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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPECTED

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Astrology, 195:The Science of Triangles. Aries is, as might be expected, closely connected with the Great Bear butAstrology, 277:spirit. In connection with Jupiter, as might be expected from a study of the rays, Virgo is relatedAstrology, 399:this case veils or hides Vulcan - which might be expected. The Moon, therefore, stands here for theAstrology, 450:like to touch upon the fact that, as might be expected, the influences of Leo-Pisces-CapricornAstrology, 490:Ray I - Aries: This constellation, as might be expected, is the source of the initial energy,Astrology, 491:the most potent and active. Ray VI - as might be expected, is equally expressive and effective. 4.Astrology, 547:among men of their appropriate results, and the expected response. [548] Astrology, 636:word of those sciences was to be sought in and expected from the occult forces emanating from theAstrology, 645:with Uranus, Neptune and Saturn, this might be expected as they are the synthesizing planetaryAstrology, 691:was also formed involving two planets was to be expected under the law, and the triangles varyAstrology, 692:with Uranus, Neptune and Saturn, this might be expected as they are the synthesizing planetaryAtom, 124:what are the different developments which may be expected as the consciousness within the humanAutobiography, 66:time I was in India. When we got to Bombay I had expected to trans-ship there and take the BritishAutobiography, 117:Those who have children will understand. I never expected to see her again, but miraculously, sheAutobiography, 184:exalted idea. I was just somebody who could be expected to take care of them but who could also beAutobiography, 184:to take care of them but who could also be expected to block what they wanted to do. I learnt a lotAutobiography, 250:of the school in good standing. No loyalty is expected or asked, either to the school or to A.A.B.Autobiography, 287:free from dogmas and doctrines. No one is expected to accept this, that or the other truth; and ifAutobiography, 290:free to work in other organizations and are not expected to owe allegiance to anyone in the ArcaneAutobiography, 303:mind could at that time have possibly reasonably expected. Today our group is filled with light andBethlehem, 65:which were to be fulfiled by the mother of the expected Messiah (Buddha), the fifth sign wasBethlehem, 77:well and are our familiar friends, it cannot be expected to express itself elsewhere. We must liveBethlehem, 208:Crucifixion itself was only an anticipated and expected consummation of that career. No other endBethlehem, 208:have been deserted by those who might have been expected to understand and participate in the workBethlehem, 227:(others). (Mark X, 44.) Therefore the Son of Man expected the post of highest rule because he wasBethlehem, 233:ahead they will see death vanquished. That they expected an immediate kingdom and that they lookedDestiny, 115:the imminent happenings which may logically be expected. There are, as you may realize, two ways inDestiny, 135:upon the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, it may be expected that the influence of that ray and of theDiscipleship1, 21:though no rigid adherence to such rules is ever expected. The disciple grows through intelligentlyDiscipleship1, 35:This is natural, for no perfection is yet to be expected among disciples. If perfection existed,Discipleship1, 180:which this situation brings about, [180] be expected to emerge? I wonder if I can make it clear toDiscipleship1, 238:you see it; no higher attitude can be expected of anyone. Have in mind, however, that your physicalDiscipleship1, 394:you. Such conditions of difficulty must be expected by all aspirants who have reached the point inDiscipleship1, 424:with each other - a result, differing from that expected oft ensues. The achieving also of aDiscipleship1, 532:work. In my next instruction, if you make the expected progress, I will start the occult trainingDiscipleship1, 567:humanity; or, if he served, he did so because I expected it and it pleased him to please me. ThisDiscipleship1, 618:you have proved yourself; these seldom come the expected way. One of your major safeguards is ever,Discipleship1, 782:matter for another section. No obedience is expected in the Arcane School, no emphasis is laid onDiscipleship1, 782:of the school in good standing. No loyalty is expected or asked, either to the school or to A. A.Discipleship2, 52:true objectives can be grasped. Results must be expected and an inner sensitivity developed whichDiscipleship2, 87:Invocation means anything, it is what must be expected. The principles to be emphasized are: TheDiscipleship2, 92:sharing." [92] Perfection is not looked for or expected, but certain personality faults of pride,Discipleship2, 161:consciously voiced. Results, therefore, can be expected more rapidly and prove more effective. ThisDiscipleship2, 168:for; nothing can prevent the appearance of the expected results, for the eternal law holds good.Discipleship2, 264:differences (if I might call them so) which are expected by you to eventuate from the work.Discipleship2, 295:their Ashrams. This was the best that could be expected, and in the last analysis was all that wasDiscipleship2, 307:and what aspects or forms can the revelation be expected to take? Are they to look for a suddenDiscipleship2, 395:time than any other; that would naturally be expected, because time is only a word for daily,Discipleship2, 494:often in this group and this [494] is to be expected owing to the fact that the Masters M. and K.H.Discipleship2, 513:in, the situation becomes acute, which is to be expected. Fortunately, disciples are driven byDiscipleship2, 630:There the desired truth and revelation can be expected and awaited. Then wait. When your intuitionDiscipleship2, 638:the best one can and that that is all one can be expected to do. This renders the few remainingDiscipleship2, 638:water mark for this life and nothing more can be expected. This may be true from the personalityDiscipleship2, 668:a particularly loving nature, as might have been expected. They are usually on the wisdom aspect ofDiscipleship2, 669:[669] average aspirant to discipleship will be expected to be as intuitive and motivated by pureDiscipleship2, 693:will discover that it has (as it might have been expected) various meanings and policies which willEducation, 14:beauty, strength and wisdom. They must not be expected to rationalize before that time, even ifEducation, 54:goodwill is all that can, at this time, be expected from the masses, and this is the sublimation ofEducation, 75:treatment at the hands of others, and is expected also to render equally courteous treatment inEducation, 100:group of similar units, each of whom is expected to contribute his quota of good to the whole. TheEducation, 149:of the line along which major changes can be expected to come. You can begin, therefore, to workExternalisation, 147:a normal reaction to world tension and was to be expected. The standard that I have indicated aboveExternalisation, 203:awakened human lives. Can more be asked for or expected than this? Such a way of life can be madeExternalisation, 231:as to how the United States of America should be expected to respond. I write as one who representsExternalisation, 292:evolution) Avatars are of two kinds, as might be expected when the consciousness of humanity isExternalisation, 340:forward, [340] except in Russia. This was to be expected at first, because if evil is simply theExternalisation, 340:Their initial triumphing is, therefore, to be expected. The course of the war hitherto hasExternalisation, 453:continents and of all denominations. They can be expected to fight for their establishedExternalisation, 562:with the Hierarchy. This again had not been expected so early. The result of this happening hasExternalisation, 571:- enrages many and often those from whom he had expected understanding and a true impartiality; hisExternalisation, 589:true and possible hope for the future. It can be expected that the orthodox Christian will at firstExternalisation, 634:more slowly formulated than had been originally expected, but this has been through no fault ofExternalisation, 636:When I began my exoteric work in 1919, I had not expected to be frustrated by the second world war,Externalisation, 662:makes [662] failure inevitable - if success is expected along these most ordinary lines. Fire, 167:is also a synthesizer, as would normally be expected, if it is recognized that the lowest plane ofFire, 376:on the earth planet) this is just what might be expected. Man developed manas in this round duringFire, 426:of manas, and see wherein their influence may be expected. The subject is so stupendous that weFire, 428:Entities, and the future results that may be expected from their effect upon man, remembering everFire, 432:books with suggestions as to that which may be expected during the next few centuries but it doesFire, 453:developments and to tabulate the results to be expected. Suggestions only are possible. DevelopmentFire, 560:upon with care, it will be noted (as might be expected) that it includes the other two, andFire, 561:set rules and laws, and have a definite goal, or expected consummation. The Factor of Time.Fire, 568:and the correspondence, as might be expected, holds good. [569] The Law of Synthesis - The WillFire, 664:was also formed involving two planets was to be expected under the law, and the triangles varyFire, 668:These devas of the sixth order, as might be expected, are closely linked with those of the secondFire, 686:P. B. (See S. D., II, 83, 84, 243.) As might be expected, they are characterized by activeFire, 777:with Uranus, Neptune and Saturn, this might be expected as they are the synthesizing planetaryFire, 953:lower mind, with a preponderance, as might be expected, of desire force. This is to be inferredFire, 1035:spiral-cyclic force demonstrates, as might be expected, in seven ways; of these, the three majorFire, 1074:is satisfactorily accomplished. As might be expected, therefore, when the subject is viewed as aFire, 1146:great and intelligent activity, for (as might be expected) on the third or moon chain, the thirdFire, 1191:plus the fourth. (S. D., I, 42-46) This might be expected in this fourth round. The true astrologyGlamour, 19:be the mass of phenomena noted. This is to be expected as this service calls you to work on theGlamour, 179:as a whole will be still higher. This is to be expected if the evolutionary process means anything.Healing, 64:from the above how this taint, as might well be expected, has its roots in the astral or sentientHealing, 179:as the frame of a solar system. This is to be expected. The dense physical externalization of thisHealing, 283:work done is purely mental and that the results expected are purely physical. Otherwise theHealing, 288:People who are so ill that they are not expected to live, or who are suffering from diseases whichHealing, 583:mental planes also. In this rule the healer is expected to accept certain basic ideas which willHealing, 591:on the surface that this dual warfare is to be expected. Under the first category there is the
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