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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPANSION

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Rays, 459:the personality [459] to effort, vision and expansion. Now - at this stage - the integrated,Rays, 510:three major expansions of consciousness. The expansion of consciousness of the dedicatedRays, 510:consummated at the third initiation. The expansion of this fused and blended consciousness [511]Rays, 511:consummated at the fifth initiation. The expansion of consciousness toward which the Masters areRays, 531:antahkarana; the results of the experience of expansion are now definitely of such a nature thatRays, 532:indicates in a mysterious manner the rate of expansion as the disciple has undergone the process;Rays, 565:invoke and evoke his response and a developing expansion of consciousness, each successiveRays, 587:tell you nothing. We shall deal only with the expansion of consciousness and the experience ofRays, 668:of those who must be served; they involve the expansion of the individual consciousness into aRays, 728:are hints to me also, only I can bring to their expansion into ascertained fact a wider knowledgeRays, 732:convey. Form dies for him and he knows a new expansion of life and undergoes (if I may so expressRays, 746:liberations was in the nature of a spiritual expansion of consciousness to the British people and aReappearance, 25:to the fulfiling of this Plan, suddenly a great expansion of consciousness took place. TheReappearance, 40:spiritual living is about to be written; a new expansion of consciousness is an imminent happening;Reappearance, 153:general outlines of the new world religion. The expansion of the human consciousness which willSoul, 146:of its 'hypotheses,' as by a growth and expansion of the human heart and a change in its psychologyTelepathy, 48:the theory of relationships and will lead to the expansion of the idea of right human relationsTelepathy, 49:note also that this whole process is capable of expansion in the processes of meditation, so thatTelepathy, 51:of world service as it is to be applied in the expansion of the human consciousness on a largeTelepathy, 60:humanity, subjected to this constant process of expansion from the emergence of the fourth kingdomTelepathy, 90:lesser though definite states, each marking an expansion in the realm of service and each relatedTelepathy, 91:be forgotten that step by step, stage by stage, expansion after expansion, initiation afterTelepathy, 91:step by step, stage by stage, expansion after expansion, initiation after initiation, the divineTelepathy, 96:of points of tension and their consequent expansion into magnetic auras or areas, capable ofTelepathy, 120:by the Hierarchy, will end and a greater dynamic expansion will take its place. You will note thatTelepathy, 131:focus (the center called Shamballa) and in this expansion [132] became the agency which impressedTelepathy, 132:time and space. Statement Three. This process of expansion set up another focal point of energy,Telepathy, 132:the involutionary arc was thus set up; another expansion took place which resulted, as you knowTelepathy, 163:and the mode of a dual growth or progression and expansion of the network because, starting withTelepathy, 194:and its inciting forces are directed toward the expansion of the human consciousness, through the
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