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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPENDITURE

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Autobiography, 116:as I, and that I was capable of a much greater expenditure of energy than I believed. The wisdomBethlehem, 81:first place, effort. It means initiative, the expenditure of energy, the overcoming of inertia, andDiscipleship1, 6:I For me, there is also the problem of excessive expenditure of force as I attempt to reach each ofDiscipleship1, 82:but at the same time to avoid too great an expenditure of energy in service and too intense anDiscipleship1, 147:enable you to find those who will warrant the expenditure of your time and strength and of yourDiscipleship1, 149:will make greater effort possible with less expenditure of energy and of vitality and, therefore,Discipleship1, 272:and distrust of each other. The key to the right expenditure of money and to its correct use can beDiscipleship1, 738:necessarily to ask himself whether the expenditure of time and energy which he gives to the membersDiscipleship2, 11:the students to learn. All this necessitates an expenditure of force and of time on my part which IDiscipleship2, 50:and we are not yet convinced that the expenditure of force on our part is warranted by the resultsDiscipleship2, 226:Christ can appear among men; through the wise expenditure of the financial resources of the worldDiscipleship2, 360:logically, practically and with the least expenditure of the destroying aspect of the will. TheDiscipleship2, 464:I can find and reach you with a minimum expenditure of force. Your Master, K.H., asked you at thatDiscipleship2, 607:Ashram of K.H., it would necessitate too much expenditure of protective force on the part of K.H.Externalisation, 11:warrant it, and circumstances justify such an expenditure of force. Psychics are easily deceived.Externalisation, 58:a brother, it does not seem to me a profitable expenditure of force at this time. The sigh ofExternalisation, 436:responsibilities. These involve a tremendous expenditure of force, of second ray energy, just asExternalisation, 436:just as His first activity demands an unusual expenditure of first ray power - something which evenExternalisation, 558:will require sacrifice, for it calls for the expenditure of money; even the Hierarchy works throughExternalisation, 628:Christ, particularly if the aid required is the expenditure of money and time for the establishingFire, 568:the best possible advantage and with the least expenditure of force. It makes perfect each atom ofFire, 831:of active energy producing certain results, and expenditure of energy in any one direction willFire, 831:in any one direction will necessitate an equal expenditure in an opposite. This in terms of the EgoGlamour, 248:of the times and experience which call for the expenditure of soul energy. This, my brother, willHealing, 249:pull and urge towards reabsorption requires the expenditure of much energy. When the life increasesInitiation, 67:failure to recognize the law of economy. Every expenditure of force on the part of a Master orMagic, 88:the physical plane, has had no concern. The main expenditure of energy by the soul has beenMagic, 115:involving personal attack, invective and the expenditure of force along destructive lines, and aMagic, 428:your attention. This and this alone warrants the expenditure of all that any of you have to give -Magic, 499:there is no loss of relationship and no false expenditure of energy. Magic, 567:That of destruction by fire, owing to the expenditure of too much energy and the expression of tooMeditation, 345:hours and that his capacity contains but the expenditure of just so much force and no more, wiselyPsychology2, 183:and can at the slightest need and with the least expenditure of force, get into rapport with eachPsychology2, 453:effects may mean release through the proper expenditure of the inflowing energy and consequently noPsychology2, 581:use them the most profitably and with the least expenditure of energy. It [582] should be noted,Psychology2, 642:This has led to what appears to be a futile expenditure of time, strength, energy and money. NoReappearance, 172:money finds it way into four main channels of expenditure: Into the myriad homes in the world inReappearance, 177:Christ, particularly if the aid required is the expenditure of money and time for the establishingTelepathycan - at the slightest need and with the least expenditure of force - get en rapport with each
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