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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPECTANCY

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Autobiography, 288:universality of this teaching, plus the general expectancy is a major argument for the factualBethlehem, 11:and indicating the future hope. The world expectancy today shows that we stand on the verge of aBethlehem, 36:constantly isolate the present opportunity. The expectancy in the race is assuming vitalDiscipleship1, 5:now too much developed to warrant this type of expectancy. Therefore, this condition no longerDiscipleship1, 29:and then for three days afterwards with expectancy. May I point out the prime importance of makingDiscipleship1, 30:to be rendered selflessly and with no personal expectancy. Owing to the pressure of time and ofDiscipleship1, 98:concerned and a standing with steadfastness and expectancy on the part of the teacher. When theDiscipleship1, 160:go forward along the Lighted Way and with expectancy as your keynote. Preserve a readiness toDiscipleship1, 383:coming years are taken joyously and with high expectancy. You have sought with diligence to followDiscipleship1, 406:I take up definite work with you in a spirit of expectancy because of your real sensitivity. I takeDiscipleship2, 54:attempted or achieved contact; by the sense of expectancy which the emotional nature would beDiscipleship2, 89:with the information and through the hope and expectancy thus engendered may move forward intoDiscipleship2, 144:Impression. Assuming an attitude of the highest expectancy, you [145] will now express in your ownDiscipleship2, 386:of promise" upon which all spiritual hope, all expectancy and the dynamic intention behind theDiscipleship2, 421:leading to a point of temporary static expectancy. Recognition of a capacity, hitherto unrealized,Discipleship2, 489:which is your persistent Self, plus a live expectancy. I have chosen these words with care andDiscipleship2, 490:attitude is one of a radiant, silent, poised expectancy, and nothing else is permitted. This youDiscipleship2, 719:undue pressure; you must do it without any eager expectancy, but simply as a demanded duty. I wouldEducation, 120:attitude today is one of sorrowful and fearful expectancy and a feeble hope that some reward (in aExternalisation, 320:of the Forces of Light. This attitude of painful expectancy is universal among the masses - bothExternalisation, 336:service. A united attitude of love, of hopeful expectancy, of courage, of spiritual demand and ofExternalisation, 352:asked to stand steady in patient, yet convinced, expectancy. The task to be done by the HierarchyExternalisation, 361:rules and the Center where there is intelligent expectancy. The medium of the test will be theExternalisation, 552:no vision the people perish. [552] Because human expectancy indicates its emerging presence.Externalisation, 594:of God there is naught to be seen and felt but expectancy and preparation. From the Father's HouseExternalisation, 594:is but one Purpose, one idea and one united expectancy... I write here in no fanatical or adventistExternalisation, 595:is now possible to humanity, and a revealing expectancy will prove the accuracy of the BiblicalExternalisation, 602:and wrong, nevertheless demonstrates human expectancy of the imminence of His coming. Belief in HisExternalisation, 643:if humanity (as a whole) stands in steady expectancy, wise activity, and makes broad and brotherlyExternalisation, 650:due to their reaction to spiritual hope, to the expectancy and to the curiously widespread beliefExternalisation, 660:of His coming or advent. The movement toward expectancy and preparation is now rapidly gainingExternalisation, 662:and increasingly from the world of men, as expectancy, hope and demand combine to make their unitedExternalisation, 698:of spiritual inspiration - the divine spirit of expectancy for the reappearance of the Christ willFire, 686:system before the solar angels, thrilling with expectancy, take possession of the forms preparedGlamour, 169:rules, and the Center where there is intelligent expectancy was made. The medium of the test wasGlamour, 258:of the uniqueness of special breathing and the expectancy of phenomenal results bar out allHealing, 283:presentation of human nature, [283] its expectancy of man's capacity to demonstrate today andHealing, 389:to dying and the inculcation of a happy expectancy where that inevitable and most familiar eventHealing, 693:to you disappointment, but simply an attitude of expectancy, particularly where the youngerHealing, 693:All things considered, this hiatus between expectancy and possibility is exceedingly good. ThereHealing, 694:to explain this, so that there will be no undue expectancy that I shall impart the mysterious andHealing, 694:to generate in you also a wise and searching expectancy which will use the little that I am able toIntellect, 160:of completion, of satisfaction and a joyous expectancy, so that the world is seen in a new lightMagic, 161:predominating in the planetary form - fear, expectancy and a climaxing desire (in the human family)Magic, 162:of the Eternal; in the place of questioning expectancy he must substitute that placid, yet active,Problems, 161:be added conscious Invocation, plus a trained expectancy of a reciprocal Evocation. Psychology1, 97:the aspirant of a happy speculation and an idle expectancy carry the seeds of danger, of staticPsychology1, 281:also be noted. Everywhere we find the spirit of expectancy, and the demand for a manifestation andPsychology2, 246:But one thing is oft forgotten in the great expectancy. There is no need for too great an upwardPsychology2, 686:and bewildered world of men, waiting in eager expectancy for an event which can take place if theRays, 134:purposes are latent in that field of waiting expectancy, I cannot yet reveal or even indicate. TheRays, 186:increased the growth of desire far beyond normal expectancy or hierarchical planning, thus creatingRays, 220:to emphasize that the group does not wait in expectancy for a Word to be given to it; it does notRays, 257:Revelation in the consciousness of men, in the expectancy which the Hierarchy evidences, [258] andRays, 444:of that which he has - with hope and spiritual expectancy - sought to create; he discovers this asRays, 616:Christ's coming and thus implements the innate expectancy of the masses. The evocation of a unitedRays, 706:to the service of humanity, and with a sense of expectancy. During the preceding cycle of lives ofRays, 706:visions have led Him to this high point of expectancy; He knows now where His field of service liesRays, 749:of the material values. The prevalent spirit of expectancy and of a truly divine discontent are theReappearance, 5:have been characterized by a hopeful sense of expectancy. Some one is expected and His coming isReappearance, 5:the period who have fostered and proclaimed this expectancy and the time has always been one ofReappearance, 5:of the Christ are the keynotes of the prevalent expectancy. When the times are ripe, the invocationReappearance, 10:of humanity at this time, that the worldwide expectancy of the reappearance of the Christ is based.Reappearance, 15:and here lies a great deal of our trouble. The expectancy of His coming is nothing new; in it liesReappearance, 19:His coming will be not only the general expectancy but also the fact that much is today known andReappearance, 22:can stand with massed intent, with hope and with expectancy. This preparatory work must be focusedReappearance, 35:use of this Invocation or Prayer and the rising expectancy of the coming of the Christ hold out theReappearance, 36:Reappearance of the Christ - Chapter III - World Expectancy CHAPTER THREE The Reappearance of theReappearance, 36:THREE The Reappearance of the Christ - World Expectancy God Transcendent, greater, vaster and moreReappearance, 38:of God, there is naught to be seen and felt but expectancy and preparation. "The Hierarchy waits."Reappearance, 39:is but one purpose, one idea and one united expectancy. Reappearance, 39:Reappearance of the Christ - Chapter III - World Expectancy It is essential that today there shouldReappearance, 40:is now possible to humanity and a revealing expectancy will prove the accuracy of the BiblicalReappearance, 43:Reappearance of the Christ - Chapter III - World Expectancy The idea of the return of Christ is aReappearance, 47:Reappearance of the Christ - Chapter III - World Expectancy Many years ago, I indicated that theReappearance, 49:and wrong, nevertheless demonstrates human expectancy of the imminence of His coming. Belief in HisReappearance, 50:Reappearance of the Christ - Chapter III - World Expectancy 2. Christ taught also that the KingdomReappearance, 54:Reappearance of the Christ - Chapter III - World Expectancy Let us forget distance, remoteness andReappearance, 57:Reappearance of the Christ - Chapter III - World Expectancy The question now arises: In what wayReappearance, 114:submission is a positive attitude of spiritual expectancy, leading eventually to a positiveReappearance, 114:to a positive acquiescence. A spiritual expectancy is also to be seen; it is part of the work ofReappearance, 114:these factors of submission, acquiescence and expectancy are latent in every man. It is these threeReappearance, 180:of all, to decide if his incentive and spiritual expectancy is adequate to the task ahead. OnlyReappearance, 187:is universally expected, and in this spirit of expectancy comes the antidote to the spirit of fearReappearance, 187:call "heaven." Where there is the same expectancy, where there is uniformity of testimony and ofSoul, 16:and aspirations. A spirit of uncertainty and expectancy is paralleling the certainties and cold
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