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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPECTED

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Healing, 644:but no true formula for an intelligent and expected cure, only the vague faith of the healer and ofHercules, 50:is right and what is wrong?" How can they be expected to deal with a question which has beenInitiation, 185:of Initiations THE SEVEN PATHS As might be expected, very little has appeared in our literature asMagic, 32:are many types of minds, and it is not to be expected that the information given, for instance, inMagic, 635:a temporary failure may connote delay in expected help, but that again is brief, and help will comeMeditation, 18:It involves also the will element (as might be expected) and results in the wresting of the desiredMeditation, 81:that in all work that is truly occult expected effects are very slowly achieved. Should a man seemMeditation, 316:be no compulsion. The pupil will know what is expected of him and what he [317] must do if he is toMeditation, 327:a day, and during his final year he will be expected to give five hours a day to meditation. WhenProblems, 47:he will receive courteous treatment and will be expected to be equally courteous to others. This isProblems, 141:of the revealing light. A world religion, an expected revelation and then the development of thePsychology1, 5:integrated personalities, and of how they can be expected to work, given certain conditions, isPsychology1, 179:revelation seldom [179] comes along the expected lines. There will be a pouring in of light uponPsychology1, 216:appearance. Certain of the rays, as might be expected, are more responsible than certain others forPsychology2, 65:the fourth kingdom of nature. This we cannot be expected to comprehend as yet, but the truth willPsychology2, 131:in number: He will be distinguished, as might be expected, by the quality of harmlessness, and byPsychology2, 187:to the letter of the law is ever asked or expected. Flexibility within certain self-imposed limitsPsychology2, 187:between them also and the masses whom they are expected eventually to reach. A Master's group ofPsychology2, 194:in its good and bad aspects, can be imminently expected. As has several times been pointed out toPsychology2, 255:This is the new history which - as might be expected - is carrying us steadily into the world ofPsychology2, 484:and prompt unquestioning obedience is expected from them. Under the system of training, impartedPsychology2, 486:and methods but also as to the results to be expected from their efforts. Results there mustPsychology2, 496:that all these frustrations are, as might be expected, simply expressions of frustrated desire, andPsychology2, 536:connected with the heart center, as might be expected. This gland must eventually become moreRays, 344:approach is totally different. No man today is expected to stand at the center of his little worldRays, 420:initiation and this fifth Path; this might be expected for two reasons: one, that every Master isRays, 433:hitherto totally unexpected one. Tests which are expected and for which preparation has been madeRays, 543:initiation when major changes take place) he is expected to "retain the impression" upon the mentalRays, 658:new process in seven phases, preparatory to the expected divine planting. It must be borne in mindRays, 707:are from the angle of the Hierarchy and what is expected of them - they will strengthen their work,Reappearance, 5:by a hopeful sense of expectancy. Some one is expected and His coming is anticipated. Always in theReappearance, 22:therefore, this unique difference between the expected coming of the Christ and the time when HeReappearance, 150:the hope of glory. It is this surely that the expected Approach will demonstrate; it will proveReappearance, 187:for the new Appearing. The Christ is universally expected, and in this spirit of expectancy comesSoul, 46:the standpoint of Eastern wisdom, this was to be expected. This gland is found astride the neck,Soul, 47:of kind, with no sign of adolescence at the expected age, and no exhibition of sex tendencies
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