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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EXPERIENCE

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Atom, 62:are coordinated, whereby the central life gains experience, expands its consciousness, and, throughAtom, 70:within the form gains in quality by means of the experience. Autobiography, 2:usefulness. I want to show that in each cycle of experience, I did sincerely try to follow aAutobiography, 2:and the mother of three girls. This varied experience of living and working in Great Britain,Autobiography, 9:I Looking back over my early childhood, I experience a feeling of great dislike of it all. That isAutobiography, 10:Not knowing what to say, I fell back on my own experience and remember so well saying to her,Autobiography, 11:This is true because God is good, life and experience are good, and the will-to-good is eternallyAutobiography, 13:the depths of depression. As the result of much experience I have learnt to repudiate both extremesAutobiography, 21:I just did not find life worth living. The experience of my five years made me feel that thingsAutobiography, 23:and right, which was the result of past lives of experience, which indicated that the mental sideAutobiography, 23:which are such disturbing features of the experience. I believe that this method of capitalizing onAutobiography, 34:Bailey - Chapter I On June 30th, 1895, I had an experience which has made that date for me one thatAutobiography, 35:as I called it. I, therefore, never mentioned my experience to any one for fear that they wouldAutobiography, 37:is the full expression. The real value of this experience is not to be found in the fact that I, aAutobiography, 38:so many claims made by those who have not the experience and the mental and spiritual orientationAutobiography, 40:such discussions. The deeper and more vital the experience, the less temptation is there to tellAutobiography, 48:I was transiting from authority to experience and from a narrow theological belief in the verbalAutobiography, 54:Catherine Rowan-Hamilton and others. My first experience was working in the Home in Belfast. AllAutobiography, 66:Bombay six times in five years, so I had some experience. Whether these men had a good time isAutobiography, 66:station I had a very human and educational experience. This experience goes to show how wonderfulAutobiography, 66:a very human and educational experience. This experience goes to show how wonderful human beingsAutobiography, 69:was completely in his power and that it was his experience that stray men, wandering around India,Autobiography, 69:that happened took too much out of me. I had no experience and, therefore, no sense of relativeAutobiography, 72:during these first weeks in Meerut but my real experience started in Quetta. My work in the QuettaAutobiography, 79:of them were quite tragic. I had so little real experience of life that when I made a decision IAutobiography, 91:believe that, in the long cycle of the soul's experience, the soul either remembers or cares whatAutobiography, 91:I know that I am today what many, many lives of experience and bitter lessons have made me. I'mAutobiography, 91:is because we learnt through the hardest kind of experience not to do these particular things. OurAutobiography, 101:of my daughters as she went through a terrible experience, and I watched her - as a result of fiveAutobiography, 104:he stated, never in the course of his long experience with thousands of young men had he met a manAutobiography, 108:and was a completely incompetent young woman. My experience in learning to do things was such thatAutobiography, 116:lives of sacrifice; they are skilled from vast experience; they handle emergencies swiftly andAutobiography, 129:the gate but, after all, I'd had a lot of experience in handling men and little by little I wonAutobiography, 133:and the opening of a door into a fresh experience; whilst five is the number of the mind and ofAutobiography, 145:left? Just human beings." And that has been my experience everywhere. No matter what the race orAutobiography, 148:girls not to be afraid of the dark, but I had an experience then which did something to me and,Autobiography, 150:and bumped into him. This, coming on top of my experience a few months earlier, did not help andAutobiography, 161:whole situation blew up. Speaking of my interior experience, I had become as disillusioned with theAutobiography, 165:and good man. Mr. Carpenter told him of his experience with this lama and told him that he was theAutobiography, 180:she had been four times married and had a vast experience of men and matters. She was one of theAutobiography, 202:more free to work out their own problems. My experience has been that they can be trusted when theyAutobiography, 208:keep up certain appearances is a far more bitter experience than many other types of poverty. TheyAutobiography, 215:with me except the two men I had married. My experience, of course, was that of every parent whoAutobiography, 224:it and ask them why they wanted to read it. My experience was that if you were perfectly frank andAutobiography, 245:public by the various occult groups, having no experience in writing for the public, and havingAutobiography, 256:transcended the usual personality problems and experience in the three worlds, are still in processAutobiography, 259:imparted which far transcends the personal experience or previous knowledge of the recipient. IfAutobiography, 260:will find even a first reading an inspiring experience, illuminating unknown reaches ofAutobiography, 267:school works on four levels of service and of experience. This enables the disciple to make aAutobiography, 279:consciously in the great school of spiritual experience; in that school he eventually finds all hisAutobiography, 287:kingdom in nature, a necessary product of the experience of life in the fourth kingdom, the human.Autobiography, 288:rules or to tread the Path of Discipleship; our experience, however, has been that when confrontedAutobiography, 292:or economic - as a vast method or field of experience whereby and wherein divine purpose is slowlyAutobiography, 298:of the world outside her small circle of experience was startlingly negligible. This visit of theAutobiography, 302:it adequate opportunity for the gaining of that experience, which the individual disciple must haveBethlehem, 4:in the world of ideas, of faith and of living experience testify to His divinity and to the factBethlehem, 4:"way of belief" can be indicative of a living experience, but it can also be a form ofBethlehem, 4:The effort to understand, to experiment, to experience and to express what is known and believed isBethlehem, 4:and doctrine has taken the place of living experience. It is this living experience which is theBethlehem, 4:place of living experience. It is this living experience which is the keynote of this book. PerhapsBethlehem, 6:then the spirit and the living experimental experience disappear. We have been occupied with theBethlehem, 9:A myth is capable of becoming a fact in the experience of an individual, for a myth is a fact whichBethlehem, 9:experiment we can prove their validity; through experience we can establish them as governingBethlehem, 10:of values. What happens on the outer plane of experience is indicative of a similar happening in aBethlehem, 11:Is it not possible that these great facts in the experience of Christ, these five personalizedBethlehem, 11:Is it not possible that they may embody some experience and some initiated undertaking throughBethlehem, 11:and transfigured upon the mountain top of living experience? Does not the crucifixion lie ahead forBethlehem, 22:into the presence of God. Such has ever been the experience, the uniform experience down the ages,Bethlehem, 22:Such has ever been the experience, the uniform experience down the ages, of all seekers. RevoltingBethlehem, 26:ways, each progressive in its definition of experience, and each giving us the sequence of theBethlehem, 26:man in Christ, indicating an increased experience of the divine life and a deeper unfoldment of theBethlehem, 34:expanding consciousness, he is gradually led to experience more and more of the divine Immanence,Bethlehem, 35:is ready to re-enact the same drama in his own experience. To him there comes the opportunity toBethlehem, 35:this for himself, because "living religious experience is the only legitimate way to theBethlehem, 36:in a higher dimension and in a richer field of experience. Humanity is ready to step on to a higherBethlehem, 36:Faced with a situation so peculiar and an experience so unparalleled, our present chaoticBethlehem, 37:Self to manifest through the agency of the experience which we call the "new birth," [38] and whichBethlehem, 38:alone. Each of us has to pass through that experience wherein we know ourselves to be a "Word madeBethlehem, 38:be a "Word made Flesh," and until the Bethlehem experience is a part of our individualBethlehem, 38:It can become a fact - the major fact in the experience of the soul. I cannot here enter into aBethlehem, 38:idea in terms which link it up with individual experience, and yet preserve the cosmic implicationsBethlehem, 38:in the most general sense to mean the center of experience which as a microcosm has acquired or isBethlehem, 45:a vast number who have undergone the [45] same experience, and through the process of initiation heBethlehem, 45:kingdom of God, starts on the struggle and the experience which will lead him step by step from oneBethlehem, 45:His was a unique and cosmic mission. But experience of each stage of illumination, as portrayed inBethlehem, 50:of the new birth confronts him, and through that experience he must pass. This divinity in man mustBethlehem, 51:story and make myth a fact in his own personal experience; he must know Christ; he must also followBethlehem, 54:of the whole Plan. It is not of the ultimate experience nor of the unfathomable consummation. ForBethlehem, 54:revelation accorded have to be worked out in the experience of daily life. Moments of assimilationBethlehem, 54:and of vision. Unless there is a practical experience of that which is known, it remains upon theBethlehem, 56:which begins with an experiment and ends with an experience." These words are true of God and ofBethlehem, 57:[57] experiment which has led into the Christian experience. Faith in Christ! Faith in humanity!Bethlehem, 57:given will be transmuted or developed into experience! Such was the faith of God in humanity. TheBethlehem, 57:faith to venture the experiment and undergo the experience. This vital, dramatic, mysticallyBethlehem, 60:here an added significance. After each mountain experience, the Christ came down again on to theBethlehem, 68:is the same - the journey, the new birth, the experience of life, the service to be rendered, theBethlehem, 68:to taking initiation and passing through the experience of the new birth, is ever one of the utmostBethlehem, 76:twelfth year Christ again underwent an intuitive experience, going up from Nazareth (the place ofBethlehem, 77:to do His duty among men. After the hidden experience in Egypt (for no account of this is given toBethlehem, 77:with His parents, undergoing that most difficult experience of home life, with its monotony, with
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