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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPERIENCE

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Astrology, 227:the zodiac, it comes after the normally drastic experience of the man in Scorpio; this is usuallyAstrology, 227:sensed and vaguely recognized. Then follows the experience in Libra wherein a life is spent inAstrology, 228:Undeveloped and average man. Human experience. Virgo - Meditation - Soul life, as sensed in man,Astrology, 228:Scorpio - Illumination - The soul triumphs. Experience in Taurus consummated. Astral glamorAstrology, 229:difficulty; it provides the curious see-saw experience which proves so distressingly bewilderingAstrology, 232:Cosmic Christ. There is therefore the individual experience in Libra of the balanced life whereinAstrology, 232:that the man must go at the time. There is the experience of humanity in Libra in which the sameAstrology, 232:involved and not just an individual. This group experience, carried out upon the mental plane, willAstrology, 233:- are being tested under the Scorpio experience whilst the masses are in the Scales; the weight ofAstrology, 235:teachers in both hemispheres, embodying the experience of the East and of the West, and of theAstrology, 240:under law and through the method of gained experience whilst in manifestation, the creative plan isAstrology, 241:the Fixed Cross and gone through its fourfold experience. It is not possible to say more than whatAstrology, 241:and bringing his contribution, wrested in his experience upon the wheel of life from the sumtotalAstrology, 253:the lure of knowledge to be gained through the experience of incarnation. Eve, therefore, took theAstrology, 253:the long human undertaking of experiment, experience and expression which was initiated - from theAstrology, 259:Incentive behind evolution (Impulse). Desire for experience, for satisfaction. The Light ofAstrology, 260:quiet and warmth; it is the valley of deep experience wherein secrets are discovered and eventuallyAstrology, 265:of personality and preparation for the Christ experience. It is self-consciousness and the lowerAstrology, 275:consciousness which is a result of chosen experience after initiation. It connotes mass life,Astrology, 275:mass life, leading to group life after the experience of initiation, for which its polar opposite,Astrology, 275:full expression in Aquarius which completes the experience of Leo and fuses it with that of CancerAstrology, 279:probation (which in reality is the entire life experience, prior to treading the path ofAstrology, 281:for his development and slowly acquired experience. Mercury, being the Messenger of the Gods andAstrology, 287:has begun. In Cancer, the purificatory waters of experience begin their beneficent work. This isAstrology, 287:deals only with wholes and, therefore, with mass experience. In Scorpio, the purificatory waters ofAstrology, 288:Cross of [288] ordinary material existence and experience. Thus the influence of the three CrossesAstrology, 289:in the long run for men and races; for this all experience in Leo is preparatory. TheAstrology, 290:therefore: [290] Taurus - The incentive towards experience in order to gain knowledge. Leo - TheAstrology, 290:order to gain knowledge. Leo - The expression of experience in order to justify knowledge. AquariusAstrology, 290:to justify knowledge. Aquarius - The use of experience in order to make the gained knowledge aAstrology, 293:man both before and after the long and drastic experience upon the Cross. Taurus - The Bull ofAstrology, 303:"memory cells" and are the repositories of past experience, of gained quality, and of theAstrology, 318:and is brought to the surface by means of the experience, the tests, the trials and the "sting ofAstrology, 319:personality, and this is a result of the Cancer experience, consummated in Virgo. Such is the wayAstrology, 324:an ultimate perfection which goads the ego on to experience in form, for the ego is alreadyAstrology, 325:of the intense and selfish interest in personal experience and living, evidenced in the speculativeAstrology, 330:of Love-Wisdom (recognized duality and gained experience) are found to be missing. Their influencesAstrology, 333:Aries turns towards Capricorn Blind, undirected experience Directed Personality effort RecognitionAstrology, 336:which guides the soul into the dark place of experience." Similarly, it is the magical pull ofAstrology, 337:the [337] soul steadily away from form life and experience and constitutes that "radiant lightAstrology, 340:incarnation of the soul in the three worlds of experience and human expression. The power of VenusAstrology, 343:the soul indicates the objective of the Cancer experience and the purpose for which incarnation hasAstrology, 344:manifestation. They lie behind the form-taking experience in Cancer and they also lie behindAstrology, 345:and space which will provide a field of adequate experience for the unfoldment of the Christ lifeAstrology, 351:an emerging recognition of duality, leading to experience and growth in all separate intelligentAstrology, 352:and the waning light which distinguishes soul experience from the first faint move towardsAstrology, 352:first faint move towards incarnation and Earth experience, the rise and fall of civilizations andAstrology, 360:of the soul. It is this which, in the Scorpio experience, produces the terrific experience of theAstrology, 360:in the Scorpio experience, produces the terrific experience of the disciple and which, at thisAstrology, 364:ray produces fixation upon the exoteric level of experience and "anchors" (if I may use such aAstrology, 370:has at some time and many times conditioned your experience, and the results are marked in the lifeAstrology, 388:then the life of the soul within that form. This experience is of so high a nature that only thoseAstrology, 388:of God as he can, at any particular stage in his experience, grasp and understand. TheseAstrology, 392:in the Christian phraseology, "the Gethsemane experience." The Christ, kneeling beside the rockAstrology, 394:remain a mental acquisition and not a practical experience. He will be almost painfully consciousAstrology, 395:In the integrated personality, prior to the Path experience. In these, the Mutable Cross controls.Astrology, 398:constitutes (with the greater cycle) a rhythm of experience of tremendous moment. These seven signsAstrology, 398:moment. These seven signs are pre-eminently life-experience signs. The preceding sign of Aries isAstrology, 422:confronting humanity on the arc of evolutionary experience upon our planet. Astrology, 425:consequently bring to the comprehension of life experience or to the understanding of such anAstrology, 436:great force of liberation which both drives into experience and brings experience to an end, fromAstrology, 436:which both drives into experience and brings experience to an end, from the angle of humanity. ThisAstrology, 436:that quick and intuitive mind which interprets experience, fosters the growth of the intuition andAstrology, 444:slowly; the life then within the form fails to experience the needed, forceful awakening;Astrology, 444:still governs in the three worlds of human experience and - "fire by friction" must burn up thatAstrology, 447:and desires of the lower nature. This cycle of experience is followed by a painful life ofAstrology, 463:present downward into physical manifestation and experience. [464] Aspirants and probationersAstrology, 471:increasingly aware in their own individual experience. This is the higher aspect of the energy ofAstrology, 474:to that of the accepted disciple and from the experience of intellectual expression in the threeAstrology, 474:on each of the seven planes of divine experience and expression. Astrology, 476:enabling the disciple or initiate to utilize the experience gained and the values grasped inAstrology, 481:they mark critical points in the soul's experience - points of integration wherein the soul isAstrology, 481:at the same time with spirit. I said the soul's experience, not the experience of the man upon theAstrology, 481:spirit. I said the soul's experience, not the experience of the man upon the physical plane. WhenAstrology, 481:of the man upon the physical plane. When the experience undergone in Virgo is consummated in PiscesAstrology, 488:Taurus, Leo, Aquarius. Taurus incites towards experience and towards the gaining of knowledge; LeoAstrology, 488:knowledge; Leo leads to the expression of that experience in daily life and to the effort toAstrology, 488:effort to justify knowledge; Aquarius takes that experience and the knowledge gained thereby, andAstrology, 495:the period of assimilation by the mind of past experience. These processes, when successfullyAstrology, 495:expression of the intuition. Cancer Incarnation experience of realization. Leo Self-consciousnessAstrology, 500:will be revealed. And the day will come, in the experience of humanity, when men will look back atAstrology, 519:can grasp, because it concerns the life experience and a point of crisis in the life of theAstrology, 538:but released the indwelling life for further experience and development. Astrology, 544:skill and cunning, based on very ancient evil experience and hence also the well-nigh ludicrousAstrology, 546:divinity can be trusted to arise unhurt from the experience in answer to the call of the undyingAstrology, 549:revolution which will lead mankind on to new experience, and to the revelation of the divinityAstrology, 553:syntheses of manifestation and with the unified experience of an incarnating entity, be it God orAstrology, 553:the soul within the form from one extreme of experience to another, so that the life shuttlesAstrology, 557:Triad. It deals with the entire life of soul experience and expression after the Mutable Cross hasAstrology, 559:and begins to grasp the whole of the purpose of experience upon the Mutable Cross (as far asAstrology, 569:of the Mutable Cross have brought about a vast experience of life in form. There is now a graduallyAstrology, 573:three emerging conditions: There is a vast experience of group life, group activity and groupAstrology, 574:he is being gradually integrated through experience upon the Fixed Cross. It might here be pointedAstrology, 574:Fixed Cross. It might here be pointed out that: Experience upon the Mutable Cross integrates a manAstrology, 574:a man into the center which we call Humanity. Experience upon the Fixed Cross integrates theAstrology, 574:planetary Center which we call the Hierarchy. Experience upon the Cardinal Cross integrates theAstrology, 583:[583] the close of His life, in the Gethsemane experience, He cries out: "Father, not my will butAstrology, 592:of evolution precede this fulfilment and long experience of the living activity of the will of GodAstrology, 598:is education, or progressive development through experience. Astrology, 605:is slowly developed through the experiment and experience of the divine love. These seven ray
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