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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPERIENCE

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Astrology, 16:control the man who has no conscious soul experience. The moment that a man becomes aware of hisAstrology, 52:to overcome desire through experiment with and experience of every kind of desire and selfishAstrology, 53:constellations [53] and - at a final stage of experience and development - of the three greatAstrology, 56:of Virgo. These two signs are crucial in the experience of the human being, indicating as they doAstrology, 57:Path of Discipleship - 5th Hierarchy; full life experience; soul life. [58] Goal: IdentificationAstrology, 62:and the spiritual fruit of earlier life experience, world experiment and soul achievement.Astrology, 71:their effect is very different to the earlier experience. At the fifth and final initiation, UranusAstrology, 81:from Aries to Pisces, via Taurus. This changing experience is expressed for us most beautifully inAstrology, 84:and form life The Cycle of Rebirth in Form - Experience Manifestation of Manhood The Crisis ofAstrology, 89:of his attainement. At the culmination of life experience, and when man has reached his goal, eachAstrology, 90:of the passage of a soul around the wheel of experience. We will attempt to consider, in the caseAstrology, 90:the general effect upon a soul - undergoing the experience - from the orthodox angle as he travelsAstrology, 92:to know the uttermost and thus to face all experience" - thus runs an ancient statement. [93] TheAstrology, 94:for the sake of clarity, consider the great experience of life as taking place upon the threeAstrology, 95:Through the lesser fire of mind, the "jungles of experience are set on fire and dissolve in flamesAstrology, 96:of the divine Plan which underlies all his fiery experience. Scorpio, which brings about eventuallyAstrology, 98:center which we call Humanity, [98] and there experience is gained. Herein lies the mystery of theAstrology, 103:and developing a rounded out personality through experience and the working of the Law of Karma,Astrology, 104:with the soul and with soul purpose. The experience of the Fixed Cross covers this period. It mightAstrology, 104:this period. It might here be noted that the experience of the three crosses has a MasonicAstrology, 106:beginning of recurring and constant cycles of experience, the beginning of the period wherein theAstrology, 107:all that I have to say to you anent the dual experience upon the great wheel of life. I would askAstrology, 108:of the seven planetary spheres," which the experience of initiation has guaranteed him, after aAstrology, 108:from the plane of mind, I rule" - The Initiate Experience leads to rulership and in this sign theAstrology, 111:and this dual life will consist of our apparent experience and situations and our inner spiritualAstrology, 111:the motivated life activity and the subjective experience of the inner man will be conditioned byAstrology, 116:Sacrifice and death. [116] In the first cycle of experience upon the wheel, the soul itself is inAstrology, 119:the first faint flickering of the intuition. The experience upon the Mutable Cross lasts a longAstrology, 119:finds his way around the great wheel until the experience of change and of mutability and theAstrology, 120:that, in the early [120] stages of unfoldment, experience is gained only through the Mutable Cross.Astrology, 126:of death; the Earth stands for the sphere of experience; the Moon or Vulcan stands for theAstrology, 127:under the bondage of form in order through form experience to achieve release and the "uplift ofAstrology, 127:the Earth - under the influence of planetary experience (which is different to individualAstrology, 127:experience (which is different to individual experience) in order to transmute his personalAstrology, 128:a branch of esoteric astrology. Love - Mind - Experience - Form - Human Understanding - Death:Astrology, 128:released and earlier mastered through the experience of the Mutable Cross, and by relating them toAstrology, 128:tests in all the twelve signs for which the experience of the two Crosses prepares him. Astrology, 130:the captivity of the soul in form, prior to the experience upon the Fixed Cross. The Twins inAstrology, 130:are symbols of the same basic duality, but the experience of the many changing incarnations hasAstrology, 130:Sons of Mind are raised up into glory through experience and crucifixion because they have learnedAstrology, 131:the task all initiates undertake after the final experience of the twelve final tests in the twelveAstrology, 132:with which Jupiter rewards the disciple, and the experience which Vulcan confers. Vulcan has beenAstrology, 133:have consequently a [133] vision of the Sun, the experience of the personality and effort, which isAstrology, 133:you now stand and the immediate step, vision, experience and effort which lie ahead. In closingAstrology, 137:separating two entirely different areas of experience and consciousness upon the solar path. ItAstrology, 140:them. The man is thereby enriched and his experience is extended and his consciousness expanded byAstrology, 140:happenings going on in the three worlds of human experience - the physical, astral and mentalAstrology, 141:upon the Fixed Cross. A rare few consummate the experience of life upon the three Crosses in theAstrology, 141:however, of the world initiates climax their experience in Aquarius and become liberated worldAstrology, 141:by the initiate. The results of the valley experience (to use the well-known language of theAstrology, 142:vividly depicted by the sign. The Aquarian can experience the depths of depression and ofAstrology, 144:of the soul is consummated and concludes the experience of the disciple upon the Fixed Cross. TheAstrology, 144:Cross - The Cross of changing and absorbed Experience. This is the place of action and of reaction,Astrology, 146:this sign because the true Aquarian - after due experience upon the Mutable Cross and the FixedAstrology, 150:human signs and synthesize the results of experience upon the three Crosses. We shall be able nowAstrology, 151:into incarnation. The Will to manifest. - Experience upon the Cardinal Cross. Pisces - 2nd Aspect -Astrology, 151:desire for material, things. Constant mutation. Experience upon the Mutable or Common Cross.Astrology, 151:to the service of the lower self. Selfishness. Experience upon the Fixed Cross. When these threeAstrology, 151:of all personality selfishness. Culmination of experience upon the Fixed Cross. Pisces - 2nd AspectAstrology, 151:spiritual longing and aspiration. Culmination of experience upon the Mutable Cross. Aries - 1stAstrology, 151:the Plan. The death of Self-will. Culmination of experience upon the Cardinal Cross. Astrology, 152:wheel, these signs bring about: Gemini - Experience of the pairs of opposites. Pronounced andAstrology, 153:upon the first two wheels, and which [153] life experience, in many rounds of the zodiac, hasAstrology, 153:and the Buddha are undergoing preparation. The experience of the Cardinal Cross (concerning as itAstrology, 154:manifestation, the involutionary cycle and the experience of the Cardinal Cross as it expresses theAstrology, 157:to climbing to the mountain top. This is the experience of the Mutable Cross in connection withAstrology, 157:Aries opens the door into Shamballa, when the experience of Taurus and Capricorn has beenAstrology, 159:or initiation - these are distinctive of experience in Capricorn. In ancient days, as you mayAstrology, 160:Aries to Capricorn marked the circle of experience. In Atlantean days, man had become so responsiveAstrology, 160:that the door of initiation into hierarchical experience was opened and two more signs were added.Astrology, 161:- which is the goal of the consciousness of experience upon the Mutable Cross. You consequentlyAstrology, 166:Cross five constellations are concerned with the experience of man upon the path of daily life, ofAstrology, 168:into incarnation, into mass life, and into human experience, whilst the other opens the door intoAstrology, 177:stages, from the time of the Mutable Cross experience wherein the personality is built up,Astrology, 180:upon the Probationary Path and is called the experience of the disciple in the depths or theAstrology, 180:sensitive to a still higher type of mental experience and to this we give the name of intuitiveAstrology, 181:upon the Path of Discipleship and is called the experience of the disciple upon the plains ofAstrology, 181:and level, leaving the depths of personality experience and the heights of soul experience (at thisAstrology, 181:personality experience and the heights of soul experience (at this point of development) on eitherAstrology, 181:upon the Path of Initiation and is called the experience of the mountain top. All are needed - theAstrology, 185:this process is proceeding, the Mutable Cross experience is over and the Cross of DiscipleshipAstrology, 189:goal of initiation into some form of sensuous experience or of spiritual undertaking andAstrology, 189:undertaking and consciousness. The result of all experience in any sign of the zodiac shouldAstrology, 189:of consciousness and, no matter what form this experience may take, it consummates in an initiationAstrology, 189:in life, and should endeavor that every life experience or cycle of life experiences should workAstrology, 191:are as yet embryonic in the earlier Sagittarian experience of the disciple, but they become moreAstrology, 191:and potent as he cyclically returns to life experience in this sign. It is interesting to note thatAstrology, 200:through the transmutative processes of life experience, to aspiration and finally the relinquishingAstrology, 202:direction, we must precede the Capricornian experience of initiation with a careful study of theAstrology, 203:himself passing into this sign for testing and experience nine times. The fact of the three testsAstrology, 206:and Sagittarian attitudes. Another angle of the experience in Scorpio can be covered by two words:Astrology, 207:there emerges from individual past lives and experience that which is the sumtotal of allAstrology, 208:taken. Such is the outcome and the reward of the experience in Scorpio. It is in this sign that theAstrology, 209:aspiration in Scorpio. The darkness of the experience in Scorpio becomes illumination in Taurus,Astrology, 209:tests and trials of the disciple, prior to the experience in Sagittarius and the initiation inAstrology, 219:so that through the tests in Scorpio and the experience in Aquarius the disciple emerges on theAstrology, 222:and appearance are all tested, but as the entire experience has to be fought out subjectively andAstrology, 223:other rays in relation to him and his probable experience. The other point to which I sought toAstrology, 224:period of testing and purification, and this the experience in Scorpio is intended to give.Astrology, 224:and in line also with the general purpose of the experience in Scorpio, as outlined above. Uranus
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