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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXISTS

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Psychology1, 348:the door for the understanding of that which exists on a larger scale. "Man, know thyself" is aPsychology1, 400:million years have been so numerous that there exists no pure strain. Climate and [401] environmentPsychology2, 4:The monad expresses the same purpose as it exists, unified in the Mind of God Himself. This is aPsychology2, 20:man will understand why this impossibility exists. More cannot be said, for until that initiationPsychology2, 67:the gulf or gap (speaking symbolically) which exists between the personal lower self and the higherPsychology2, 82:be apparent, therefore, that substance itself exists in three major categories, and that thesePsychology2, 97:being to do more than sense that method which exists on our own particular planet. Initiates knowPsychology2, 146:to be a leader. Where the desire to be a leader exists, that disciple is automatically (though onlyPsychology2, 146:A harmlessness which, though not yet perfected, exists as an ideal towards which the aspirant isPsychology2, 184:and the enunciated basis of the relation which exists between the unit soul, functioning in a humanPsychology2, 186:a recognition of the egoic relation. Where that exists, then something can be formed which isPsychology2, 241:work and plan which is the guarantee that there exists in man the capacity to respond eventuallyPsychology2, 244:Hierarchy, via a man's own soul. The Hierarchy exists in order to render possible in form thatPsychology2, 270:men. They will awaken to the relationship which exists between their personalities and the soul,Psychology2, 277:may employ to express the Originator of all that exists, constantly re-enacts these dramaticPsychology2, 363:of the human family to the divine scheme, as it exists, is that of bringing into close rapport thePsychology2, 417:illumination reveals the essential oneness which exists on the the inner side of life and negatesPsychology2, 425:thought is now entering a field for which there exists, as yet, no true language-form, for we havePsychology2, 426:individual, can "be made whole". This same truth exists in connection with all the cleavages foundPsychology2, 510:the trained disciple) that a similar condition exists; there is a direct line from the soul to thePsychology2, 639:do this, we must recognize the situation as it exists. We are occupied with the formation of thatPsychology2, 642:is found in the membership of every group which exists for world betterment, and constitutes anPsychology2, 644:of formal affiliation, for no such process exists (there being no formal organization) but throughPsychology2, 681:up steadily. A number of such units already exists. Their objectives are as follows: To educate thePsychology2, 746:Hierarchy on the part of the Servers. Where that exists it is a help, but it is dependent uponRays, 10:for prana or life and the center which it uses exists in a category by itself. All subhuman formsRays, 32:and handling force. Where, however, real love exists, it will produce the lessening of theRays, 51:the OM and the Sound. Much confusion exists as to its significance or the necessity for its use.Rays, 64:initiate knows that the astral plane no longer exists. For ever it has vanished and has gone. ButRays, 78:gain an insight into the interrelation which exists between the three great planetary centers: TheRays, 106:in truth three aspects of the divine will which exists in its perfection in the solar Logos andRays, 117:his. He realizes beauty and he knows that That exists. Instead of time and space and all the richRays, 138:of the subjective situation which ever exists between the Hierarchy and Shamballa. The energiesRays, 154:position to discover the close interlocking that exists between the supplementary seven (his ownRays, 179:point of attainment of our planetary Logos as He exists outside the seven planes of our sphere ofRays, 190:behind the veil attacked. A rent within the veil exists. Find it and see. A path lies through theRays, 204:sought the true esoteric attitude: That Humanity exists as a great center of intelligent energy inRays, 209:approval or of disapproval? When that attitude exists, the first steps towards group fusion areRays, 213:a miniature hierarchy, and a hierarchy exists in its various degrees in order to Permit of a wideRays, 221:higher than those on which the causal body exists, is no longer of major importance; the GreatRays, 237:you all know that this condition [237] exists in the conflict waged interiorly and expressedRays, 257:divine quality, of which no knowledge at present exists, will make its presence felt, and the workRays, 265:because the instinct to separation no longer exists in him. It refers to his oneness in the worldRays, 266:the Plan; it is the unity of the Hierarchy which exists for purposes of service and active work inRays, 276:of purpose and of spiritual relationship which exists between Those Who are associated with SanatRays, 288:initiated disciple? It is the difference which exists between two differing fields and areas ofRays, 290:is demonstrated the close unity which forever exists within the Hierarchy and - focusing throughRays, 358:truth; at the same time, the astral plane exists from the angle of the Master, because it is anRays, 372:let us now consider the Hierarchy as it exists (in the consciousness of Sanat Kumara, as HisRays, 388:Ashrams and one of which only the nucleus exists, and all these are working under its inspirationRays, 399:and illusion, and for Them no astral plane exists. Now ahead of Them, and owing to Their freedomRays, 414:Sanat Kumara, and the Lord of Sirius, and this exists in spite of the fact that our planet is not aRays, 438:the fact that He eternally Is, that He exists as a divine aspect upon the formless levels of theRays, 442:to his emerging vision of the divine Plan as it exists in reality, and to that which is committedRays, 454:personality then begins to bridge the gap which exists on its side between the manasic permanentRays, 458:of beauty, love and future vision." But there exists a gap in consciousness, though not in fact.Rays, 464:term for this "mind stuff" is chitta; it exists in three types of substance, all basicallyRays, 471:lower pair of opposites is no longer felt and exists no more. A liberated consciousness and anRays, 499:is sadly true; but in some form or another there exists today an appreciable grasp of the "new andRays, 509:threefold shadow now is one. The three of self exists no more. The higher three descends and allRays, 570:will increasingly be adjusted to the truth as it exists in the teachings of the Christ. ThisRays, 578:say that - for him - the astral plane no longer exists, and that all that remains of that ancientRays, 591:physical brain. It might be said that the brain exists because the mind exists and needs a brain asRays, 591:be said that the brain exists because the mind exists and needs a brain as its focal point upon theRays, 598:synthesis and fundamental relationship always exists in factual recognition, but is onlyRays, 600:not. The great heresy of separateness no longer exists in his consciousness; the consciousness ofRays, 613:issues are clearly seen and the cleavage which exists in reality between the desirable spiritualRays, 657:this basic synthesis and this relationship which exists throughout the entire solar system, withRays, 657:and all that is therein. But that synthesis exists and is the relating factor between our Earth andRays, 658:in the fourth kingdom, the human, that there exists the possibility of a conscious registering andRays, 701:as to the purpose for which our little planet exists and its unique position in the scheme ofRays, 718:therefore, to ponder on the distinction which exists between: Self-will Determination Fixity ofRays, 738:naught but goodwill and the will-to-good. This exists already, and its true manifestation is nearerRays, 751:good relations, instead of these, already [751] exists: Union, United, League, Federation,Rays, 758:there is a fixed surety that such a Center exists. Invocation is as old as the hills or as old asReappearance, 18:the cycle of true democracy (as it essentially exists and will eventually demonstrate) can comeReappearance, 51:a kingdom which is attractive. That Kingdom exists but is not a place of disciplines or goldenReappearance, 110:Christ and of His true disciples, no such world exists and the so-called heathen have demonstratedReappearance, 118:by the theosophical and occult bodies. The Law exists; of the details of its working we know as yetReappearance, 130:and its entire area of influence no longer exists. It has no reality, except as a field of serviceReappearance, 134:illusion and the recognition of the truth as it exists in the consciousness of those who areReappearance, 172:difficult task. The impasse which at present exists is not based only upon the novelty of raisingReappearance, 181:In this way and in due time, he finds that there exists on Earth a well organized and integratedReappearance, 183:the Christ in Visible Presence? Such a body now exists, with its members in every land. RelativelySoul, 10:that we call individuals. If such a parallelism exists, one will expect to find, for every outerSoul, 28:that in union there is strength? If the Self exists - and this must be demonstrated - and is theSoul, 59:functions through his etheric body. And as man exists on seven planes, so the etheric body hasSoul, 96:everything that can be sensed, everything that exists. It itself cannot be perceived; it is soSoul, 98:which it came. With the Ego in control, cohesion exists and the atoms are held together by the WillTelepathy, 16:not in direct relation to that center as it exists as an instrument differentiated from all otherTelepathy, 29:and broadcaster, has been established and exists. Then forget it. Fourthly, let the receivers workTelepathy, 87:so dangerous a cycle of powers. As long as there exists any desire for selfish power, forTelepathy, 112:the life and conditioned awareness of all that exists in the three worlds, including the threeTelepathy, 128:close interplay or relationship which forever exists and expresses itself through the supremeTelepathy, 137:in time and space. The essential synthesis exists and the end is sure and [138] inevitable; unityTelepathy, 138:inevitable; unity is attainable because unity exists and the sense of separateness is simply theTelepathy, 140:and the etheric counterpart. The etheric body exists in subtle etheric matter, and factually thereTelepathy, 150:separated off by their emphasis upon form as it exists in the three worlds - the dense physicalTelepathy, 155:lower so-called physical levels. The diaphragm exists, separating that part of the body which
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