental chaos exists, then again the currents are deflected and theMagic, 330:presence felt in the world? Such a body now exists with its members in every land. Relatively theyMagic, 373:be inappreciable. Nevertheless, the stimulation exists, and in the course of centuries will beMagic, 392:to a self. Where this central conscious entity exists, utilizing the mind, reacting sensuouslyMagic, 412:group controls and orders the means whereby he exists, controlling all that can be converted intoMagic, 425:of its ideas will be slow and sure. The group exists already. It has not to be formed andMagic, 426:they will recognize their unity with all that exists, and will stand before the world as examplesMagic, 427:each group will be recognized and where a need exists for just that special approach and theMagic, 442:Let isolation be the rule and yet the crowd exists. Gemini - And the Word said: Let instability doMagic, 470:rather than in terms of matter. A thought-form exists for us in order [471] to produce an effect.Magic, 486:from formulating. Where no desire to speak exists, and where the striving is to prevent theMagic, 525:of forms which we call the human family exists. We must study this from the standpoint of theMagic, 527:point is grasped, the purpose for which humanity exists, the objective before the group of worldMagic, 545:selfishness is rare indeed. Where it exists, it is exceedingly potent, as are all one-pointedMagic, 549:the world of forms my feet have passed. All now exists for me and I, the servant of the whole,Magic, 555:divine plan. Recognition of the objective which exists in His Mind. This, in its turn, necessitatesMagic, 558:is universal. Pure motive is rare and where it exists there is ever success and achievement. SuchMeditation, 35:of the Personality. The magnetic link exists, but that is all until the time comes when theMeditation, 38:separated into groups - individual separation exists not, but group separation can be felt,Meditation, 48:life of the occultist, and danger lurks when it exists not, and occult meditation carries a menace.Meditation, 51:These postulates are as follows: That all that exists is based on sound or on the Word. ThatMeditation, 60:only be supplied when full causal consciousness exists on the part of the teacher, and when theMeditation, 63:intuitional plane, via the atomic channel that exists between the two. It sweeps upward andMeditation, 124:due to emotional reasons. A lack of coordination exists between the emotional and the physical andMeditation, 124:is attended with difficulty, and opportunity exists for other beings to enter the physical vehicle,Meditation, 136:power is oft-times mighty. Why? Because so much exists as yet in the Personalities of all men thatMeditation, 136:his will on human beings (if analogous vibration exists) and on the elemental kingdoms ofMeditation, 142:recognition that somewhere in the universe there exists a supreme Consciousness, Whom heMeditation, 220:Color and Sound The most important interaction exists between: The Love-Wisdom Ray and the HarmonyMeditation, 225:the microcosm and the macrocosm is accurate, and exists not only broadly but likewise in detail.Meditation, 229:of all these is perfectly known and exists in terms of consciousness, in terms of form, and inMeditation, 261:the five senses, has learnt [261] that synthesis exists and has merged those five senses into theMeditation, 265:with the internal relationship which exists between Master and pupil. That relationship exists inMeditation, 265:between Master and pupil. That relationship exists in four grades, in each of which a manMeditation, 346:that all men are brothers and that all that is exists for all - he proceeds calmly on his way. ThenMeditation, 352:rebirth on the part of a human being no longer exists. Chohan Lord, Master, a Chief. In this bookMeditation, 355:that which enables man to know that he exists, feels, and knows. It is divided in some schools intoPatanjali, 15:fancy, passivity (sleep) and memory. There exists a vast field of knowledge which the seer mustPatanjali, 41:the point where they can perceive the plan as it exists in the mind of the "Grand Architect of thePatanjali, 106:the life experience of millions is that spirit exists; the deduction to be gathered from thePatanjali, 112:through the medium of the mind. 21. All that is exists for the sake of the soul. 22. In the case ofPatanjali, 129:are cast off. It states that the reason evil exists, the reason selfishness and personal desires ofPatanjali, 160:clear vision or true perception. All that exists in the three worlds exists because of and for him;Patanjali, 160:perception. All that exists in the three worlds exists because of and for him; he is the cause ofPatanjali, 160:seeks it or endeavors to vision it, for him it exists not. This sutra is one of the key verses inPatanjali, 164:- Book 2 - The Steps to Union 21. All that is exists for the sake of the soul. Man in his arrogancePatanjali, 164:take this sutra to mean that all that is created exists for him. The sense is much wider than this.Patanjali, 164:the entire vast universe, planetary and solar, exists for the sake of the vaster Life in whose bodyPatanjali, 195:they are absent naught but unity and harmony exists. This is the first stage of universal love, thePatanjali, 280:result of a subjective happening. All that is exists in the mind of the thinker, not in the sensePatanjali, 282:is light. It brings into visibility that which exists. The outstanding characteristic of livingPatanjali, 367:part of a cosmic phrase. For him space no longer exists; he knows himself as omnipresent. "I amPatanjali, 397:aspect of man, then as long as the will to live exists, so long will the form persist. It is keptPatanjali, 398:life. That which has been sown in the past exists and nothing can arrest or stop those seeds fromProblems, 30:the national boundaries (where that [30] problem exists) and a plebiscite of the people toProblems, 88:nationalism which is the reverse of all this; it exists as yet only in the minds of an enlightenedProblems, 104:is shocking to contemplate. The situation also exists wherein no country anywhere wants to open itsProblems, 108:by years of forced labor and slavery. Slavery exists also in Africa, but it has been of a differentProblems, 120:their own minds where a wall of separativeness exists and tear it down. They will have to developProblems, 122:quarrel with the religious spirit; it exists and is essential to a full and true life on earth. WeProblems, 127:do not necessarily indicate the truth as it exists in the mind of God, with Whose mind the majorityProblems, 145:lead to a very different humanity to that which exists today; it will produce a humanity which willProblems, 153:him to believe. All this is unreal but the Real exists; it exists for the churches and for theProblems, 153:All this is unreal but the Real exists; it exists for the churches and for the professionalPsychology1, xxii:human. For our purposes of discussion, the soul exists, and its intrinsic reality is assumed, as aPsychology1, 13:of a field of expression which they know exists - the field of soul awareness - but which is notPsychology1, 24:the design of beauty upon the initial plan as it exists in the mind of the solar Logos. The body ofPsychology1, 54:of the bringing together of spirit and matter exists as an entity apart from the body nature, andPsychology1, 82:misrepresentations on earth of the Plan as it exists in heaven, to use the Christian phraseology.Psychology1, 104:it will begin to be seen that some factor exists in man which is not bound by space-timePsychology1, 110:knowledge and when no use is made of it there exists a condition of danger and subsequent penalty.Psychology1, 134:immediate grasp of the truth, as it essentially exists, and the Lord of the second ray will bringPsychology1, 141:or spirit, soul and body constitute all that exists. They are existence itself, with its capacityPsychology1, 187:federation of nations, - a federation that now exists on the inner side but waits for the activityPsychology1, 190:that it is not easy to see the Plan as it exists in the minds of the Builders, Who work in thePsychology1, 282:agency and the same care. The difference exists in the seeds found in the ground upon which thesePsychology1, 297:with indicating a situation which at present exists, and in pointing out an ideal one which liesPsychology1, 299:is the word we use to cover the relation which exists between that energy we call "life" and thePsychology1, 300:concerned; it is only in the form life that sex exists. Only in the process of differentiation forPsychology1, 329:is really becoming aware of that which already exists. Divisions: These are five in number from the
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