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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXOTERIC

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Statement:on the borders of Tibet, and at times (from the exoteric standpoint) preside over a large group ofAstrology, 4:the sun and all the other planets. This was the exoteric knowledge and position, though not theAstrology, 14:stupendous subject and are occupied with the exoteric fringes of that great veil which has beenAstrology, 17:will eventually be divided into two classes: the exoteric astrologers who will be occupied with theAstrology, 20:science of astrology brings to its modern and exoteric aspect: In. the greater cycle of man's manyAstrology, 24:love. This is the teaching of both esoteric and exoteric truth. The quality of the Logos of ourAstrology, 62:It is therefore largely an illusion, from the exoteric point of view. But at the same time theAstrology, 63:Aries" it conveys an esoteric truth but not an exoteric fact. The Sun was in Aries at the beginningAstrology, 63:to reckon. That fixed time is as yet unknown in exoteric astrology, though the Hierarchy possessesAstrology, 77:development. The same can be said of orthodox or exoteric astrology. Both these sciences must beAstrology, 98:will be thrown upon all subsidiary sciences - exoteric and esoteric. The teaching in The SecretAstrology, 98:and also Virgo, of which Mercury is the exoteric ruler. Through Uranus also, Aries is related toAstrology, 114:position to know them as truth for yourselves. Exoteric astrology has said and it is widelyAstrology, 132:of astrology whilst Sepharial is purely exoteric. According to Sepharial, the three decanates areAstrology, 134:more of the essentials and the theory. For this exoteric astrology may have prepared you, in someAstrology, 139:the third and the seventh ray activity on the exoteric wheel. The Moon - Ray Four - The will to beAstrology, 139:Hierarchies, you have in the Moon itself the exoteric influences of the ordinary mode of procedureAstrology, 139:esoteric forces combine with the forces of the exoteric or orthodox planets and that they do notAstrology, 140:the planetary influences we will speak of the exoteric and the esoteric planets and so bring ourAstrology, 140:of the personality forces and the effect of the exoteric planets is supplemented by an increasinglyAstrology, 141:for instance, the influence of Saturn is both exoteric and esoteric; in Taurus, Vulcan has both anAstrology, 141:whilst in Leo the Sun rules all three - the exoteric, the esoteric and the hierarchical life. ThisAstrology, 145:- In Aquarius The distinction between exoteric and esoteric astrology lies in just suchAstrology, 145:lies in just such recognitions as listed above. Exoteric astrology deals with the characteristicsAstrology, 147:concerned as the Sun governs all expressions - exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical. It rules theAstrology, 149:this case Uranus, the occult planet, stands for exoteric science which penetrates into the hiddenAstrology, 163:Cross. "World salvation is possible today. The exoteric and the esoteric planetary rulers ofAstrology, 187:man through the medium of the following planets: Exoteric Mercury - 4th Ray - Harmony throughAstrology, 192:solar Angel remains constant both through the exoteric and the esoteric processes and thereforeAstrology, 201:of the second and the seventh rays) are the exoteric and esoteric rulers of Aquarius. You have,Astrology, 240:of the larger purpose which lies behind the more exoteric intent of the unfoldment of theAstrology, 277:both to Sagittarius and to Pisces. This is an exoteric impact but produces a constant stimulationAstrology, 290:time, seeking to give the needed key to modern exoteric psychology and also some indications as toAstrology, 291:is always the key to progress, and, therefore, exoteric psychology and exoteric mundane astrologyAstrology, 291:and, therefore, exoteric psychology and exoteric mundane astrology had to precede the revelation ofAstrology, 292:to prove - scientifically and in the modern exoteric sense - the natural response to the innerAstrology, 294:the ruler of all the three conditions of Leo - exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical. It is a correctAstrology, 294:for it is the source of physical consciousness (exoteric and symbolic of the personality), of soulAstrology, 336:may make the point clearer. Every Cross has its exoteric significance and with this all astrologersAstrology, 341:when we discussed the rulers of this sign - exoteric and esoteric - which brought the CancerAstrology, 346:by it in a most unusual manner. The format or exoteric symbolism of Masonry has frequently beenAstrology, 348:we are assured, and this statement is both an exoteric and an esoteric truth. This underlying loveAstrology, 351:done, owing to the lack of data available to the exoteric astrologer) it is the influence of theseAstrology, 354:It is for this reason that you have the exoteric ruler given as Mercury and the esoteric ruler asAstrology, 358:it produces that interior struggle between the exoteric not-self and the esoteric self, between theAstrology, 364:The seventh ray produces fixation upon the exoteric level of experience and "anchors" (if I may useAstrology, 369:the wheel of discipleship. Usually his choice is exoteric and not esoteric. Leo, in this case,Astrology, 380:the eleventh sign upon the ordinary wheel of exoteric emphasis and life, preceding each new cycleAstrology, 382:it is governed by only two planets. Venus is its exoteric ruler and Vulcan its esoteric andAstrology, 391:call your attention to the fact that through the exoteric or orthodox planet, Venus, this signAstrology, 391:the mind or the soul in Libra reveals to man the exoteric significance and results of desire. InAstrology, 408:[408] understanding upon the present entirely exoteric study of astrology. Before, however,Astrology, 473:and their influences, pouring through the exoteric and the esoteric planets, stage theAstrology, 480:esoteric planets, will gradually transform the exoteric form of the chart of the individual. ThisAstrology, 484:that it is not easy for those trained in modern exoteric astrology truly to comprehend theAstrology, 485:planets in Leo are, from all three angles - exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical - the Sun. The massAstrology, 496:characteristics (which are distinctive of exoteric modern astrology) into the world of conditioningAstrology, 498:aspirants and initiates are concerned. The old exoteric astrology will still persist and prove itsAstrology, 509:Sun and Moon "veil" certain planets and are the exoteric symbols for certain esoteric forces. AsAstrology, 509:and sixth ray energies. Vulcan is never an exoteric ruler and only comes into real activity when aAstrology, 510:substitute the esoteric planets for the orthodox exoteric planets (and I have indicated these inAstrology, 510:the probationary disciple when considering the exoteric rulers and upon the problems of disciplesAstrology, 513:Sun 2nd ray 3. Ordinary humanity is ruled by the exoteric planets; advanced humanity, disciples andAstrology, 513:the esoteric planets. 4. The Sun sign - with the exoteric planetary rulers - rules the personality,Astrology, 513:Sun sign, is adequate for ordinary humanity. The exoteric planets rule and the man lives within theAstrology, 514:new astrology. 9. When the Sun sign, with the exoteric rulers, is worked out in a chart, the risingAstrology, 517:governed by the following rays: Average Man - Exoteric Planets Head Center - first ray - Pluto AjnaAstrology, 528:law. [528] The five cities which are the exoteric expression of the esoteric center of force andAstrology, 547:one time influencing our Earth, which planets - exoteric and esoteric - are transmitting theirAstrology, 548:active. They are: 1. Uranus. This planet is the exoteric ruler of Aquarius; it is also the esotericAstrology, 549:it "leads into the mysteries") and is also the exoteric ruler of Gemini, which is the sign of theAstrology, 549:consciousness and form; it is also the exoteric ruler of Virgo, the Mother of the Christ-Child, orAstrology, 550:influence, it is powerful in the three fields - exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical - and if youAstrology, 643:"Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are the four exoteric planets and three others which mustAstrology, 645:the Mercury, the Jupiter, the Earth and the exoteric Saturn scheme, and so do the Manasadevas (theAstrology, 649:and non-sacred planets and the rays: 38. The exoteric non-sacred planets are called in occultAstrology, 649:III, page 455, Diagram II, is suggestive, though exoteric and deliberately misleading as the sacredAstrology, 650:The Earth Undiscovered Undiscovered This is the Exoteric division. The Kingdoms of Nature and theAstrology, 679:a constellation until recently unrecognized by exoteric science as having any relation of anAstrology, 687:is that formed by the seven Kumaras - the four exoteric Kumaras corresponding to the four minorAstrology, 692:the Mercury, the Jupiter, the Earth and the exoteric Saturn scheme, and so do the Manasadevas ofAtom, 55:its externality, upon its [55] tangibility and exoteric manifestation. This thought is also broughtAutobiography, 195:be kept waiting for two years in some purely exoteric group. He had no answer to this and IAutobiography, 237:apparent for some point of contact between the exoteric religions of the West and the esotericAutobiography, 262:of the world, having no name, represented by no exoteric organization and having no recognizedAutobiography, 264:metaphysical organizations. They are definitely exoteric in nature but are useful in challengingAutobiography, 272:Their methods are, in the last analysis, exoteric; they give training, based upon what is alreadyAutobiography, 275:have either not been so, or are now entirely exoteric. The esoteric truths of the past are theAutobiography, 275:The esoteric truths of the past are the exoteric fundamental truths of the present. During the pastBethlehem, 6:Blavatsky, Vol. III, p.55. We know much of the exoteric teaching. Orthodox and theologicalDestiny, 69:governing the personality manifestation, or the exoteric country. Austria, Greece, India, Japan andDestiny, 70:or via certain planetary rulers (again either exoteric, esoteric or hierarchical); these effectsDestiny, 73:through the beneficent influence of Jupiter, the exoteric ruler of Pisces. What is needed in theDestiny, 102:an immutable law. The five cities which are the exoteric expression of the esoteric center of forceDiscipleship1, 13:before us: Group unity... through thought, exoteric knowledge of each other and a constant sendingDiscipleship1, 93:is given and all the training offered was of an exoteric nature. You can see for yourselves that itDiscipleship1, 93:the teaching another stage outward and make exoteric what the Master taught his disciple in theDiscipleship1, 185:with the group of which you are a part. To the exoteric relation must be added the inner. This IDiscipleship1, 302:the footsteps of all aspirants, must work out in exoteric service, rendered progressively on eachDiscipleship1, 353:all the various branches of the healing art - exoteric and esoteric, orthodox and experimental. He
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