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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPANSIVE

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Autobiography, 142:If God's truth is truth then it will be expansive and inclusive, and not reactionary and exclusive.Discipleship1, 173:consequently there is now given to you a more expansive view of the underlying purpose of theDiscipleship1, 229:which we call initiations. It is these expansive crises in the various aspects of your nature whichDiscipleship1, 718:their higher prototypes are harmonized and the expansive work of the three initiations (second,Discipleship1, 718:the intent to open the way into a wider and more expansive world. Humanity is preoccupied with theDiscipleship2, 282:of the purpose of the planetary Logos and this expansive and all-inclusive work is entered into inDiscipleship2, 475:you three crises. Make them opportunities for expansive work. The diadem, the robe of rose, theDiscipleship2, 697:and would prove fruitful and lead to much expansive thinking. You are in my Ashram and for everEducation, 75:The true person which is found in every child - expansive, outgoing and well-meaning as are theFire, 578:and there is, therefore, a direct and quite expansive channel between the second subplane on allFire, 771:a primary contraction followed by an outgoing or expansive display of energy. Each IdentityFire, 895:themselves towards individualization through expansive feeling, but in the cases which do occurFire, 1219:group. These two laws are termed: 6. The Law of Expansive Response. 7. The Law of the Lower Four.Fire, 1220:energy 7th Ray. Evolving factor. 6. Law of Expansive Response. (Name not given) Flaming Rosy Sun.Fire, 1220:Response. (Name not given) Flaming Rosy Sun. Expansive energy 3rd Ray. Adapting factor. 7. Law ofMagic, 26:plane) and seek to understand, through steady expansive growth, the nature and purpose of thatPsychology1, 80:as it appears in the human kingdom, and a close expansive study (note that paradoxical phrase) ofPsychology2, 151:subsidiary Law of Magnetic Impulse. The Law of Expansive Response - Sixth Law Manas - HigherPsychology2, 164:Correct orientation Third ray force The Law of Expansive Response 7. Meditation Right use of thePsychology2, 198:Seven Laws of Soul or Group Life 6. The Law of Expansive Response We can now, with great brevity,Psychology2, 199:therefore, take any time dealing with The Law of Expansive Response, or with The Law of the LowerSoul, 156:[156] man with his impressions and emotions and expansive desires - as a power of vital control.Telepathy, 73:permits of a spiritual perception of such an expansive nature that he gets his first real and
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