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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPANDED

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Astrology, 140:his experience is extended and his consciousness expanded by the new energies, but all the time theAstrology, 448:it [448] the self-centeredness?) becomes the expanded consciousness and the decentralized attitudeAstrology, 448:to the appearance of the first stages of an expanded consciousness throughout all mankind - theAstrology, 453:apply the Law of Analogy, knowing that when the expanded and more inclusive consciousness of theAstrology, 477:confidence when surmounted and produce greatly expanded vision. They foster compassion andAstrology, 542:of the human being is [542] being steadily expanded under this major interplay and through theAstrology, 594:therefore, the human consciousness is far more expanded than it is, it is not possible for man toAtomand to deal somewhat with the nature of the expanded states of consciousness and the enlarged lifeAtom, 108:five senses, and having, through their medium, expanded our consciousness, we reach a certainAtom, 115:initiation. When the consciousness of the animal expanded into that of the human being, stillAtom, 128:The time is coming, however, when we shall have expanded our consciousness to such an extent, andAutobiography, 299:could have been. The time had come for the next expanded teaching to be given out. D.K. stood nextBethlehem, 36:initiation leaving the [36] race with an expanded understanding. Today mankind is being preparedBethlehem, 54:revelation. Finally, every initiation leads to expanded service. Practical spiritual living mustDestiny, 108:consciousness of humanity has been definitely expanded and the whole world of men at this time isDiscipleship1, 45:could be increased, their consciousness expanded and the group could become a magnetized center ofDiscipleship1, 256:life rhythm. You have passed through a period of expanded service; it has carried you far from theDiscipleship1, 257:centered in the mind. That means a greatly expanded consciousness and far more power to serve -Discipleship1, 311:of contact. Seize each opportunity for a more expanded interplay with other lives, touching themDiscipleship1, 420:field of service. The first has greatly expanded your mental body. The second has swept yourDiscipleship1, 655:to cooperate with the Hierarchy will be greatly expanded. You are needed. You are needed where youDiscipleship2, 53:Much remained to be done, and each year I have expanded the concept and laid the foundation forDiscipleship2, 85:will to meet the need in the new ways, with the expanded truths and with no dogmatism. Discipleship2, 297:to the Ashram, his consciousness is consciously expanded (if I may use such an apparently redundantDiscipleship2, 302:all of these four hints or seed ideas (for much expanded thinking, leading to renewed activity)Discipleship2, 311:its waiting, and for the new truths and the expanded spiritual presentations which it is theDiscipleship2, 459:conditions which will produce this desirable expanded consciousness. But they oft forget that thisDiscipleship2, 546:with newly accepted disciples, or powerfully expanded and inclusive as in the case of olderDiscipleship2, 647:By so doing, the sense of universality and of an expanded consciousness will grow and deepen andExternalisation, 90:terms which are (some of them) paraphrased and expanded in The Secret Doctrine: "Seven menExternalisation, 136:real progress can be made; the consciousness is expanded and becomes more generously and divinelyExternalisation, 293:progress and blocking the door which leads to expanded life and liberation. The Dweller challengesExternalisation, 519:aspect in all forms, so that it is awakened, expanded and intelligently employed. The HierarchyExternalisation, 580:work of the other Ashrams, when the time for an expanded effort arrives. Externalisation, 582:of the Masters, Whose consciousness is fully expanded - a consciousness entering a higher andFire, 82:a man has, through meditation and concentration expanded his consciousness to a certain point he isFire, 83:of the dividing web. [83] When the Logos has expanded His Consciousness on cosmic levels He canFire, 147:light upon the same problems raised to Deity, or expanded from microcosmic to macrocosmic spheres.Fire, 178:relatively permanent body is built and enlarged, expanded and wrought into [179] a centralFire, 239:who is no more nor less than man himself, expanded into a being of awful power, and subject to theFire, 626:which can be contacted direct by those who have expanded their consciousness adequately. [627] TheFire, 781:a pillar of Light. Having chosen its vehicle, it expanded, surrounding with an akashic aura theFire, 1060:visioned by us when our [1060] consciousness has expanded beyond the cosmic physical plane, andFire, 1074:life has now made three at-one-ments or expanded its realization three times. At-one-ment with theFire, 1164:man has developed etheric vision and thus has expanded his range of vision, he will become aware ofFire, 1241:color, has passed beyond the veil and has expanded His consciousness so that he is at-one with theFire, 1241:quality, its color, and its attributes; he has expanded his consciousness until gradually he hasHealing, 176:and in its right understanding can be traced and expanded the whole story of conception, ofHealing, 411:difficult to credit than the alternative of an expanded consciousness. - Page 98-99. [412] a. TheIntellect, 27:and the faculty of awareness must be steadily expanded. Expansion and growth is the law of life andMagic, 11:until the consciousness of man can be so expanded that he becomes aware of the greater issues.Magic, 27:and allied groups, but his consciousness is expanded until it might be called planetaryMagic, 405:elevated to the mental plane; it must be expanded so that it included not only the world of emotionMagic, 608:planet; they express, because of their state of expanded consciousness, the Mind of God; theyMeditation, 144:whereby the consciousness is raised and the mind expanded until it embraces: Its family andMeditation, 259:human - and has, through meditation and service, expanded His center of consciousness till it nowMeditation, 264:be embraced by Him, and His consciousness has expanded to include the entire objective solarProblems, 157:can be achieved. Prayer has been [157] expanded into meditation; desire has been lifted into mentalPsychology1, 99:difficult to credit than the alternative of an expanded consciousness. This development alongPsychology2, 215:How can the consciousness of humanity be expanded so that it can be developed from the germ ofPsychology2, 327:whereby the consciousness aspect of divinity is expanded, culminating as it does in what isRays, 113:(briefly hinted at by H.P.B.) has been expanded by me in the book, Education in the New Age and inRays, 152:revealed to the initiate as his consciousness is expanded. They relate to: The work which theRays, 175:of the One Initiator. For the first time the expanded consciousness of the initiate can contactRays, 282:consciousness of the Master is being steadily expanded, and this because of the nature of TheirRays, 384:the seven Ashrams were founded, developed and expanded until the time arrived - several aeons ago -Rays, 556:its application and its comprehension lead to expanded understanding. Through energy the worldsRays, 588:of these developing ranges of activity and of expanded consciousness will indicate why and how ourRays, 763:the ear, that soon the inner hearing will become expanded feeling and will give place to sight andTelepathy, 48:anent invocation and evocation and will be expanded to include not only right human relations toTelepathy, 131:of manifestation. Statement Two. This energy expanded outward from its central focus (the center
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