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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPEDIENCY

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Astrology, 420:cosmic events are governed by a great Law of Expediency, evoked by the evolutionary process andDiscipleship1, 368:that you have permitted your life to be ruled by expediency and habit but not by plan. I would askDiscipleship1, 604:of all the difficulty. It is governed so oft by expediency. Give not so much time to intricate andDiscipleship2, 107:true unity, and often what there is based on expediency or good manners. Discipleship2, 390:in which the balance is attained for the sake of expediency, and this is usually on the side of theDiscipleship2, 539:this life, your theme has been largely that of expediency and of expression to meet the expediency;Discipleship2, 539:that of expediency and of expression to meet the expediency; these motives are in no senseEducation, 136:and wrongly motivated, being based upon fear, expediency and the desire for improved racialExternalisation, 134:national boundaries as the result of war and expediency such as the evacuation of cities hasExternalisation, 167:may be mixed and the leaders guided as much by expediency and selfish, national interests as by theExternalisation, 197:that will probably at first be based on expediency and national need but which will be constructiveExternalisation, 580:ideas will in many cases be governed by the expediency of interplay will not basically matter. ItGlamour, 158:the issues today relatively quite clearly. Will expediency win or will the Dweller be sacrificedGlamour, 209:actuated entirely by his personality forces and expediency. An illustration of this and of itsHealing, 267:of the orthodox Jews - not the concession of expediency but the concession of conviction. Magic, 103:of a brother's need, divorced from sentiment and expediency. It will lead to that silence of theMagic, 315:ray. If on the third ray, they use the Law of Expediency. Thus all three work with the astralMagic, 420:for instance, is frequently a matter of climatic expediency and of taste, and that food isMagic, 630:that the vision is not materialized through expediency and undue [631] adaptation of the suggestedPsychology2, 526:governed at this time by ambition, intellectual expediency and that form of group work which tendsPsychology2, 647:based on a spirit of magnanimity or a sense of expediency or superiority, but upon a desire toPsychology2, 716:many other lines of activity and of evolutionary expediency and undertaking which must parallel theRays, 388:humanity. It is a question of divine timing and expediency, and Shamballa is not yet prepared forRays, 610:only a make-shift decision and one based on expediency and impatience. The Hierarchy is in no wayRays, 622:own point of view; commercial interests and expediency impose restrictions in other countries. ByRays, 636:is separative, wrong and based upon political expediency. The test, as far as the United Nations isRays, 636:of other nations. The United States, urged by expediency, by the financial weight of the Zionists,Rays, 681:and their activities have been endorsed by the expediency policy of the U.S.A. and, in a secondary
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